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The Desert Architecture School Where Students Build Their Own Sleeping Quarters
The first thing Lorraine Etchell sees each morning is the sun rising over the Sonoran Desert and illuminating the iconic Camelback Mountain. She doesn't even have to leave her bed to become one with the desert: From her mattress, she can see the horizon stretching out before her and watch groups of Gambel's quail scuttling around the cacti and creosote bushes.
Apr 17 11:16AM Atlas Obscura

Google Policy Fellowship
The Google Policy Fellowship (Canada) program offers students, researchers, and practitioners interested in Internet and technology policy the opportunity to spend the summer contributing to the public dialogue on these issues and exploring future academic and professional interests. Two fellowship positions are open: one at the Citizen Lab, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto and one at the Samuelson-Glushko Canadian Internet Policy & Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), University of Ottawa.
Apr 16 6:53PM The Citizen Lab

Tesla says its factory is saferbut it left injuries off the books
by Will Evans and Alyssa Jeong Perry April 16, 2018 This story is courtesy of Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting. Inside Tesla's electric car factory, giant red robots - some named for X-Men characters - heave car parts in the air, while workers wearing black toil on aluminum car bodies.
Apr 16 5:52PM MIT Technology Review

Tesla says its factory is safer. But it left injuries off the books
Inside Tesla's electric car factory, giant red robots - some named for X-Men characters - heave car parts in the air, while workers wearing black toil on aluminum car bodies. Forklifts and tuggers zip by on gray-painted floors, differentiated from pedestrian walkways by another shade of gray.
Apr 16 3:56PM Reveal

The Students Discover Project
In North Carolina, 39% of eighth-grade students report that they never or hardly ever design a science experiment, and another 29% of eighth grade students report doing hands-on science activities only once or twice a month (NCES 2011). The norm in science education has been a focus on traditional teaching methods involving lectures, textbooks, and cookbook laboratory experiments, with an emphasis on memorization and recall of facts.
Apr 15 12:45AM Connected Science Learning

Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides
Pinterest A great idea for a new year! Student-Created Vision Boards with Google Slides! A student-created vision board is a great way to help students set goals and visualize reaching them! We often use the start of a new year, new school year, or new semester to set goals, personal and professional. Visualization is one of the most powerful exercises for the mind and for reaching your goals.
Apr 14 5:06PM Shake Up Learning

EduBlock: Empowering Students to develop Blockchain Solutions
English letter EduBlock is a grassroots student network non-profit based in Puerto Rico. It began as a reaction to the influx of fin-tech companies and investors moving to the island.
Apr 13 2:21PM Steemit

New Research Shows Increasing Physician Shortages in Both Primary and Specialty Care
The United States could see a shortage of up to 120,000 physicians by 2030, impacting patient care across the nation, according to new data published today by the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges). The report, The Complexities of Physician Supply and Demand: Projections from 2016-2030, updates and aligns with estimates conducted in , 2016, and 2017, and shows a projected shortage of between 42,600 and 121,300 physicians by the end of the next decade.
Apr 12 4:05PM

Robots, Grit, Personalization: 13 Sessions You Don't Want to Miss at This Year's ASU+GSV Summit
Come meet The 74 in person at our social media storytelling booth 2nd floor, Seaport Foyer. There are #74millionreasons to be an education innovator.
Apr 12 2:05PM

50 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Geospatial, Data Science, and Visualization
Location Intelligence is a young field, forming at the intersection of new technologies and existing branches of knowledge. Twitter, a global sounding board for experts, is a natural fit for this growing sector and the perfect place to bring together collective expertise for greater development and collaboration.
Apr 11 5:18PM

Shut It Down, Bro: How to Avoid Toxic Culture at Your Company
Leadership / Company Culture Bro culture is an industry-spanning pandemic, and your company culture could be part of the problem. April 11, 2018 5 min read Apply now Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
Apr 11 2:41PM Entrepreneur

Could Robots Save Us From Natural Disasters?
A model of what engineers hope will one day be a Prius-sized air ambulance can already fly autonomously. Researchers are now training it to withstand wind gusts and other challenging flight conditions.
Apr 10 1:00AM KQED

Inspired by Young Leadership
Recently, I had the privilege of returning to my alma mater, Michigan State University (MSU), for my second annual workshop series. I teach one workshop on leadership and one on resilience as part of the BEST program, a NIH grant program that provides professional development resources to engineering and biomedical doctoral and postdoctoral students.
Apr 9 1:38PM Training Industry

Do You Have These 10 Habits of Master Teachers
Posted at 23:15h in Professional Development What does it mean to be a master teacher? I can remember first hearing someone labeled a master while watching episodes of This Old House with my father when I was a boy. When the credits rolled, Norm Abrams was listed as master carpenter.
Apr 8 12:36PM Brian Sztabnik

Schools must do better to prepare students for a freelance future
One-third of working Americans now identify as freelancers. This trend is expected to continue.
Apr 6 3:19PM Fox News

An ambitious African-science project is getting into its stride
New campuses are being built, and new talent nurtured AFRICA is home to what may be the world's oldest counting tools. The Ishango bone from the Democratic Republic of Congo (both sides of which are pictured above) and the Lebombo bone from South Africa date from 20,000 years and 43,000 years ago respectively.
Apr 5 6:32PM The Economist

There's more to mathematics than grades and exams and methods
When you have mastered numbers, you will in fact no longer be reading numbers, any more than you read words when reading books. You will be reading meanings.
Apr 5 3:49PM What's new

Can we spark a digital skills revolution for girls?
As $100,000 is granted to Bridge 21, Salesforce's country leader warns that 21st-century business requires people with 21st-century skills. Cloud software giant Salesforce has provided a grant worth $100,000 to support the growth of the Bridge 21 CodePlus digital skills initiative.
Apr 5 7:45AM Silicon Republic

Let UH Graduate Workers Unionize (Community Voice)
According to the Hawaii State Constitution, Persons in public employment shall have the right to organize for the purpose of collective bargaining as provided by law. () Where public employees have been granted the right to share in the decision-making process affecting wages and working conditions, they have become more responsive and better able to exchange ideas and information on operations with their administrators.
Apr 4 8:20PM Honolulu Civil Beat

University of Washington computer science school lands $3 million in state funding to double program
There are tens of thousands of open technology jobs in Washington state because there aren't enough candidates trained in the necessary skills to fill them. The University of Washington has been racing to close that gap for years and will pass a critical milestone in 2018, thanks to $3 million in new funding awarded in the state's supplemental budget.
Apr 4 2:31PM GeekWire