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Anarcho-Punks Bad Breeding Are Sick Of Being 'Dehumanised'
The grueling, noise-punctured punk band amplifies the "marginalized majority" on its new EP.
Apr 23 3:00PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Juliana Hatfield Sings The Hits Of 'Old Friend' Olivia Newton-John
Though she's known for her contributions to '90s indie rock, Hatfield goes back to one of her earliest musical inspirations for her new album of Olivia Newton-John covers.
Apr 22 11:38AM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Watch Moby Perform 'Falling Rain And Light' Live In The Studio
A champion of electronic music long before it surfaced from New York's underground dance scene, Moby's latest record reaches for the vastness of the human experience with that same frenetic energy.
Apr 20 2:58PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Of Course Sleep Released Its New Album, 'The Sciences,' On The Stoner Holiday
Over a decade-and-a-half after Dopesmoker, the stoner-metal band makes good on its "amalgamated effort of decades of riff immersion.
Apr 20 1:21PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Songs We Love: The Record Company, 'Life To Fix
This has got seventh-inning stretch stadium rock anthem written all over it.
Apr 20 1:01PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Erika Wennerstrom On World Cafe
The Heartless Bastards front woman details her experience on a trip through the Amazon and how it informed the art she made on her latest solo album, Sweet Unknown.
Apr 19 4:19PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Crank Rat The Magnificent's Nasty 'Up The Street' And Be Redeemed
Like the Thing revving up to smack down, Rat the Magnificent will clobber bluesy noise-rock on its upcoming debut album, The Body as Pleasure.
Apr 19 2:48PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

First Listen: Speedy Ortiz, 'Twerp Verse
Twerp Verse shows Sadie Dupuis and her band at their most pointed and fearless.
Apr 19 9:00AM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

With 'Honeycomb,' Deafheaven Matches Its Expansive Promise
The first single from the metal band's fourth album, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, offers a gift for the patient Deafheaven listener.
Apr 18 6:44PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Superorganism On World Cafe
The eight-piece group deliver fantastic gems of indie pop that are never too clever for their own good.
Apr 18 2:56PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Mazzy Star Returns With 'Quiet, The Winter Harbour
Hope Sandoval's timeless voice breaches reality once more, bringing with it news of an EP out this summer.
Apr 18 1:54PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Squirrel Nut Zippers On World Cafe
The band just released Beasts of Burgundy, its first new album of original material in 18 years. If you don't like funk, now would be the time to move on to another session.
Apr 17 9:07PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Dump Your Boyfriend, Scream Along To GRLwood's Hooky 'Bisexual
The first single from Daddy lulls you into the Louisville duo's self-deprecating, surf-inspired punk before tearing you apart.
Apr 17 5:53PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Swan Songs: Music For Your Final Exit
We asked listeners what song they want played at their funeral. On this edition of All Songs Considered, we share some of the incredible responses we got, along with the stories behind them.
Apr 17 3:43PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Hit Bargain Says 'Hell Is Real' And We're Living In It
Los Angeles "queencore" band Hit Bargain wonders if everything isn't already aflame with hellfire on its newest single.
Apr 17 2:30PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Jim James Decries Media Distortion In Society With New Song, Album
The new solo album from My Morning Jacket's frontman was inspired, in part, by the explosion of information people are expected to consume, which, he says, leaves "more and more of us feeling lost.
Apr 17 2:00PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Field Report On World Cafe
Frontman Chris Porterfield shares stories and performs songs from Field Report's new album, Summertime Songs.
Apr 16 8:10PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Math-Rockers Media Jeweler Discover The Key To Success: Hula Hoops
Of course there's a hulu hoop artist named Miss Hoopdidoo. She dances to the finger-tapped guitar and crashing bass of the L.A.
Apr 16 5:00PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Laura Veirs On World Cafe
Veirs performs songs from The Lookout, for which she originally wrote over 100 songs, and explains how a set of creative constraints helped her arrive at its gauzy new sound.
Apr 13 7:02PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk

Songs We Love: Benjamin Lazar Davis, 'Choosing Sides
Davis dances the pas de deux of a divided heart in a song co-written with Alex Toth of Rubblebucket,
Apr 13 1:00PM NPR-Rock/Pop/Folk