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Fox News' Tucker Carlson Goes On Lengthy Rant About Immigrants Replacing Americans
I'm not against the immigrants. I'm just, I'm for Americans. Nobody cares about them.
Dec 5 7:49AM Latino Voices

Will Ferrell Starring In 'Narcos' Is A Real Mind-Blower
The comedy star gets dropped into the action in this Funny Or Die mashup.
Dec 4 9:15AM Latino Voices

Deported Parents Make Last-Ditch Effort To Reunite With Separated Kids In U.S.
Parents who were separated from their children under Trump's zero tolerance policy are hoping for a second shot at asylum.
Dec 4 1:38AM Latino Voices

Florida Woman Sent Ominous Message Before Disappearing In Costa Rica
Carla Stefaniak has not been seen or heard from in nearly a week.
Dec 3 10:27PM Latino Voices

Texas Sues San Antonio In First Test Of Sanctuary City Immigration Crackdown
Opponents dismissed the lawsuit from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, based on a Republican-backed law, as a publicity stunt.
Dec 1 2:13AM Latino Voices

This Woman Got 8 Years In Prison For Illegal Voting. Texas Is Showing No Mercy.
Rosa Maria Ortega's case illustrates the enormous discretion that prosecutors have in how harshly they pursue voter fraud.
Dec 1 12:04AM Latino Voices

Trump's 'Remain In Mexico' Border Deal Has Serious Legal Problems
U.S. law doesn't allow the government to send asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait, seven legal experts tell HuffPost.
Nov 30 10:45AM Latino Voices

Yahoo News Under Fire Over 'See All Sides' Ad Campaign Featuring Anti-Immigrant Message
One ad depicts an apparent border wall emblazoned with the words "immigrants endanger us.
Nov 29 9:47PM Latino Voices

New Sinclair Segment Defends Tear-Gassing Of Migrant Children At Border
The segment is reportedly a "must run" for Sinclair, the largest U.S. owner of local TV stations by number of outlets.
Nov 28 11:06AM Latino Voices

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Shuts Down Ex-Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka
Pretty sure we're on the right side of history if you're my opposition," she snapped after Gorka attacked her for saying migrants don't deserve mistreatment.
Nov 27 3:37PM Latino Voices

Migrant Mother Impaled In Front Of Children While Attempting To Scale Border Fence
The segment that the woman climbed is part of a 14-mile stretch of the border wall that is currently under construction to replace decades-old fencing.
Nov 27 3:29PM Latino Voices

Trump Falsely Claims Border Agents Were Badly Hurt In Migrant Tear Gas Clashes
He said the tear gas was "very safe" as he slammed the migrants as violent criminals.
Nov 27 11:48AM Latino Voices

Trump's Border Chief Knocks Down President's Claim About 'Minor Form' Of Tear Gas
It's standard law enforcement issue," Kevin McAleenan told CNN's Chris Cuomo.
Nov 27 8:44AM Latino Voices

Lindsey Graham Accuses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Of Comparing Refugee Caravan To Holocaust
The senator tried to school the incoming congresswoman after she pointed out the history of asylum seekers in the U.S.
Nov 26 11:38PM Latino Voices

GOP Rep. Mia Love Rips Trump In Concession Speech, Calls Him 'Transactional
The Utah incumbent said the president's comments about her "shine a spotlight on the problem Washington politicians have with minorities and black Americans.
Nov 26 7:45PM Latino Voices

Soledad O'Brien Accuses CNN Of Giving 'Racists' Airtime To Score Higher Ratings
The former CNN host criticized the network in response to a viral Twitter thread on Sunday.
Nov 26 7:21PM Latino Voices

Undocumented Man Arrested After Leaving Church For Immigration Appointment
Samuel Oliver-Bruno, 47, who had taken refuge in a church for nearly a year, was taken into custody upon arriving at the immigration office.
Nov 25 8:19PM Latino Voices

Trump's Pick To Lead ICE Downplays Family Separations
The acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said there "wasn't a family separation policy." There was.
Nov 15 10:00PM Latino Voices