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She Wanted To Be The Perfect Mom, Then Landed In A Psychiatric Unit
Postpartum psychosis is rare but very real, doctors say. And, unlike in some countries, U.S.
Jan 19 12:01PM Children's Health

Federal Shutdown Has Meant Steep Health Bills For Some Families
An air traffic controller is just one employee locked into the terms of a health plan because of the ongoing federal shutdown. It's meant his child's hospital bills are "out-of-network.
Jan 18 10:00AM Children's Health

Clinics Struggle To Resolve Fears Over Medicaid Sign-Ups And Green Cards
Should doctors warn patients of a policy threat that may not come to pass? That's the question pending, as the Trump administration weighs whether to deny green cards to immigrants on Medicaid.
Jan 15 10:00AM Children's Health

Human Trafficking Reaches 'Horrific' New Heights, Declares U.N. Report
A new report from the U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime finds that violent conflict is creating new opportunities for traffickers and children and girls are increasingly targeted.
Jan 14 10:33PM Children's Health

El Paso Pediatrician Discusses Medical Needs Of Migrant Children In Detention Centers
NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Dr. Carlos Gutierrez, a pediatrician in El Paso, Texas, about the medical needs of migrants and what actions should be taken to ensure their safety in detention centers.
Jan 11 9:20PM Children's Health

Severe Flu Raises Risk Of Birth Problems For Pregnant Women, Babies
Pregnant women in intensive care with severe cases of the flu have a higher risk of giving birth to babies prematurely. The risk of breathing problems for the baby is also substantially higher.
Jan 10 9:24PM Children's Health

Study: Coca-Cola Shaped China's Efforts To Fight Obesity
A new report documents how Coke penetrated the government and influenced efforts to bring down the growing obesity rate but not by cutting back on calories.
Jan 10 4:56PM Children's Health

Democrats' Health Care Ambitions Meet The Reality Of Divided Government
Congressional Democrats want to protect health coverage and protections of the Affordable Care Act. With the Senate in Republican hands, House Democrats will hold hearings and may turn to the courts.
Jan 9 4:40PM Children's Health

Why This Charity Has Stopped Asking For Money
In 2017, No Lean Season raised nearly $12 million to help farmhands in Bangladesh travel to the city to find jobs when fields lay fallow. Now they're saying "no" to donations. What happened?
Jan 7 5:18PM Children's Health

Is It A Nasty Cold Or The Flu?
Knowing how to differentiate between symptoms of each can be important, especially if you're at high risk for flu's complications. Influenza can lead to pneumonia, hospitalization and even death.
Jan 6 12:00PM Children's Health

To Get Mental Health Help For A Child, Desperate Parents Relinquish Custody
Doctors told Toni and Jim Hoy their young son needed intensive, specialized care away from home institutional services that cost at least $100,000 a year. Insurance wouldn't cover the cost.
Jan 2 7:31PM Children's Health

Illinois Parents Relinquish Custody So Son Can Get Costly Medical Treatment
At age 10, Daniel Hoy was diagnosed with several mental health conditions. In order to get him needed care, his parents had to make a dramatic decision: they had to give custody of him to the state.
Jan 2 9:58AM Children's Health

How Sen. Orrin Hatch Shaped America's Health Care In Controversial Ways
Republican Orrin Hatch is leaving the Senate after 42 years. He led bipartisan efforts to get more kids and AIDS patients health care. He also thrived on donations from the drug industry.
Dec 31 10:04AM Children's Health