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China's Weibo Backs Down on Promise to Censor Gay Content Amid Backlash
The Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, which announced Friday that it would censor images, videos, text, and cartoons that were related to pornography, violence, or homosexuality, has reversed its decision amid an outline outcry that sparked the hashtag I am gay, according to the BBC. "This is to further ensure a clear and harmonious society and environment," a statement on Weibo's official administrator's account read when it made the announcement to remove LGBT content.
Apr 17 4:13PM

Ok Lefties, you can SHUT UP now: Neil Gorsuch sides with immigrant facing deportation
Justice Neil Gorsuch joined liberal justices on Monday siding with an immigrant who was facing deportation because the law was too vague. From The Washington Examiner: The Supreme Court on Monday sided with a legal immigrant convicted of residential burglary and facing deportation, after Justice Neil Gorsuch joined liberal justices to cast the deciding vote.
Apr 17 4:09PM

Nolte: The Media's 'Sean Hannity Standard' Is a Wonderful Idea!
But now that a partisan judge (to say the least the swamp is deep, my friends) has forced Cohen to reveal that Hannity is a client, everyone in the establishment media (read those with much lower ratings than Hannity) have the knives out because Hannity did not reveal this potential conflict of interest. So desperate are they to bloody Hannity, the media have just done a very good thing with the creation of what we will call the Sean Hannity Standard, a standard that demands commentators and reporters disclose any and all potential conflicts-of-interest pertaining to the story or person they are reporting on.
Apr 17 4:07PM Breitbart

Kimba Wood, Judge In Michael Cohen Case, Is Close Friend Of George Soros
Federal Judge Kimba Wood, who is overseeing the court case against Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen and who ordered Sean Hannity's name outed as a client of Cohen, is a close friend of George Soros and officiated at his 2013 wedding, according to news reports at that time. Kimba Wood is also on close terms with Bill and Hillary Clinton and was nominated by the former president as his choice for Attorney General.
Apr 17 4:00PM Your News Wire

Displaced Syrians ensnared by new property law stand to lose everything
AMMAN: Scrolling through his Facebook feed at his home in Jordan last week, Syrian refugee Salim Muhammad's eyes fell upon a news headline that made his heart sink. Under a new property law issued by the Syrian government in early April, Muhammad has one month to prove ownership of his house and land in a village near Homs that he fled under government shelling in 2012, or risk losing it.
Apr 17 3:04PM Syria Direct

Statue of doctor who performed experiments on slaves without anesthesia removed from Central Park
A statue of J. Marion Sims, a 19th century surgeon who performed painful medical experiments on slaves without anesthesia, was removed from New York City's Central Park Tuesday morning.
Apr 17 2:35PM

LGBT activism produced a rare victory for online speech in China
The Chinese social media service Weibo rapidly reversed its position Monday after issuing a ban on gay content as part of a cleanup campaign Friday. A massive outpouring of online protest by LGBT users and their allies prompted a public disavowal of the campaign, which had lumped homosexuality together with violence and pornography as undesirable content.
Apr 17 1:56PM Foreign Policy

As #MeToo sweeps West, some Russians wonder what the big deal is
News Nightly News Meet The Press Dateline MSNBC Today A woman holds a sign reading "I demand sexual harassment be legally regulated" during a recent protest in Moscow.Elena Holodny / NBC NewsGet breaking news alerts and special reports.
Apr 17 9:38AM NBC News

Ingraham's Viewership Increases 20 Percent Since David Hogg's Boycott
BY: Fox News host Laura Ingraham's viewership has gone up by 20 percent since gun control activist David Hogg initiated a boycott of her advertisers late last month. Hogg went after "Ingraham Angle" advertisers on March 29, and that week Ingraham's ratings had averaged about 2.
Apr 16 11:48PM Washington Free Beacon

