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Muslims In America: Telling Your Own Stories
We asked American Muslims to tell us how they are crafting their own stories through art, music, activism or just their daily lives and whether anything has changed in this political climate.
Apr 20 7:17PM NPR-Religion

1A Movie Club Sees "Come Sunday
The film is based on a This American Life story about a pastor who rethinks he idea of hell.
Apr 19 3:06PM NPR-Religion

Where To Start With End-Of-Life Decisions
We should all be prepared. Now.
Apr 19 2:06PM NPR-Religion

Bullied For Its Faith, Muslim Family Fights Back Through Education
When Noshaba Afzal's daughter was bullied, she decided she had a choice. Accept it or say: "No, this is not the America we want it to be.
Apr 17 12:02AM NPR-Religion

U.S. Pastor Goes On Trial In Turkey, Further Straining Relations
Andrew Brunson faces up to 35 years in prison on charges of aiding groups that Turkey blames for a failed coup in 2016. He is among thousands accused of having links to cleric Fethullah Gulen.
Apr 16 3:36PM NPR-Religion

Turning Rampant Anti-Muslim Bullying Into Teachable Moments
A Muslim family in California pushes back against bullying and intimidation, at school and the local political arena.
Apr 15 8:50PM NPR-Religion

The Evangelical Bishop Who Stopped Believing In Hell, Now On Netflix
The new feature film Come Sunday, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, dramatizes the real-life crisis of faith of Carlton Pearson, who once presided over a major Pentecostal congregation.
Apr 15 8:50PM NPR-Religion

A Mosque For LGBTQ Muslims
Founded by three LGBTQ Muslims, Chicago's Masjid al-Rabia is one of very few spaces in America welcoming Muslims who feel marginalized by the larger Muslim community.
Apr 15 12:20PM NPR-Religion

For Yazidis In U.S., New Year Holiday Brings Taste Of Lamb And The Home They Fled
Like other spring holidays, Sere Sal is about fertility and new life. For Yazidi refugees who fled genocide at the hands of ISIS in Iraq, cooking the foods of the holiday is a way to re-create home.
Apr 15 12:00PM NPR-Religion

Auschwitz Remembrance Is Tinged With Tension Over Poland's Holocaust Speech Law
Survivors and victims' descendants traveled from around the world to the Nazi death camp, at a time when Polish politicians are pushing controversial Holocaust legislation.
Apr 15 10:31AM NPR-Religion

Black Muslims Step Into Spotlight
Black Muslims in America are reclaiming and highlighting their traditions. In Los Angeles, Jihad Saafir is converting his father's storefront mosque into a vibrant community center and school.
Apr 14 12:33PM NPR-Religion

The Weight of Our Words
Violent crimes committed by Muslims are much more likely to be reported as "terrorism." And that has disturbing consequences for the way Muslims are perceived.
Apr 13 11:24AM NPR-Religion

In Chicago, A Muslim Non-Profit Is Engaging The Community Through Activism
An American generation of Muslims in Chicago sees community organizing as the path for the faith to stay relevant to a younger generation of Muslims who often feel alienated. Rami Nashashibi leads the Inner City Muslim Action Network and sees the social work as a solution to the apathy that leads people away from religion or the marginalization that sometimes leads to anger and violence.
Apr 12 8:44PM NPR-Religion

Pope Apologizes For 'Serious Mistakes' In Handling Of Chile's Sex Abuse Scandal
In a public letter, Francis says he misjudged the situation surrounding Chile's Bishop Juan Barros, who has been accused of helping cover up abuse.
Apr 12 6:20AM NPR-Religion

America's Next Generation Of Muslims Insists On Crafting Its Own Story
A new generation of American Muslims has moved from defending itself, as Muslim communities did in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, to defining itself.
Apr 12 5:36AM NPR-Religion

Tell Us: Being Muslim In America
Muslims in America represent one of the most, if not the most, racially and ethnically diverse faith groups in the country. We want to hear how you are telling your story.
Apr 12 4:06AM NPR-Religion

Caring For Migrants Is As Important As Opposing Abortion, Pope Says
In a pronouncement, Pope Francis challenges conservative thinkers who claim to know the true mission of the Church. Defending migrants, he says, is as important as defending the rights of the unborn.
Apr 10 9:05AM NPR-Religion

For Quaker Podcast, Silence Is Golden
A recent episode of The Young Quaker podcast is simply a recording of a Quaker meeting for worship basically 30 minutes of silence.
Apr 9 10:00AM NPR-Religion

Armed At Church: Why This Congregation Is 'Not A Gun-Free Zone'
A church in the town of Mexico, N.Y., encourages its parishioners to bring their guns to Sunday services as a way to deter mass shooters from targeting them.
Apr 8 11:15AM NPR-Religion

Lynchburg Revival' Activists Warn Of Rising 'Christian Nationalism
Progressive evangelical activists, dismayed over their fellow Christians' continued support for President Trump, are gathering in Lynchburg, Va., home to Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.
Apr 7 9:27PM NPR-Religion