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A Look At The #MeToo Movement In The Shambhala Buddhist Community
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Andrea Winn, who started investigating sexual abuse allegations within the Shambhala branch of Buddhism. Recently, that group's religious figurehead stepped down.
Jul 15 9:48PM NPR-Religion

Once Militantly Anti-Abortion, Evangelical Minister Now Lives 'With Regret'
After decades working to block access to clinics, the Rev. Rob Schenck says he had a change of heart and sees abortion as an issue that should be resolved by "an individual and his or her conscience.
Jul 11 6:35PM NPR-Religion

Beatles Film 'Yellow Submarine' Touched Music, Fashion And Religion
The Beatles weren't always simpatico with organized religion. But "submarine churches," inspired by the band's "love is all you need" gospel, emerged in the U.S.
Jul 9 3:28AM NPR-Religion

A Pakistani Jew Wants To Travel To Israel
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro speaks with a Pakistani Jew, Fishel Benkhald, about his recent op-ed. It's his plea to travel to Israel for Passover, which is not permitted by the Pakistani government.
Jul 8 12:43PM NPR-Religion

Minnesota Teen Brings Home Top Prize In International Quran Competition
Ahmed Burhan Mohamed became the first American to win the Dubai International Holy Quran Award. The annual contest involves reciting passages from the Quran.
Jul 8 12:43PM NPR-Religion

Religion, The Supreme Court, And Why It Matters
With President Trump set to name the next justice to the high court soon, it's worth noting it was once dominated by Protestant Christians. Now, it is now more Jewish, Catholic and conservative.
Jul 7 3:42PM NPR-Religion

Pro Athlete To Nun
Ten years ago, Sister Rita Clare Yoches was playing professional football for the Detroit Demolition. NPR's Linda Wertheimer talks with her about her journey from pro athlete to nun.
Jul 7 12:07PM NPR-Religion

Many Look To Buddhism For Sanctuary From An Over-Connected World
Some users are turning to Buddhism and other religions to have a more mindful experience online. By being tethered to your devices, one monk says, "you will waste your whole precious time."
Jul 7 11:45AM NPR-Religion

Supreme Court's Religious Makeup Evolves As Members Change
The current religious makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court is predominantly Jewish and Catholic.
Jul 6 11:45AM NPR-Religion

Japan Executes Cult Leader Responsible For 1995 Sarin Gas Attack On Tokyo Subway
Asahara, the leader of the Aum Shinrikyo doomsday cult, was hanged after being sentenced to death in 2004. Six of his followers were also put to death.
Jul 6 8:59AM NPR-Religion

For A Church Defined By Tradition, Changing Catholic Doctrine Can Present A Problem
Pope Francis wants to make Roman Catholicism more relevant to Catholics' daily lives. Traditionalists say he's abandoning Catholic doctrine but many lay Catholics welcome it.
Jul 3 9:12PM NPR-Religion

50 Years Ago, The Pope Called Birth Control 'Intrinsically Wrong
U.S. Catholics largely ignored a 1968 papal encyclical on birth control.
Jul 3 9:02AM NPR-Religion

For Some Gang Members In El Salvador, The Evangelical Church Offers A Way Out
Our message is that [the gang members] should understand there is a life outside of the gang," says evangelical pastor Nelson Moz. "That they can make it, with the help of God.
Jul 2 12:29PM NPR-Religion

In El Salvador, Becoming An Evangelical Is A Way Out Of A Gang
Violent criminal gangs in Central America are difficult for youth to escape. But in El Salvador, it looks like active participation in an Evangelical church may be one route out.
Jul 2 9:04AM NPR-Religion

Jahi McMath, Teen At Center Of Medical And Religious Debate On Brain Death, Has Died
McMath was put on life support in 2013 after a tonsillectomy. Doctors said she had irreversible brain damage, and a coroner issued a death certificate. Her mother never agreed with that assessment.
Jun 29 5:54PM NPR-Religion

Oakland Church Steps Out On Faith And Pledges To Stop Calling Police
In California, members of First Congregational Church of Oakland says it's a reaction to white people using law enforcement as a first resort when interacting with people of color.
Jun 26 9:03AM NPR-Religion

J.D. Greear Elected President Of Southern Baptist Convention
Rachel Martin talks to pastor J.D. Greear, the megachurch leader assumes his role as Southern Baptists grapple with the #MeToo movement and navigate their identity in politics.
Jun 25 9:01AM NPR-Religion