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Hey, Kiddo' Aims To Help Kids With Addicted Parents Feel Less Alone
Jarrett J. Krosoczka was raised by his grandparents. The author and illustrator says he got a lot of practice telling stories as a kid "making up excuses for where my biological parents were.
Oct 16 7:45PM NPR-Digital Culture

After Paul Allen Co-Founded Microsoft, He Changed Brain Science Forever
In 2003, Paul Allen created an institute to figure out how the human brain works. That institute has already made contributions that may turn out to be part of his greatest legacy.
Oct 16 7:32PM NPR-Digital Culture

Report: Liberian Charity Worker Raped Girls He Was Supposed To Protect
A report from ProPublica and Time Magazine documents rapes committed by an employee of More Than Me, a charity that had raised $8 million and earned praise for its work. We interview the co-author.
Oct 16 7:17PM NPR-Digital Culture

Facebook Says 14 Million Accounts Had Broad Array Of Personal Data Stolen
In an update on a recent security breach, Facebook says 30 million accounts were affected. For nearly half of those, hackers accessed users' searches, locations and other details.
Oct 13 9:36PM NPR-Digital Culture

Google+ Shutting Down For Consumers After Data Vulnerability Is Revealed
The company says it discovered and patched the issue in March but did not immediately disclose it. There is no evidence, it said, that a third party was aware of the bug or misused profile data.
Oct 9 6:11PM NPR-Digital Culture

The 'Weaponization' Of Social Media And Its Real-World Consequences
P.W. Singer and Emerson Brooking say social media has been manipulated to fuel popular uprisings and affect the course of military and political campaigns.
Oct 9 5:37PM NPR-Digital Culture

Facebook Says Security Breach Affected Almost 50 Million Accounts
Facebook says a vulnerability allowed attackers to gain full access to some users' accounts; it's not yet clear whether any accounts were actually misused. The company says the problem has been fixed.
Sep 28 5:13PM NPR-Digital Culture

Europe's Copyright Reforms Are More Than (Just) A Boring Policy Change
Two weeks ago, the European Commission approved new rules that will change how tech companies are required to deal with copyright infringement on their platforms. Unsurprisingly, it was controversial.
Sep 27 2:51PM NPR-Digital Culture