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Man Accused Of Making $1.3 Million In Fraudulent Walmart Returns
Thomas Frudaker is suspected of targeting chain stores across the country, police said.
Jun 19 10:42PM Crime Watch

Videos Show California Cop Shoot Fleeing Man On Bustling Sidewalk
I don't feel safe being around the streets with officers shooting people, a resident said.
Jun 15 10:36PM Crime Watch

Unarmed Man Says Arizona Cops Laughed After Beating Him Bloody
They laughed at me as I laid on a pool of my own blood, barely conscious," said Jose Luis Conde.
Jun 15 3:19PM Crime Watch

New Jersey Trooper Accused Of Stopping Women For Phone Numbers Loses Job
Eric Richardson tried to pressure women into relationships and got personal info on another driver for a friend, authorities said.
Jun 13 10:43PM Crime Watch

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Florida Man Flung From Car During Horrific Toll Plaza Crash
Police say the accident was caused by a drowsy driver.
Jun 13 9:08AM Crime Watch

Florida Man Kills 4 Children And Himself After Daylong Standoff With Police
The standoff ended when police entered the apartment and found the children and the suspect Gary Wayne Lindsey Jr. dead of gunshot wounds.
Jun 12 6:40AM Crime Watch

Oregon Deputy Filmed Repeatedly Punching Restrained Man
Kevin Straw can be heard pleading for the officer to stop.
Jun 6 10:54PM Crime Watch

Suspect In Arizona Spree Killings Dies By Suicide: Report
Police say the individual is believed responsible for the shooting deaths of several professionals in the Phoenix area.
Jun 4 4:24PM Crime Watch

Golden State Killer Suspect's DNA Gathered From Outside A Hobby Lobby
Police swabbed Joseph DeAngelo's car door handle.
Jun 2 9:20PM Crime Watch

Denver Uber Driver Arrested After Passenger Found Shot Dead
The suspect flagged down a motorist and told them his passenger tried to attack him.
Jun 2 4:12AM Crime Watch

Outrage After Man Gets 90 Days For Sexual Assault Of 5-Year-Old Girl
Lyle Burgess, 79, may serve his 90-day sentence under house arrest and isn't required to register as a sex offender.
May 31 9:37PM Crime Watch

Dogs Rescued After Breeder Allegedly Debarked Them With Object Down Throats
A "pipe-type object" was thrust down some of the dogs' throats to damage their vocal cords, authorities said.
May 31 8:50PM Crime Watch

Goldman Sachs Vice President Charged With Insider Trading
Prosecutors charged Woojae Jung with making more than $130,000 through illegal trades.
May 31 5:34PM Crime Watch

Florida Woman Named Crystal Methvin Arrested For... Possession Of Crystal Meth
What's in a name?
May 31 7:17AM Crime Watch