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The Suffers On World Cafe
Yes, the band makes party music, but the members have worked incredibly hard to get here, surviving hurricanes and discrimination in the music business.
Jul 13 6:41PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Ben Stiller Was A Punk Rocker Here's Proof
Inspired by Can and Throbbing Gristle, the movie and TV star's early-'80s post-punk band Capital Punishment conjured something dizzy and warped.
Jul 12 4:45PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Paul Simon Refreshes 10 Of His Songs On New Album, Alongside All-Star Collaborators
The album's release coincides with the end of Simon's farewell tour.
Jul 12 3:47PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Israeli Graffiti Collective Paints U2's 'Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way
Beck's U2 remix gets a striking visual from a group of artists who paint large-scale murals around the world.
Jul 12 3:00PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Neko Case Has Been Through Hell And Back
Case reflects on a solitary childhood, the fire that consumed her house, the subjugation of women and the fate of humanity, and performs songs from her latest album, Hell-On.
Jul 12 2:55PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Dessa Extols The Virtues Of Wandering And Getting Lost On 'Fire Drills
The singer, rapper, author and mogul unleashes a righteous rebuttal to the limitations placed on women traveling alone in the world.
Jul 12 2:27PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Tom Petty's 'Keep A Little Soul' Is The First Taste Of A Vault-Busting New Box Set
The release, An American Treasure, is due out Sept. 28 and will include more unreleased songs, outtakes, alternate versions, rarities, live tracks and deep cuts.
Jul 11 3:38PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Madeline Kenney's Joyous 'Cut Me Off' Video Features Some Fancy Office Moves
Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak produces Perfect Shapes, the second album for the Oakland-based songwriter and musician, out Oct. 5.
Jul 11 2:01PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Frank Turner Breaks Down The 'Collective Problem' With Politics
The message of Turner's new album Be More Kind applies both to the ways we treat the world around us and the way we treat ourselves.
Jul 10 5:39PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Roy Montgomery's Divine Distortion Makes 'Landfall' With Grouper's Liz Harris
Roy Montgomery's music is like swimming through phantoms. The New Zealand guitarist enlists Circuit Des Yeux's Haley Fohr, Julianna Barwick and others to sing on Suffuse, out Aug. 17.
Jul 10 2:30PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

David Bazan Unravels Now, Now's 'Thread
David Bazan brings the downcast indie-rock banger to its raging crisis. In the process, he resurrects the sonic sphere of Pedro the Lion.
Jul 9 6:00PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Dawes On World Cafe
Songwriting and musicianship aside, one of the things fans latch on to is that this band feels like a good hang.
Jul 9 4:27PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Inspired By The Beatles' Love Gospel, 'Submarine Churches' Bucked Tradition
The Beatles weren't always supportive of organized religion. But "submarine churches," inspired by the band's "love is all you need" gospel, emerged in the U.S.
Jul 9 3:28AM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

The Record Company On World Cafe
The members of the trio talk about All of This Life, their relentless work ethic and the surprising similarities between touring in a rock and roll band and growing up on a dairy farm.
Jul 6 5:51PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Elvis Costello Cancels European Tour Dates To Recover From Cancer Surgery
Costello still promises a new album with The Imposters in October.
Jul 6 2:58PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

First Listen: Deafheaven, 'Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
On Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, the band's first album in three years, Deafheaven leans more fully than ever before into elements that inspire alternate outrage and obsession.
Jul 5 9:00AM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

First Album, First Song: The 150 Best Lead-Off Tracks
From rock and soul to R&B and rap, we've collected 150 lead-off tracks into one playlist.
Jul 4 1:00PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Brent Cowles Experiencing 'Cold Times' In Hot Texas
Colorado singer Brent Cowles performs a bare-boned rendition of "Cold Times.
Jul 4 11:00AM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Richard Swift Was A Sonic Revelation, Right From His First Single
The singer-songwriter and producer's retro-the-to-future sound never felt old, but lived in and lived through. One fan recalls hearing Richard Swift's debut 7-inch.
Jul 3 7:26PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Richard Swift, Producer Of Indie Stars And Solo Artist, Dies At 41
Swift, who worked with both The Black Keys and The Shins, had recently been hospitalized with an unknown illness.
Jul 3 5:16PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk