'Dungeons & Dragons' Co-Creator's Unpublished Works to Become Video Games
Community funding and publishing platform Fig announced Tuesday it's teaming up with the Gygax Trust to develop video games based on unpublished intellectual property from Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. The two plan to find developers for Gygax's IP, launch Fig campaigns to raise money, and publish several titles.
Apr 17 9:52PM Variety

ANTVR to Launch $500 'Mix' AR Headset on Kickstarter in May
AntVR, the Beijing-based company known for their 2014 VR headset Kickstarter, is launching a new crowdfunding campaign soon focusing on a hybrid AR headset called simply Mix. The makers are promising a bevy of bells and whistles, including the ability to integrate with the SteamVR platform so users can play VR games too, and all at only $500.
Apr 17 6:00PM Road to VR

World's Biggest Porn Site Pornhub Partners Verge to Accept Crypto XVG
Join our community of 10 000 traders on for just $39 per month.
Apr 17 5:11PM CCN

D&D co-creator Gary Gygax's trust and Fig partner on video games
Video games owe a great deal to Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons. In many ways, his game set foundations for the medium, and its mechanics and spirit branch out to all genres these days.
Apr 17 4:01PM VentureBeat

Unpublished Gary Gygax work headed to Fig
While Gary Gygax never did much more than dabble in video game development, the late Dungeons & Dragon creator had an unquestionable impact on the medium. That impact may not be entirely in the past tense, as the Gygax Trust has partnered with crowdfunding and investment site Fig to see some of the designer's original and unpublished intellectual property brought to video games.
Apr 17 4:00PM

Why Now Is An Amazing Time To Start A Subscription Box Service
There has never been a better time to start a subscription box service. It's easier than ever to start one, and the market is growing at unprecedented rates.
Apr 17 3:30PM LemonStand eCommerce Blog

Porn Partnership Pumps This Cryptocurrency Up 22%
Mindgeek, the biggest company in adult entertainment, is adding crypto to its payment options. The owner of Pornhub and Brazzers announced Tuesday it was entering into a partnership with cryptocurrency Verge.
Apr 17 2:50PM Fortune

Pornhub gets in bed with Verge cryptocurrency to offer anonymous payments
Big dogs like Valve, Stripe, and Reddit are all pulling the plug on cryptocurrency payments for the time being, but there is a new force gearing up to fill up the gap: Pornhub - and you won't believe who they're partnering up with. The adult entertainment titan has announced it will now accept payments in anonymous cryptocurrency Verge (XVG).
Apr 17 1:59PM HardFork

Neufund is Next Crypto Startup to Set Up Shop in Blockchain Friendly Malta
Neufund, a Berlin based Blockchain equity crowdfunding platform, has announced it will establish a strong presence in Malta to support its rapidly expanding ecosystem. Neufund has taking an interesting approach by enabling the tokenization of equity and raising capital on the blockchain.
Apr 17 1:54PM Crowdfund Insider

Chinese entrepreneurs have some creative responses to the government's crackdown on crypto
Nick Little by Yiting Sun April 17, 2018 At 11 p.m.
Apr 17 12:35PM MIT Technology Review

From the JOBS Act to Blockchain: How the Future of Investing Will Be Democratized
On April 5, 2012, I had the distinct honor of standing behind President Obama during the signing of the JOBS Act (Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act). What brought me to the White House Rose Garden on this auspicious occasion? My company, CareCloud, born in the depths of the economic downturn, was celebrating its third anniversary.
Apr 17 12:21PM MEDICI

Verge Sky Rockets In Anticipation For Huge Announcement
Today is the day, the 17th of April, time for Verge's apparently huge partnership announcement. It was supposed to be yesterday according to Verge Dev's video, but oh well What's happening so far? So, we know the full press release is due at 10:00 EST, meaning it will hit the UK's shores at 15:00 this afternoon.
Apr 17 11:51AM Crypto Daily

PR: Innovative Social Network Monoreto Launches Pre-ICO
This is a paid press release, which contains forward looking statements, and should be treated as advertising or promotional material. Bitcoin.
Apr 17 11:05AM Bitcoin News

Cubetto's African Savannah Adventure Pack
Reading Time: minutesIn case you missed it, the Kickstarter campaign for the latest Cubetto adventure pack is live nowand it's a short campaign, so there's only about a week left. New to Kickstarter? Check out our crowdfunding primer, and visit our Kickstarter curated page for more projects we love.
Apr 17 10:00AM GeekDad

Minds aims to decentralize the social network
Decentralization is the buzzword du jour. Everything - from our currencies to our databases - are supposed to exist, immutably, in this strange new world.
Apr 17 5:39AM TechCrunch

Unikrn to create 'first crypto gaming platform' with acquisition of ChallengeMe
Seattle esports betting startup Unikrn continues to grow and today announced another acquisition. The company has swooped up Berlin-based ChallengeMe.
Apr 16 11:36PM GeekWire

StartEngine Reports Reg CF Has Now Topped $100 Million
StartEngine, a full stack crowdfunding platform listing Reg CF, Reg D and Reg A+ offerings, has reported that Reg CF or Regulation Crowdfunding has now topped $100 million of successful funding (as of March 31st that number stood at $102.1M).
Apr 16 8:13PM Crowdfund Insider

Why patience isn't a virtue when it comes to crowdfunding
Patience isn't a virtue when it comes to crowdfunding, according to new research. The worked carried out by academics at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge shows that entrepreneurs who show over-ambition and patience are less likely to succeed in their crowdfunding efforts.
Apr 16 3:52PM cambridgenews

Building Your Business Model as a Writer
In my newest book, The Business of Being a Writer, I devote an entire section to various ways you can earn money as a writer that don't involve selling books. (If you didn't know, most of my income is not related to book sales!) Over the last month, I've been talking (and writing) about how to build a business model for your career that suits your particular strengths as well as the unique quality of your work.
Apr 16 12:36PM Jane Friedman

Hen harrier 'brood management' plan faces crowdfunded legal challenge
A controversial plan to remove the chicks of endangered birds from their nests and rear them in captivity could be challenged in the high court after a crowdfunded campaign raised 25,000 in four days. Wildlife campaigner and author Mark Avery is leading an application for a judicial review of the hen harrier brood management plan, in which chicks will be raised in captivity and released into the wild.
Apr 16 8:12AM the Guardian