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Nginx and MongoDB: Extending Our Support Matrix for Wider Visibility
By Yossi Shirizli Back in 2014, Jason Bloomberg for Forbes, commented that the APM market is in the eye of the digital transformation hurricane. Looking at the future of APM, he comments that from web pages to mobile apps, the processes behind how we move and communicate online are only getting more complex.
Apr 17 4:48PM Intellyx

What Do Modern Analytics Look Like With Agile Deployment?
4/17/201810:30 AM When deploying an analytics initiative throughout an organization it's time to utilize agile concepts.Modern business intelligence has not proven the value of data as much as the value of people when they're empowered by data.
Apr 17 4:22PM InformationWeek

The 6 Styles of Analytics for Better Customer Experiences
Trends and Topics on Virtually Every Area of IT The six styles of customer analytics How these customer analytics styles deliver business value Which customer analytics style is best for your organization and industry Advances in customer analytics enable us to better understand and listen to our customers, explore their challenges and more accurately create products and services specific to their needs. Understanding and then effectively applying analytic approaches is key to success.
Apr 17 3:00PM

How To Exclude Bot Traffic From Your Google Analytics
Data is the cornerstone of all online marketing and business decisions. Proper understanding of visitors and market trends, behaviour and industry shifts - it all comes down to data driven insights.
Apr 17 2:01PM GlobalDots

Trigger retention policies with Events in Advanced Data Governance
If you're looking to develop a strategy on what data to keep or delete inside of your organization, we're gonna walk you through the data retention capabilities in Office 365 Data Governance, with new updates, including the ability to retain your data in Microsoft Teams, event-based retention triggered by specific events, insights and analytics of your daily use in Labels Explorer, and managing your deletion process through disposition review. Find more info here: aka.
Apr 17 1:52PM YouTube

How Our SIEM, InsightIDR, Detects Unknown Threats
InsightIDR customers now have an ever-evolving library of attacker behavior detections automatically matched against their data. Read on to learn how Rapid7 SOC and threat intel teams investigate a constant rumbling of attacker behavior and transform it into actionable threat intelligence.
Apr 17 1:30PM Rapid7 Blog

MoJ creates open source analytics platform
The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has begun to use a new analytical platform for data in its decision making. A private beta version is now being used by more than 50 analysts, and as the basis for a number of new tools.
Apr 17 12:05PM

Moving your data analytics to the cloud isn't so easy
It doesn't take a genius to understand that the data warehouses and data marts of the past were of little use. Their data was typically too old, the processing too cumbersome, and the costs too high.
Apr 17 12:03PM InfoWorld

Microsoft Announces New Project VAST Security Visualization Tool
With a little help from Power Bi and Azure Log Analytics, Microsoft's new Project VAST promises to make it easier to identify important security events. At the end of March, Microsoft unveiled Project VAST or the Visual Auditing Security Tool (VAST).
Apr 17 11:28AM Petri

Advancing wireless communication: FCC awarded the 2018 INFORMS Edelman Award, the leading award in analytics and operations research
BALTIMORE, April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- INFORMS, the leading international association for operations research and analytics professionals, announced it has awarded the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) its 2018 Franz Edelman Award for Achievement in Advanced Analytics, Operations Research, and Management Science for its use of operations research (O.R.
Apr 17 10:54AM

Equiniti Riskfactor gains foothold in Canada
Equiniti Riskfactor, part of Equiniti Group, has gained its first client in Canada - Baron Finance. Baron Finance specialises in asset-based lending, invoice factoring, purchase order financing and accounts receivable funding.
Apr 17 10:47AM FinTech Futures

How HR Analytics play in Digital Age
Today every company is acting on the digital transformation or at least talking about digital transformation. While it is important to drive it by analyzing customer behavior, it is extremely important to understand who from your organization is acting upon it - your employees.
Apr 17 8:05AM

Why Nike sunk its teeth into data analytics firm Zodiac
US-based Nike says its acquisition of data analytics firm, Zodiac, is aimed at bolstering digital capabilities and accelerating its Consumer Direct Offense strategy to serve consumers faster and more personally at scale. The athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories company's stable includes the Nike brand, as well as Converse and Hurley International.
Apr 16 11:41PM

Graph Algorithms in Neo4j: Streamline Data Discoveries with Graph Analytics
Fortunately, graph algorithms are up to the challenge. In this series on graph algorithms, we'll discuss the value of graph algorithms and what they can do for you.
Apr 16 10:22PM Neo4j Graph Database Platform

You say you want a revolution Well, you know We all want to change the world. -The Beatles Analysts, data scientists, and enterprising managers all over the world are trying to start revolutions.
Apr 16 9:19PM

Volume 27
Welcome to Azure.Source #27! Last week in Azure, we made quite a few announcements about updates to Azure Stream Analytics, which you'll find captured below.
Apr 16 9:03PM Azure.Source

Where Streaming Data Analytics is Most Tangible
Streaming data technology is now more accessible than ever, and many companies are now finding practical uses for it. The good news about streaming data analytics is you don't have to be leading a team of tech wizards at a Silicon Valley company to make things happen.
Apr 16 8:39PM RTInsights

Industrial IoT Analytics Get Ready for Prime Time
4/16/201808:00 AM IoT analytics will go from experimental to mainstream in 2018, and a few new vendors are getting into the game. Here's why it makes sense now.
Apr 16 5:44PM InformationWeek

Personalized precision education and intimate data analytics
Ben Williamson The word 'precision' has become a synonym for the application of data to the analysis and treatment of a wide range of phenomena. 'Precision medicine' describes the use of detailed patient information to individualize treatment and prevention based on genes, environment and lifestyle, while 'precision agriculture' has become an entire field of R&D focused on 'engineering technology, sensor systems, computational techniques, positioning systems and control systems for site-specific application' in the farming sector.
Apr 16 3:48PM code acts in education

Symantec Releases Targeted Attack Analytics Tool
Symantec is releasing its own targeted attack analytics (TAA) tool to existing Symantec Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) customers free of additional charge. It is the same tool that Symantec's researchers use, and was used to uncover Dragonfly 2.
Apr 16 2:56PM SecurityWeek.Com