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First Listen: Joy Williams, 'Front Porch
Front Porch is not only a return home to Joy Williams' stripped-down, acoustic palette, but also an inquiry into the very meaning of home.
Apr 25 9:00AM NPR-Digital Culture

Parkland School Shooter Public Defenders Seek To Withdraw Because Cruz Has Money Now
A parent's life insurance policy will mean a more than $400,000 payout for Nikolas Cruz. The public defender's office can only represent people who can't afford representation on their own.
Apr 25 6:39AM NPR-Digital Culture

Tony Award-Winning Playwright Mark Medoff Dies At Age 79
Medoff is best known for Children of a Lesser God, a play about a young deaf woman's romance with her speech teacher.
Apr 25 3:12AM NPR-Digital Culture

Mind Fixers' Documents The 'Troubled Search' For Mental Illness Medication
Anne Harrington chronicles the search for a biological understanding of mental illness. She believes the revolution in medication has left behind a legacy of over-diagnosis and over-medication.
Apr 24 6:04PM NPR-Digital Culture

The Beneficiary' Weighs The Emotional Heft Of Inheritance
Janny Scott, a biographer and award-winning reporter for The New York Times, has written a vivid and penetrating memoir about her own illustrious family.
Apr 24 6:04PM NPR-Digital Culture

Socialism' Isn't The Scare Word It Once Was
It isn't yet clear where "socialist" will settle in the vocabulary of the American left, as it jostles with labels like "liberal" and "progressive." But it's not the "S-word" anymore.
Apr 24 6:04PM NPR-Digital Culture

The Next Great Paulie Fink' Weaves Greek Mythology Into Teen Angst
Award-winning author Ali Benjamin's new young adult novel "The Next Great Paulie Fink," has familiar themes.
Apr 24 5:40PM NPR-Digital Culture

Flyers Trying To Avoid Boeing's 737 Max Planes Could Unknowingly Book A Flight On One
Boeing's profits have fallen this year as a result of crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia that caused the 737 Max to be grounded.
Apr 24 5:33PM NPR-Digital Culture

Report Finds Air Pollution Is On The Rise Due To Climate Change
Six of the country's 10 worst cities for air pollution are in California.
Apr 24 5:25PM NPR-Digital Culture

Slingshot Scenes: 5 Chicago Latinx Artists To Watch In 2019
Vocalo Radio highlights five artists who are preserving Latinx music in Chicago.
Apr 24 2:00PM NPR-Digital Culture

In New Song, Lucy Dacus Asks What Mothers Pass On To Their Children
On "My Mother and I," The singer, who was adopted, takes a deeply affecting look at the relationships between mothers and their children.
Apr 24 1:59PM NPR-Digital Culture

Opinion: Here's Why The Trump Administration's Iran Sanctions Strategy Won't Work
The Trump administration can cause Iran severe pain, but it cannot trigger the collapse of the regime, argue Aaron David Miller of the Wilson Center and Richard Sokolsky of the Carnegie Endowment.
Apr 24 12:31PM NPR-Digital Culture

Kim Jong Un And Vladimir Putin To Meet Face-To-Face In Vladivostok
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet in person at a bilateral summit in Russia Thursday, as U.S./North Korea nuclear talks remain at a stalemate.
Apr 24 9:05AM NPR-Digital Culture

Mexico Experiences An Unprecedented Number Of Arriving Migrants
Mexico's interior minister says 300,000 migrants have tried to reach the U.S. through Mexico in the first three months of this year.
Apr 24 9:05AM NPR-Digital Culture

President Trump To Speak At Opioid Abuse Summit In Atlanta
Rachel Martin talks to Nora Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, which is part of the National Institutes of Health. about the president addressing the meeting on Wednesday.
Apr 24 9:05AM NPR-Digital Culture

For One Man, Getting A Degree In Prison Was 'Like Being Released Every Day
For many people in prison, an education means a chance at a new life on the outside. One Massachusetts man got that chance, and made the most of it.
Apr 23 9:10PM NPR-Digital Culture

Trump Administration Faces Criticism From Left And Right On Proposed Hiring Rule Change
NPR's Audie Cornish talks with The Marshall Project's Justin George about the Trump administration's proposal for a new hiring rule that has drawn criticism from criminal justice reform advocates.
Apr 23 9:10PM NPR-Digital Culture

Remembering The Victims Of The Easter Sunday Attacks In Sri Lanka
The victims of Sunday's bombings in Sri Lanka came from around the world. As funerals and burials begin, the victims are being remembered.
Apr 23 9:10PM NPR-Digital Culture

Mass Funerals Begin In A Grieving Sri Lanka
Mourners and religious leaders gathered to say goodbye to more than 300 people who died in a string of bombings on Sunday at churches and hotels. Among the dead are 45 children.
Apr 23 8:24PM NPR-Digital Culture

Silicon Valley Company Aims To Help Farmers Compare Seed Prices
Major seed companies have a transparency problem. Farmers can't look up and compare prices for some seeds. Some have turned to co-ops and others to Silicon Valley to try to disrupt the practice.
Apr 23 8:21PM NPR-Digital Culture