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A Guide To Parental Controls For Kids' Tech Use
All the major tech companies offer parental controls Apple is the latest. For parents, making the best of them can be tricky.
Jun 18 10:00AM NPR-Digital Culture

World Cup 2018: How To Watch The Matches Online And On TV
The World Cup begins on June 14 and runs through July 15. So, how do you watch? Our story runs down the options, online and through broadcast.
Jun 13 8:31PM NPR-Digital Culture

After Ivanka Trump Quotes 'Chinese Proverb,' A Hunt For The Proverbial Author
The first daughter's quote "Those who say it can not be done, should not interrupt those doing it." left many in China scratching their heads.
Jun 12 12:33PM NPR-Digital Culture

Net Neutrality Has Been Rolled Back But It's Not Dead Yet
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai succeeded in repealing the 2015 rules for internet service providers. But some states have already acted to keep net neutrality alive on their turf.
Jun 11 7:20PM NPR-Digital Culture

Facebook To Users: You May Want To Update Your Privacy Settings Again.
For four days, between May 18 to 22, Facebook tested a new feature that inadvertently switched the default settings for 14 million users from private to public.
Jun 8 12:04AM NPR-Digital Culture

Facebook's New Features Encourage Users To Telegraph Their Music Taste
Two updates announced Tuesday, early toe-dips that Facebook promises are only the beginning, give members of its gargantuan user base ways of sharing the music they like. But is any of this ..
Jun 6 9:35PM NPR-Digital Culture

Facebook Data-Sharing Deals Include China's Huawei Under U.S. Suspicion Since 2012
Huawei worked with Facebook to make Facebook's services more convenient for users," the smartphone-maker tells NPR. "Huawei has never collected or stored any Facebook user data.
Jun 6 4:28PM NPR-Digital Culture

The 'All Tech Considered' Blog Logs Off
After nine years and 2,630 posts, the All Tech Considered blog is being retired. Don't worry, though. You'll still find the All Tech segment and other tech-related stories on NPR's Technology page.
Jun 5 7:01PM NPR-Digital Culture

Transcript: Apple CEO Tim Cook On Screen Time Controls, Working With China
Cook, who has led Apple since 2011, spoke with NPR's Steve Inskeep in a wide-ranging interview on Monday as the company kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference.
Jun 5 9:00AM NPR-Digital Culture

Apple Aims To Help Parents Crack Down On Kids' iPhone Use
Apple will allow users to get reports on how much their kids are using particular apps on their iPhones and iPads. The announcement follows pressure from shareholders about the overuse of technology.
Jun 4 6:12PM NPR-Digital Culture

Facebook Defends Giving Device-Makers Access To Users' Data For Years
The company says it shared the data only to help Apple, Samsung and other device-makers "recreate Facebook-like experiences." It denies a New York Times report that "deep access" was granted.
Jun 4 4:26PM NPR-Digital Culture