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Maryland Police Officer Charged With Raping Woman During Traffic Stop
Ryan Macklin, a six-year veteran of the Prince George's County Police Department, has been suspended without pay.
Oct 16 1:50PM Crime Watch

Massachusetts High Court Tosses Thousands Of Tainted Drug Cases
The ruling affects all drug cases tested at the state lab between 2009 and 2013.
Oct 12 10:42PM Crime Watch

U.S. Postal Service Employee Accused Of Selling $630,000 In Stolen Stamps
Ryan Cortez of Louisiana admitted to squandering the money on a gambling addiction, authorities said.
Oct 12 10:33PM Crime Watch

Miami Uber Driver Raped A Female Passenger, Told Cops It Was A 'Perk' Of The Job
Frederick Gaston, 51, admitted to assaulting and raping a 26-year-old woman who was drunk, vomiting and passing in and out of consciousness.
Oct 12 8:49PM Crime Watch

'Marsy's Law' Protections For Crime Victims Sound Great, But Could Cause Problems
Ballot initiatives in six states are part of a nationwide campaign to elevate crime victims' rights.
Oct 12 4:26PM Crime Watch

South Carolina Man Shoots Cousin He Warned Not To Eat His Potato Chips: Police
The victim told authorities he never actually ate the chips as the suspect claimed.
Oct 11 10:29PM Crime Watch

Video Shows Man Shooting At Black Teen Who Asked For Directions To School
Brennan Walker said he was looking for help after missing a bus to school. Jeffrey Zeigler fired a shotgun blast at him.
Oct 11 10:26PM Crime Watch

Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison
A judge dubbed the 26-year-old a "serial fraudster" for scams that cost investors and ticket-holders millions.
Oct 11 9:18PM Crime Watch

New York Man Built 200-Pound Bomb To Detonate On Election Day: Feds
Paul Rosenfeld intended the blast on Washington's National Mall to draw attention to "sortition," an ancient political ideology, authorities said.
Oct 11 11:11AM Crime Watch

Tennessee Officials Deny Death Row Prisoner's Request For Electric Chair
Edmund Zagorski said he did "not want to be subjected to the torture" of lethal injection.
Oct 11 12:14AM Crime Watch

Secret, Solar-Powered Tunnel Discovered On U.S.-Mexico Border
The clandestine passage measured 627 feet and was lined with a rail system.
Oct 10 8:51AM Crime Watch

Alabama Police Chief Accused Of Lewd Behavior On Florida Beach
Level Plains Police Chief Billy Driggers was caught "masturbating in the presence of women and children," authorities said.
Oct 9 9:32PM Crime Watch

Ohio Cop Saves Dog With Overdose Reversal Drug Narcan
The dog, Trooper, had a severe reaction to anesthesia.
Oct 9 2:58PM Crime Watch

Florida Officer Accused Of Selling Drugs to Undercover Detective
Authorities say Dwayne Frazier made the deal out of his marked patrol car while in uniform.
Oct 9 2:03AM Crime Watch

Student Accused Of Bullying, Raping Classmates At Indiana School
The alleged victims ages 16 to 18 were threatened, intimidated and harassed, police said.
Oct 8 7:55PM Crime Watch

Northern Virginia Jewish Community Center Spray-Painted With Swastikas
An insidious rise in hateful actions and anti-Semitism is happening in Virginia and across the country, Sen. Tim Kaine said.
Oct 6 9:52PM Crime Watch

Washington State Has Nearly 6,500 Untested Rape Kits
Some have languished in storage since the 1980s, the state attorney general says. But one old kit just led to sexual assault charges for a 2007 rape in Seattle.
Oct 5 11:06PM Crime Watch

Man Threatened To Kill Democrats and 'Weak Republicans' Over Kavanaugh Nomination
James Royal Patrick Jr. of Florida said he'd shoot members of Congress if the Supreme Court nominee was voted down.
Oct 5 7:17PM Crime Watch

Missing Maine Teacher Was Sleepless, Stressed, Husband Says
Police roped off a house near where Kristin Westra vanished with crime scene tape.
Oct 5 5:15PM Crime Watch

Florida Third-Grader Accused Of Pointing Gun At Classmates
The boy allegedly targeted students who bullied him, police said.
Oct 4 10:27PM Crime Watch