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Mojio joins Internet of Things Consortium
Mojio has become a member of the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC). The company is known for its cloud platform and as SaaS provider for connected cars.
Dec 21 3:09PM Telematics Wire

Powering the Internet of Things
by Janice L. on December 20, 2018 If you are in the business of creating, servicing, or operating things you may have seen hundreds, thousands, billions, and even trillion of reports that describe the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) use cases on businesses in this age of Industry 4.
Dec 20 6:29PM NetObjex

Internet of Things Online Protection
It is of no surprise that more and more people are talking about the Internet of Things, as this is something that has received a lot more attention over the past couple of years. And, as time goes on, it's likely that IoT devices are only going to dominate more newspaper and blog columns.
Dec 20 8:49AM Joe's Daily

Securing the Internet of Things
Printer-friendly Email this Article Download PDF REPRINTS & PERMISSIONS The 'Internet of Things' ('IoT') - a rather vague collective term for the random mix of new technology which has now infiltrated our lives. In simple terms, it is the group of devices that are connected to the Internet.
Dec 19 1:35PM The National Law Review

Internet of Outdated Things Will Payback
Industry is failing in securing connected products on mid- and long-term support. Furthermore, we see the influence of lobbying trying to lower the barriers and liabilities to provide security for connected products.
Dec 18 5:41AM Think!