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Report: ConsenSys to Lay Off up to 60% of Its Staff
Blockchain software technology company ConsenSys may reportedly be making significant cuts to its staff, technology news outlet the Verge reported Dec. 20.
Dec 21 2:06AM Cointelegraph

Steve Blank How do you apply Lean to Digital Health and Life Sciences?
See more how to Startup videos here 2 Minute Lessons (15) Air Force (18) Ardent (9) Business Model versus Business Plan (64) California Coastal Commission (8) China (7) Commencement Speeches (8) Conservation (3) Convergent Technologies (4) Corporate/Gov't Innovation (105) Customer Development (295) Customer Development Manifesto (33) E.piphany (12) ESL (8) Family/Career/Culture (71) Hacking For Defense (32) Hacking for Diplomacy (10) Innovation Outposts (4) Investment Readiness Level (6) Lean LaunchPad (105) Life Sciences (NIH) (26) Market Types (14) Marketing (27) MIPS Computers (2) Navy (2) NIH (National Institutes of Health) (17) NSF (National Science Foundation) (17) Rocket Science Games (9) Science and Industrial Policy (27) Secret History of Silicon Valley (28) SiriusXM Radio Show (50) SuperMac (12) Teaching (154) Technology (78) Tesla (4) Uncategorized (7) Venture Capital (74) Vertical Markets (5) Zilog (5) RSS - Posts RSS - Comments How do you apply Lean to Digital Health and Life Sciences? How to Survive in a World of Disruption - Innovation in Large Organizations How to Keep Your Job As Your Company Grows Driven to Distraction - the future of car safety Why Founders Need a Moral Compass What Your Startup Needs to Know About Regulated Markets The Apple Watch - Tipping Point Time for Healthcare The End of More - The Death of Moore's Law Is the Lean Startup Dead? Brown University Talk About Steve Startup Tools Secret History Books for Startups Guide Slides/Videos Posted on Five years ago we brought evidence-based entrepreneurship to Life Sciences - teaching the first Lean Lean Launchpad class at UCSF, then the NIH and Imperial College.
Dec 20 7:22PM Steve Blank

Startups Studio at Orange (Seasons 1 to 3)
by Nicolas Bry In January 2017, we initiated the season 1 of the Intrapreneurs program in a 3 steps process, 1) Application, 2) Qualification, and 3) Incubation, as described in this previous post. In January 2018, we handled the season 2 of the Intrapreneurs program with a very encouraging success reflecting an increasing awareness of the program: A 100% increase in the applications received (90 files); 250 attendees watching the intrapreneurs pitchs, at the jury session that finalizes the Qualification phase (2,5 more than in 2017); A more diverse Qualification class of 13 projects including 30% women, and an internationalisation with 2 new countries Poland and Slovakia, in addition to France; also the Qualification graduates chose the name of a woman: Gabrielle Chanel! Sponsorship works! 100% of the projects selected for Qualification had found a business unit to support their project; 3 projects were selected by the jury to go for Incubation phase, and the Polish project was awarded with an international prize; the 3 projects reflect a rich diversity: A TV dongle that simulates a PC in the cloud, proposed by an intrapreneur from the innovation division; A connected key-box, that lets authorized technicians enter a building, opening the box with their smartphone: it was suggested by a field technician working on Fiber installation; A mobile app that lets African consumers make appointment to get what they have ordered online, even if they don't have an accurate physical address to share, suggested by an engineer working on the Orange Money service.
Dec 20 3:32PM Innovation Excellence

How This Entrepreneur Invested $15,000 In Her Startup And Sold It For $25 Million
What's the formula for creating a lean startup that becomes a national movement and attracts eight figure offers? Julie Clark was a mompreneur and woman startup founder years before it became trendy. While on paper she may seem to be an unlikely entrepreneur, there's a good chance you have one of her products in your home, or were raised on them.
Dec 16 10:00AM Forbes

The Rise, Lean, And Fall Of Sheryl Sandberg
In Silicon Valley, the term unicorn is used to describe privately held startups that reach a valuation of over $1 billion. When the term was first popularized in 2013 by venture capitalist Aileen Lee, there were just 39 such companies, representing a vanishingly small fraction of all startups: 0.
Dec 14 4:07PM BuzzFeed News