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Ellen Pompeo Is Considering Leaving Grey's Anatomy
. Nobody panic, but Grey's Anatomy (and the world as we know it) might just be ending. Even though at times it's seemed like the ABC juggernaut would go on forever -- it is entering its 15th season with no sign of slowing down, after all -- that doesn't mean its leading lady, Ellen Pompeo, is in it ..
Sep 21 11:05PM TV Industry News

Supernatural: Everything We Know About Season 14 So Far
. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) Winchester have overcome some impossible odds over the years but when Supernatural returns for Season 14, they'll face their biggest threat yet: Michael. While the brothers are no strangers to the villainous archangel, Michael's possession of Dean ..
Sep 21 10:55PM TV Industry News

Big Brother 20 Angela Admits She's "Hurt" by Tyler and Kaycee's Final 2 Deal
. Level 6 done goofed. After deciding to evict Sam instead of JC during Wednesday's special Big Brother eviction episode, JC shocked everyone by winning his first comp of the season -- which also happened to be one of the most important ones. JC became the second-to-last HOH, securing his spot in the .
Sep 21 10:17PM TV Industry News

Stop Everything! Kat McNamara Just Booked Her First Post-Shadowhunters Role
. Katherine McNamara has officially booked her first post-Shadowhunters gig, and OMG, it's like the TV gods cooked this one up especially for us! TVLine reports that McNamara will recur on Arrow this season as a new character named Maya, "a scrappy street fighter and thief from Star City." Putting those ..
Sep 21 10:15PM TV Industry News

Bojack Horseman Creator Breaks Down the Devastating Funeral Episode
. Picture this: an animated horse who walks and talks like a man delivers a 25-minute meandering monologue better than any acting role in his washed up Hollywood career at his mother's funeral. While that might sound like an episode of television guaranteed to put you to sleep between repetitive shots ..
Sep 21 10:11PM TV Industry News

9-1-1's Season 2 Premiere Is Straight Up '70s Disaster Movie Porn
. 9-1-1 is clearly aiming to grab football fans' already rapidly beating hearts with an adrenaline rush of a premiere after the NFL games Sunday. The two-part Season 2 opener ends with a terrifying earthquake that, in its second night, is akin to '70s catastrophe flicks like Earthquake.
Sep 21 10:08PM TV Industry News

Um, Why Was a "Sexy Handmaid's Tale" Costume Even a Thing?!
. In a move that should surprise no one, a "Sexy Handmaid's Tale" Halloween costume has been yanked from distribution...
Sep 21 9:20PM TV Industry News

Kenan Thompson Might Be Leaving Saturday Night Live for His Own Sitcom
. Saturday Night Live might have to prepare for a future without Kenan Thompson sooner than it would have thought. Deadline reports that NBC has committed to producing a pilot for a comedy called Saving Larry that would star the SNL fixture as a single father. Saving Larry is written by Superstore's .
Sep 21 8:21PM TV Industry News

The Best New Shows on Netflix This Week - Maniac, The Good Cop
. Looking for something to watch on Netflix this week? We've got all your recommendations of the best new Netflix shows right here. After last week's utter carpet bombing of content from Netflix in an attempt to hijack your eyeballs before the fall TV season begins in earnest, the streaming service ..
Sep 21 6:21PM TV Industry News

Fall TV Popularity Contest: Did Maniac Drive You Crazy?
. It's Friday, which means there's new Netflix material to binge. This week the streaming giant released two big titles with the highly anticipated Emma Stone and Jonah Hill psycho-thriller Maniac and the Josh Groban and Tony Danza laugher The Good Cop. It couldn't be more different strokes for .
Sep 21 3:00PM TV Industry News

Google Celebrates Mister Rogers with Heartwarming Stop-Motion Doodle
. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood to celebrate Fred Rogers, one of the most beloved figures in television history. .
Sep 21 2:01PM TV Industry News

Chris Evans Coming to TV Is Great for Us and for Him
. Chris Evans apparently heard my desperate pleas for him to return to television for the first time in nearly 20 years, because that is exactly what Hollywood's Best Chris is now doing. Following in the footsteps of his Marvel co-star Anthony Mackie and DC alum Henry Cavill, the Captain America actor ..
Sep 21 3:09AM TV Industry News

Home & Family's Mark Steines Is Suing Hallmark for Wrongful Termination
. Mark Steines is fighting back against Hallmark and Crown Media after he was abruptly let go from hosting the channel's flagship show, Home & Family. Steines filed a lawsuit against the media company on Thursday in Los Angeles, according to Deadline, accusing it of wrongful termination. According to .
Sep 21 1:08AM TV Industry News

The 100: Will Indra Be Loyal to Madi or Octavia in the New World?
. The 100 is headed to a brave new world in Season 6, but there's no guarantee the problems that plagued its heroes last year (uhh...
Sep 21 1:02AM TV Industry News

James Marsters Likes the Idea of a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reboot
. While fans may have had mixed reactions to the news that a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot was in the works, not everyone shares that hesitation. James Marsters, who played the wonderfully chaotic vampire Spike in the original series, actually sounds pretty psyched about it! "I like the idea of ..
Sep 21 12:17AM TV Industry News

Review: Netflix's Addictive Maniac May Cause Confusion, Elation, Total Awe
. You can try to prepare yourself for what's in store with Netflix's new series Maniac, but stop...
Sep 20 11:11PM TV Industry News

The Suits Spin-Off Casts One Tree Hill and Wynonna Earp Alums
. Even though it might have felt like a fever dream, the Suits spin-off is still happening. And we know it is still happening because four actors have been cast in the new series, which follows Gina Torres' badass lawyer Jessica Pearson as she tackles politics in the Windy City. According to Deadline, .
Sep 20 9:07PM TV Industry News

The Deuce Will Return for a Third and Final Season
. If you're a big fan of David Simon's The Deuce, we have some good news and some bad news. The good news: HBO has renewed the series for a third season. The bad news: that third season will be its last, Deadline reports.
Sep 20 8:53PM TV Industry News

Dietland Has Been Canceled by AMC
. It looks like there won't be a second season of Dietland. The genre-bending feminist dramedy has been canceled by AMC, Deadline reports. Based on Sarai Walker's novel of the same name, the series followed Plum Kettle (Joy Nash), a ghostwriter struggling with body-image who embarks on a complicated .
Sep 20 8:31PM TV Industry News

Star Trek: Discovery Shorts Are Headed Your Way Soon
. Showrunner Alex Kurtzman revealed at San Diego Comic-Con that ahead of the new season of Star Trek: Discovery, CBS All Access was dropping four stand-alone episodes that would delve deeper into some of the show's ensemble cast. Now, we have an official premiere date along with our first look at the .
Sep 20 6:25PM TV Industry News