Russian investigative journalist dies after falling from balcony
A Russian investigative journalist who confirmed the deaths of Russian mercenaries in Syria has died after falling from his fifth-floor balcony in the city of Yekaterinburg. Maksim Borodin, 32, was a reporter for the Yekaterinburg's Novy Den website, gaining national attention for his reports on the Russian private military company Wagner, and local repute for his investigations into prisons and corrupt officials in his native Sverdlovsk region.
Apr 16 9:49PM the Guardian

Boomerang: Since Left's Boycott Began, Ingraham Viewership Up 20%
James Comey Syria Trump Coverage Studies Paul Ryan A funny thing has happened since the Left began its campaign to drive Fox News host Laura Ingraham off the air: Her ratings are up, a lot by more than 20 percent compared to her last week on the air before the current controversy began. The leftist-organized advertiser boycott began on March 29, after Ingraham tweeted about Parkland high school anti-gun activist David Hogg, and continued in spite of Ingraham's quick apology.
Apr 16 8:33PM NewsBusters

Nobel Peace Laureate defines what it means to be a true leader
Gbowee said that during her travels she had seen women inside and outside of the U.S.
Apr 16 7:30PM CNBC

Chelsea Manning on Trump's Mission Accomplished Tweet: I Believe I Have Heard Those Words Before
ListenMedia OptionsListenMedia OptionsDownload Audio Get DVD Other Formats Media OptionsDownload Audio Get DVD Other Formats This is viewer supported news. Please do your part today.
Apr 16 6:25PM Democracy Now!

Ugandan President says his people don't have oral sex
The president of Uganda has said that outsiders are trying to get people in his country to engage in oral sex. Speaking in public, President Yoweri Museveni said the sexual act was wrong and not what the mouth is for.
Apr 16 5:45PM PinkNews

Defector: North Koreans face chronic food shortages
April 16 (UPI) -- North Korea's engagements with the outside world are taking place as the country's impoverished population could be affected by malnutrition. A North Korean defector activist who requested anonymity told JoongAng Ilbo reporter Lee Young-jong a chronic food shortage is spreading throughout North Korea and ordinary people are "suffering" because in some areas the public distribution system has been suspended.
Apr 16 4:31PM UPI

Parkland Student Activist David Hogg Teases Another Boycott: 'Stay Tuned
Parkland, Florida shooting survivor David Hogg announced Monday that he would launch another boycott sometime later this week following his successful campaign against Fox News host Laura Ingraham. Going to announce another boycott this week Stay tuned, the high school senior tweeted along with a gif of a nervous Kermit the Frog.
Apr 16 3:29PM TheWrap

Arrest of Black Men at Starbucks Spurs Outrage on Social Media
Last Thursday at a Starbucks in Philadelphia, two black men were arrested for doing what countless others do at the coffee chain every day. As the men sat and waited for a friend to arrive without ordering anything, the manager on duty called the police, leading to the men being handcuffed and removed from the store for trespassing an outrageous charge from a business that has staked its identity on being a third place where people frequently camp out with their laptops for hours to take advantage of free wifi and public restrooms.
Apr 16 3:12PM Eater

A social media platform banned gay content. The backlash changed their mind.
The Chinese social media platform Sina Weibo just reversed its decision to ban gay content. Last Friday, the Twitter-like platform announced that it was taking measures to create a sunny and harmonious community environment, which it justified by saying that it was trying to comply with new cybersecurity laws put into place last year that hold online companies responsible for unsafe or offensive content.
Apr 16 2:56PM LGBTQ Nation

Manchester campaigners want street named after Emirati activist
A group of Manchester residents has launched a campaign to name a new street after a jailed Emirati human rights activist in a bid to highlight human rights abuses by the United Arab Emirates, which has invested billions of pounds in the city and its title-winning football club. Ahmed Mansoor was arrested after a dozen Emirati security officers stormed his home in Ajman in the early hours of 20 March 2017.
Apr 16 2:56PM the Guardian

Kathua Tragedy and the 'Saffron Terror' project
The infuriated uproar over the Kathua case shows no signs of abating and rightly so, no amount of condemnation can be enough for this horrible crime. The laws in our country certainly need to be more stringent when it comes to crimes like rape.
Apr 16 11:54AM