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Florida Officials Are Breaking The Law By Not Offering Spanish Ballots, Suit Claims
The suit targets 32 counties the plaintiffs say are violating the Voting Rights Act.
Aug 16 11:13PM Latino Voices

Government Agencies Coordinated To Arrest Migrants Seeking Legal Status, ACLU Says
They timed interviews in such a way that would facilitate migrant arrests, according to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU.
Aug 14 12:24PM Latino Voices

CNN's Chris Cuomo Uses His Own Family History To Slam Trump's View Of Immigrants
How many of you would be here if America was like what Trump wants it to be now? I wouldn't.
Aug 9 10:59AM Latino Voices

8 Children Are Accidentally Shot Every Day With Unsecured Firearms In The Home
A new campaign is shining a light on so-called family fire shootings and encouraging people to take steps to prevent them.
Aug 8 1:00PM Latino Voices

ACLU Sues Jeff Sessions For Denying Asylum To Victims Of Domestic Or Gang Violence
Sessions ruled in June that most victims of this type of abuse were eligible for "expedited removal.
Aug 8 10:29AM Latino Voices

Celebrities Followed By Ivanka Trump On Instagram Send Her A Scathing Message
End these racist, inhumane and unconscionable abuses now!
Aug 8 9:35AM Latino Voices

Judge Orders Trump Administration To Fully Restore DACA For Young Immigrants
Judge John Bates gave the government 20 more days to appeal before the ruling would go into effect.
Aug 4 12:26AM Latino Voices

In Detention, Troubling Cases Of Self-Harm Among Migrant Youth
I had never cut myself before I came to the United States.
Aug 3 4:25PM Latino Voices

J.Lo Has Perfected The Answer To 'Do You Have Any Advice For New Moms?
The "Dinero" singer knows just what new moms need.
Aug 3 3:26PM Latino Voices

Nearly 600 Migrant Kids Are Still Separated From Parents A Week After Court Deadline
The Trump administration suggested the onus was on the ACLU to locate parents that officials had separated from their children at the border.
Aug 3 2:40AM Latino Voices

Immigrant Shelter Care Worker Charged With Sexual Abuse Of 8 Children
Levian D. Pacheco allegedly molested at least eight unaccompanied boys at a Southwest Key immigrant detention facility in Mesa, Arizona.
Aug 3 12:31AM Latino Voices

Employee At Migrant Children's Shelter Accused Of Sexually Abusing Girl
The allegations are the latest linked to Southwest Key's immigrant detention facilities, which are funded by the federal government.
Aug 2 4:52PM Latino Voices

Senate Dems Introduce Bill To Include Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity On Census
The spirit of the census is that no one should go uncounted and no one should be invisible," Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said.
Aug 1 2:35PM Latino Voices

U.S. Revokes Visas Of Nicaraguan Officials Over Violence Against Protesters
The Trump administration condemned police attacks on demonstrators as hundreds have been killed.
Jul 31 10:03PM Latino Voices

Liberal Group Hopes To Fire Up Puerto Ricans Ahead Of Midterms
New ad aims to encourage displaced Puerto Ricans to register to vote.
Jul 31 5:16PM Latino Voices

Federal Judge Orders Trump Administration To Get Consent Before Drugging Migrant Children
Children told harrowing stories of detention center staff forcing them to take psychotropic drugs.
Jul 31 11:01AM Latino Voices