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Bishops In Amazon Region To Debate Whether Married Men Might Join Priesthood
Catholic Bishops from the Amazon region will debate a proposal to allow the ordination of married men in limited circumstances in October. Pope Francis has long said the idea should be considered.
18 hrs ago | NPR-Religion site

Documentary About Charleston Church Shooting Explores Forgiveness
On June 17, 2015, a white supremacist walked into a bible study and murdered nine African Americans. The film Emanuel is the story of the victims and survivors of that night.
1 day ago | NPR-Religion site

A Muslim In Rural, White Minnesota On How To 'Love Thy Neighbor
After Donald Trump's election, Dr. Ayaz Virji started giving talks to mostly white, Christian audiences in rural Minnesota to try to dispel misconceptions about Muslims. He faced a lot of backlash.
2 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Notre Dame Holds 1st Mass Since Fire Devastated The Historic Paris Cathedral
A group of around 30 people wearing hardhats gathered for Mass in the cathedral on Saturday, exactly two months after a severe fire. The service was not open to the public.
2 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Catholics And Southern Baptists Consider How To Respond To Sex Abuse In The Church
Catholics and Southern Baptists have both faced clergy sex abuse allegations. Leaders of both denominations met this week to discuss their problems.
4 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Friday News Roundup - Domestic
Would it be legal for a campaign to accept damaging information from foreign actors?
4 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Southern Baptist Convention And Sexual Abuse
NPR's Noel King speaks with Susan Codone, a survivor of sexual abuse in a Southern Baptist church, about her experience at the denomination's annual meeting.
4 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Southern Baptists Launch New Guidelines For Addressing Sexual Abuse In The Church
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to publicly report Larry Nassar, about her work building guidelines for churches when responding to abuse.
6 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Faith And Future At The Southern Baptist Convention
A meeting of the leadership from the U.S.' largest Protestant denomination will address critical questions about the role of women in the church and sex abuse.
6 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Southern Baptists Vote To Hold Churches More Accountable For Mishandling Abuse Claims
At their annual meeting held in Birmingham, Ala., the Southern Baptist Convention approved changes making it clear that individual churches can be expelled for covering up abuse cases.
6 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Vatican Rejects Idea That People Can Choose Or Change Their Gender
The Vatican says gender is god-given, dismissing the idea that there is any right to choose one's gender. The Vatican said a fluid idea of identity is not "based on the truths of existence.
7 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Southern Baptist Convention Expected To Focus On Problem Of Sex Abuse In Church
NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Houston Chronicle reporter Robert Downen from the Southern Baptist Convention. Downen was on the reporting team that exposed the church's sex abuse scandal.
7 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Southern Baptists To Confront Sexual Abuse And Role Of Women In The Church
The largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. faces allegations of sexual abuse by ministers and controversy over its opposition to women preachIng in church.
7 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Vatican Issues Document During Pride Month Denying Concept Of Gender Identity
The document entitled "Male and Female He Created Them," laments what it calls an "educational crisis" around sexuality and reaffirming the church's traditional stance on gender identity.
8 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Reading Into Changes To The Lord's Prayer
NPR's Michel Martin talks to biblical scholar Meredith Warren about the changes to the Lord's Prayer approved by Pope Francis.
9 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Not Too Little Too Late. Unfinished Gaud Basilica Gets Permit 137 Years Later
The Sagrada Familia church got the permit Friday, allowing construction to continue with completion projected for 2026. The church's foundation agreed to pay the city of Barcelona millions of dollars.
9 days ago | NPR-Religion site

What Does It Mean To Lose A Pregnancy?
Some estimates say up to one in four women will have a miscarriage during their lives.
13 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Leaving The Witness': The End Of The World As She Knew It, Upon Losing Her Religion
Amber Scorah was a Jehovah's Witness and a missionary in China when she began to harbor doubts about the apocalypse. Disavowed by nearly everyone she knew, her memoir is a tale of starting over.
13 days ago | NPR-Religion site

Forgiveness After A Massacre In Charleston
Who is asked to offer forgiveness?
14 days ago | NPR-Religion site

The Ramadan Podcast Where Muslims Take It Up A Notch From 'Islam 101'
In the KPCC podcast "Tell Them, I Am," host and producer Misha Euceph aims to give Muslims a space to define their identities outside of stereotypes and broad generalizations.
15 days ago | NPR-Religion site