Internet of Things
Kayla Matthews: The Internet of Things and Our Data-Driven Future
Source The Internet of Things means new infrastructure in new places, especially the edge. (image by jeferrb via Pixabay) Today we kick off Data Driven, a series of articles examining the volume of data generated by emerging technologies.
May 26 7:22AM the internet of things

Internet of Things (IoT) Fundamentals LiveLessons
Home > Store Description Sample Content Updates 15 Hours of Expert Video Instruction Overview By 2020, more than 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be connected to the Internet. Those connections are already enabling radically new business models, capabilities, and applications, making IoT knowledge indispensable for executives and technologists alike.
May 25 7:21PM

Affiliate marketing-the things nobody told you
Affiliate marketing-the things nobody told you Is all about improving your skills and creating your traffic more easy and low costI know what it takes to create traffic - as I've build an online college that converts leads every single daySo in this course I've put together some of the best ideas and techniques that you can implement right now This course is about to change every thing you know about internet marketing - so///let me know how it was
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Internet of Things: Who is watching you? - Help Net Security
May 25 3:03PM

Blockcloud: Set Internet of Things Free With Service-Centric Blockchain
It is predicted that the number of IoT devices will reach 20 billion by 2022, and IoT Applications such as smart healthcare, virtual assistants, augmented reality and self-driving cars are gaining popularity in our daily life. The infrastructure of this ever-growing network of IoT devices, however, is still centralized and thus subject to a number of problems like uneven connectivity, slow/limited scalability, low security and lack of standards.
May 25 1:12PM IoT Business News

A Day in the Life of the Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is starting to get its first mentions on traditional news outlets such as BBC News and CNN, a suggestion that this phenomenon is more than a passing trend. According to a report by IT researcher IDC, the Internet of Things market will be worth up to $7.
May 24 6:15PM Big Cloud Recruitment

Recommender systems in the Internet of Things
An overview of different kinds of recommendation technologies IoT envisions an infrastructure where different kinds of devices can be interconnected. Here's an overview of different kinds of recommendation technologies and how these can be applied in IoT-related scenarios.
May 24 2:54PM JAXenter

New Business Markets in the Internet of Things (IoT)
May 24 9:31AM

Unpacking the Internet of Things (IoT) | Udemy
May 24 9:30AM

TWiTIoT: This Week in The Internet of Things - Government Moves and Shadow IoT Threats - ITChronicles
May 24 9:26AM

CONNECT University "The Internet of Things for Smart Printed Objects
Join the CONNECT University session on "The Internet Of Things for Smart Printed Objects" in order to find out more about PING (Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging) - enabling commercially viable production of smart printed objects. How might the Internet of Things affect the smart printed objects? Inspired and supported by the Horizon 2020 program, six world leading companies from four different EU countries have founded the PING (Printed Intelligent NFC Game cards and packaging) consortium to bring flexible electronics from the lab to mainstream markets.
May 23 3:45PM Digital Single Market

Four Revenue Streams Revolutionized by the Internet of Things
There are two general ways the Internet of Things adds value to businesses. The first is by improving existing business operations.
May 23 1:10PM

How AI Could Unlock the Intelligent Internet of Things
The algorithmic organisation is an organisation built around smart algorithms. Algorithms that define company processes, that deliver customer services, that take action when necessary and as such define the way the world works.
May 23 6:33AM

EPIC Urges Congress to Regulate the Internet of Things
In advance of a hearing on the Internet of Things (IoT), EPIC wrote to Congress on the need for privacy and security regulations for IoT consumer products. EPIC explained that regulation is necessary "because neither the manufacturers nor the owners of those devices have incentive to fix weak security.
May 22 5:36PM EPIC

Internet of Things Prominent at Dell Technologies World
A few of us gathered for a round table discussion of Internet of Things while I was at Dell Technologies World at the beginning of the month. I arrived a little early and had a private round table for several minutes before others arrive and the discussion became broader.
May 22 4:48PM The Manufacturing Connection

Blockchain and the Internet of Things explained
Blockchain and IoT have the potential to drastically change the supply chain. Even if you aren't thinking about investing in these technologies at least get up to speed.
May 22 4:16PM Supply Chain Today

Unpacking the Internet of Things (IoT)
This is the first course in the PTC IoT Series. It focuses on unpacking the Internet of Things by describing the fundamental changes that are taking place at a product level; namely how things are becoming smart and connected.
May 22 3:07PM

Vodafone's internet of things world takes shape from Ireland
Irish tech is at the heart of Vodafone's expansion into IoT. Fixed and mobile telecoms giant Vodafone is working with Irish tech companies to make the internet of things (IoT) world a reality.
May 22 5:18AM Silicon Republic

New Business Markets in the Internet of Things (IoT)
This is the third course in the PTC IoT Series. It focuses on describing how the Internet of Things is transforming market segments and associated business strategies.
May 22 3:23AM

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things - Intelligence at the Edge
Cognitive AI in edge devices will enable the Internet of Things (IoT) to become more than a collection of sensors. AI on a Chip promises a revolution in IoT applications because it delivers actionable intelligence at the edge, where it previously was impossible.
May 22 1:50AM Analytics Insight