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Donald Trump Calls Stormy Daniels 'Horseface' In Latest Attack On A Woman's Appearance
She knows nothing about me, a total con! the president tweeted.
Oct 16 4:13PM American Politics

Lindsey Graham: If A DNA Test Said I'm Iranian, 'That Would Be, Like, Terrible
The senator told "Fox & Friends" he'd take a DNA test after Sen. Elizabeth Warren revealed her results on Monday.
Oct 16 3:31PM American Politics

Donald Trump Renews His Racist 'Pocahontas' Attack On Elizabeth Warren
The president fired off tweets referring to Native Americans as being of Indian heritage, a term often considered pejorative.
Oct 16 2:21PM American Politics

Ivanka Trump's Motivational 'Socrates' Tweet Goes Hilariously Awry
Donald Trump's daughter deleted her post after she was mocked, then tried again.
Oct 16 12:31PM American Politics

New Ad Burns Ted Cruz For His Love Of Un-Texan White Castle Burgers
Richard Linklater's latest anti-Cruz commercial gets to the meat of the matter in incumbent's senate race against Democrat Beto O'Rourke.
Oct 16 10:58AM American Politics

GOP Senate Candidate In Michigan Admits 'Terrible Error' For Showing Swastika In Ad
The ad began airing two weeks ago when a left-leaning blog and then the liberal advocacy group Progress Michigan brought attention to the image.
Oct 16 7:34AM American Politics

Trump Hits A New High-Water Mark: The Biggest Federal Deficit In 6 Years
The federal deficit has soared 17 percent in the president's first fiscal year.
Oct 16 4:32AM American Politics

Fox News' Shepard Smith Scoffs At Trump's 'Rogue Killers' Theory On Jamal Khashoggi
Fox News knows of no intelligence and no evidence to back up that statement," the host says.
Oct 15 11:57PM American Politics

Judge Dismisses Stormy Daniels' Defamation Lawsuit Against Donald Trump
Her attorney Michael Avenatti said that he planned to appeal the ruling and that Daniels' other suits against the president would move forward.
Oct 15 11:43PM American Politics

Twitter Takes Umbrage At Trump's Umbrella Etiquette That Left Melania Uncovered
The president keeps the umbrella over his head while the first lady is left out in the rain as they headed to Florida.
Oct 15 10:37PM American Politics

Trump Says He'll Only Donate To Charity If He Can Test Elizabeth Warren's DNA Himself
The president seems unclear on how a DNA test is conducted.
Oct 15 10:09PM American Politics

Donald Trump Jr. Attacks Beto O'Rourke: He's 'An Irish Guy Pretending To Be Hispanic
The president's eldest son echoed a claim by Sen. Ted Cruz that O'Rourke adopted the nickname to sound Hispanic.
Oct 15 7:00PM American Politics

Proud Boys Street Gang Had A Weekend Of Coast-To-Coast Violence
Members of the violent and homophobic gang were involved in violence in Oregon and New York, but there were no immediate arrests.
Oct 15 5:00PM American Politics

Donald Trump Denies Making $1 Million Charity Pledge Tied To Elizabeth Warren DNA Test
Now that the senator has released evidence of her Native American heritage, the president seems to have forgotten his pledge.
Oct 15 4:45PM American Politics

Trump Says 'Rogue Killers' May Be Behind Jamal Khashoggi's Disappearance
The president said King Salman denies knowing anything about the missing journalist and referred to him as a "Saudi Arabian citizen.
Oct 15 2:05PM American Politics

Minnesota GOP Senate Contender Compared Michelle Obama To A 'Chimp' On Facebook
Republican Karin Housley is challenging Democratic Sen. Tina Smith.
Oct 15 11:21AM American Politics

Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Results
The results point to "strong evidence" that she had a Native American ancestor six to 10 generations ago, according to an expert.
Oct 15 10:44AM American Politics

Give Me My Phone Back, Senator:' GOP's David Perdue Snatches Device From Student
The lawmaker was on campus to endorse the Republican candidate for Georgia governor.
Oct 15 8:54AM American Politics

Ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Calls 2018 Midterms 'Most Important Vote Of Our Lifetime
The president's former "fix it" guy is apparently now pushing for the Democrats.
Oct 14 10:50PM American Politics

Hillary Clinton Says Bill Clinton's Affair With Monica Lewinsky Was Not An Abuse Of Power
When asked if her husband should have resigned over the scandal, the 2016 Democratic nominee for president said, "Absolutely not.
Oct 14 10:30PM American Politics