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Mic Bowman and Camille Morhardt: Blockchain Must Adapt to Build Trust in the Internet of Things
Source The edge is messy. And the edge, where billions of interacting devices that will make up the Internet of Things will reside, is where IoT data is generated and acted upon.
May 26 4:11PM the internet of things

Blockchain Must Adapt to Build Trust in the Internet of Things
Mic Bowman is a principal engineer at Intel and a member of CoinDesk's advisory board. Camille Morhardt is the director of IoT strategy at Intel.
May 26 10:33AM CoinDesk

Nitin: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Market: Rising Adoption of IIoT By The Transportation Sector
Source According to a new market report pertaining to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), published by Transparency Market Research, the global IIoT market is expected to reach US$ 991,562.0 Mn by 2026, expanding at a CAGR of 24.
May 26 7:07AM the internet of things

An Ultrasound Driver With Open Source FPGAs
Ultrasound imaging has been around for decades, but Open Source ultrasound has not. While there are a ton of projects out there attempting to create open ultrasound devices, most of this is concentrated on the image-processing side of things, and not the exceptionally difficult problem of pinging a sensor at millions of times a second, listening for the echo, and running that through a very high speed ADC.
May 25 6:30PM Hackaday

Holiday Traveling with Personal Internet-Enabled Devices
The Internet is at our fingertips with the widespread use of Internet-enabled devices such as smart phones and tablets. When traveling and shopping anytime, and especially during the holidays, consider the wireless network you are using when you complete transactions on your device.
May 25 6:27PM US-CERT

Anna Kucirkova.:What Exactly Is The Internet Of Things and How Will It Affect Your Future?
Source Technology surrounds us. From the phones in our hands to the televisions on our walls and the appliances in our kitchen, new tech comes at us from every angle.
May 25 2:16PM the internet of things

A Bitter Guide To Open Source
Hi. I'm Ken.
May 24 4:16PM Medium

How Red Hat has accelerated open source adoption to hit 25-year milestone
CNME caught up with Lee Miles, Red Hat's general manager for the CEMEA region, to discuss how the progression of open source adoption has contributed to the company's recent 25-year milestone. If someone had said back in 1993 that Red Hat, or any open source company for that matter, would one day become a $3 billion organisation, they'd have laughed you right out of the room, says Red Hat's Lee Miles.
May 24 11:24AM Tahawul Tech

ONNX: the Open Neural Network Exchange Format
An open-source battle is being waged for the soul of artificial intelligence. It is being fought by industry titans, universities and communities of machine-learning researchers world-wide.
May 24 5:31AM Linux Journal

Social VR's best platform is the open web, not pricey headsets
That mainstream appeal for VR continues to elude the mixed reality industry in Western markets is a point I touched on last week when I encouraged startups to embrace China as a go-to-market. I don't think it's so much a case of the Asian market being some anomaly that defies the laws of the hype cycle model but, rather, that its industry is more fluid in adapting and aligning itself to its audience than industry leaders are in the West.
May 24 12:10AM VentureBeat

A free internet is a configurable internet
I appeared on the O'Reilly podcast this week to discuss my upcoming keynote at the O'Reilly Fluent Conference. I discuss the idea of "configurability" (which I first learned encountered in Aram Sinnreich's work) and how the ability to configure your experience of the web (choosing what shows up on your screen, what data your computer emits, which app stores you use, and whom you trust) is the key to keeping the internet free, fair and open.
May 23 8:23PM Boing Boing

Cory Doctorow on the fight for a configurable and free internet
In this episode of the O'Reilly Podcast, I talk with Cory Doctorow, who is a science fiction author, editor of Boing Boing, the former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), and currently a special advisor for the EFF. Doctorow will be a keynote speaker at the O'Reilly Fluent Conference, June 11-14, 2018, in San Jose.
May 23 11:13AM O'Reilly Media

Using XrmToolBox Plugins Without An Internet Environment
XrmToolBox is undoubtedly the best free third-party productivity tool for D365 developers. A few days back, one person in the forum was trying to use third-party XrmToolBox plugin in On-Premises environment where the internet was not available for some reason.
May 23 8:15AM

Interoperability in an open networking world
In an industry where open networking is increasingly valued by Service Providers, the need for interoperable solutions becomes even more important. At Cisco, innovation is in our DNA.
May 22 6:56PM blogs@Cisco

Open-sourcing Katran, a scalable network load balancer
With billions of people around the globe using Facebook services, our infrastructure engineers have created a range of systems to optimize traffic and to enable fast, reliable access for everyone. Today, we are open-sourcing a component of this work by releasing the Katran forwarding plane software library, which powers the network load balancer used in Facebook's infrastructure.
May 22 6:13PM

CompTIA Network+ Certification Preview
This course is a preview of the CompTIA Network+ Certification. It is designed for anyone who is looking to take Network+ preparation training or just anyone interested in networking technologies! More than ever, network security is needed to protect businesses from being breached as well as skilled IT professionals to harden and protect the integrity of today's networks.
May 22 3:48PM

Github's Top Open Datasets For Machine Learning
When working with comprehensive datasets every data scientist seems to have their favorite go to. For free resources, Mansi Singhal CEO of qplum pointed to data.
May 22 1:25PM

The percentage of open source code in proprietary apps is rising
The number of open source components in the codebase of proprietary applications keeps rising and with it the risk of those apps being compromised by attackers leveraging vulnerabilities in them, a recent report has shown. Compiled after examining the findings from the anonymized data of over 1,100 commercial codebases audited in 2017 by the Black Duck On-Demand audit services group, the report revealed that: 96 percent of the scanned applications contain open source components, with an average 257 components per application, and that The average percentage of open source in the codebases of the applications scanned grew from 36% last year to 57%, suggesting that a large number of applications now contain much more open source than proprietary code.
May 22 6:09AM Help Net Security

Comcast is now selling mesh WiFi 'pods' to its internet customers
It's been about a year since Comcast started revamping its Xfinity home internet services under the xFi brand. As part of the changes the company has been making, it started testing a simple way to build an in-home mesh network.
May 22 1:05AM Engadget

TWiTIoT: This Week in The Internet of Things - Government Moves and Shadow IoT Threats
Greetings, and welcome. This week, the US federal government trots out a new cybersecurity strategy - and eliminates a cybersecurity coordinator.
May 21 9:56PM ITChronicles