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Switch to Electric Cars will Cost Germany 75,000 Jobs: Study
The growing use of electrified vehicles is expected to cost Germany's crucial car sector some 75,000 jobs by 2030, a study found on June 5, with smaller auto parts suppliers set to be worst hit. The IG Metall union, which commissioned the study along with BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler and a string of car parts makers, said the pivot towards cleaner engines posed a "major challenge" to Germany's biggest industry, which employs more than 800,000 people.
Jun 5 9:02PM IndustryWeek

Electric cars could put 100,000 German jobs at risk
Commissioned by the country's carmakers and IG Metall labor union, the study found that 75,000 jobs could be lost if 25% of all cars are electric by 2030, 15% are plug-in hybrids and 60% efficient gas and diesel models. A more rapid adoption of electric vehicles could threaten 100,000 jobs, IG Metall said in a statement.
Jun 5 5:05PM CNNMoney