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The Best Amazon Prime Day 2018 Grooming Products On-Sale Right This Second
Twelve sweet Amazon Prime Day deals for people who care about smelling good and not having bad breath.
Jul 16 10:00PM GQ

Pete Davidson Got a Wild New Hair Cut
Ariana Grande's fiance, comedian Pete Davidson, stepped out with his own spin on a summertime buzz cut.
Jul 16 9:35PM GQ

Republicans Get Big Money from All of Silicon ValleyIncluding Facebook
Elon Musk drew criticism for supporting Republican PACs, but the problem is much bigger than just the Tesla founder.
Jul 16 7:48PM GQ

Happy Birthday to Akira, Kanye West's Favorite Anime
The groundbreaking film turns 30 and it's just as good as ever. (Oh, and it's streaming on Hulu.)
Jul 16 7:32PM GQ

What Is OZYFEST? The Sizzling Hot Festival for Folks Who Love Coachella and Neoliberalism
Where else can you catch Passion Pit, Common, Young the Giant, Hillary Clinton, and Tom Perez in the same general vicinity?
Jul 16 7:08PM GQ

A Long-Lost Stanley Kubrick Script Reappeared After Being Missing for 60 Years
A professor has found a long-lost early script by the late director Stanley Kubrick, and it's complete enough for a modern director to develop it.
Jul 15 7:57PM GQ

The Best Drinks for Poolside Drinking, According to Bartenders
Skip the beer, and do something a little more...
Jul 15 3:53PM GQ

Thai Cave Rescuer: Elon Musk Can Stick His Submarine "Where It Hurts
One man behind the careful and daring Thai cave rescue had critical words for billionaire Elon Musk's submarine solution.
Jul 15 2:36PM GQ

Sacha Baron Cohen's Insane 'Who Is America?' Website Is Full of Real Conspiracy Theories
For his latest project, Sacha Baron Cohen made a website that looks satirical but is full of real articles.
Jul 14 5:50PM GQ

Ariana Grande Goes Heavy-Handed and Provocative in "God Is a Woman
In the video for her new single, "God Is a Woman," Ariana Grande leans heavy on feminist and religious imagery.
Jul 14 3:39PM GQ

The Tribe' Is One of the Most Disturbing Movies on NetflixAnd It's Nearly Silent
If 'A Quiet Place' messed you up, you should watch this.
Jul 14 12:00PM GQ

7 Ingredients That Will Make All Your Summer Foods Taste Better
Time to stock your summer pantry.
Jul 13 8:35PM GQ

Scarlett Johansson Will Not Be Playing a Trans Role After All
The 'Avengers' actor has, very wisely, dropped out of the project.
Jul 13 8:25PM GQ

Carhartt WIP x Braindead Restores Our Faith in Collaborations
In a sea of brand-on-brand team ups that leave us wanting more, the new Carhartt WIP x Braindead collaboration delivers on all counts.
Jul 13 7:10PM GQ

How to Trim Your Eyebrows So You Don't Look Like a Bridge Troll
It doesn't take too much effort to learn how to trim your eyebrows, but it goes a long way towards looking sharp.
Jul 13 6:43PM GQ

The 'Black Widow' Movie Has a Director and a Plot That Sounds Super Familiar
Haven't we just seen this movie?
Jul 13 6:04PM GQ

The Air Jordan Legacy 312 Is Sneaker History In One Brand-New Shoe
Don C's newest Jordanhis first original designis full of Jordan lore, from the outsole to the Jordan I-referencing upper.
Jul 13 4:16PM GQ

The Weirdest 'Friday the 13th' Movie Ever Released
Friday the 13th': Now with 100 percent more mouth-traveling hell demons.
Jul 13 4:02PM GQ

Adidas Won't Let World Cup Fashion Die Anytime Soon
The Predator Tango sneaker has soccer style for daysit's the latest bit of cool soccer-inspired fashion.
Jul 13 3:54PM GQ

Draymond Green's IDF Photo Op and the Limits of Athlete Politics
Nathaniel Friedman tries to make sense of Green's photo shooting guns with Israeli forces.
Jul 13 12:35PM GQ