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Men's Style in GQ (Hearst)
Two Old-School Shoemakers Are Making Slippers Feel New Again
At Sabah and Belgian Shoes, Shopping Buddy tackles the house shoe.
40 mins ago | GQ site

Here's What Everyone Wore Camping With Dead & Company
It's the Mister Mort report from The Gorge in Washington, where he found the crunchiest, craziest Grateful Dead gear on the planet.
1 hr ago | GQ site

The Summer of the Bare Chestand Other Huge Trends That Will Own 2019
Including but not limited to: Mary McCarthy, Bob Dylan's hat, and music for granny's tea parlor.
4 hrs ago | GQ site

Breguet Invented the Wristwatch, and Now They've Perfected It
Breguet's horological innovations have helped create the modern watch world as we know it.
4 hrs ago | GQ site

No, Arturo Castro Hasn't Done Ayahuasca, But He Does Love Matcha
An interview with the 'Broad City' actor Arturo Castro on his new Comedy Central series, 'Alternatino.
4 hrs ago | GQ site

The Creator of 'Bojack Horseman' on How He Deals With Anxiety
Raphael Bob-Waksberg, creator of Bojack Horseman and author of the new book Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory, joins the Airplane Mode podcast to talk self-confidence, anxiety, and psychedelics.
17 hrs ago | GQ site

A Shocking Amount of America's Recycled Plastic Doesn't Actually Get Recycled
The U.S. and other countries are dumping more plastic in developing countries than they can actually handle.
19 hrs ago | GQ site

Why the Supreme Court's Virginia Gerrymandering Decision Doesn't Go Far Enough
The Virginia gerrymandering case ended in a win for voting rights activists, but the Court's explanation is a lot more complicated.
19 hrs ago | GQ site

The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services in 2019
Whether you want to get fancy in the kitchen, learn some culinary basics, or just get more comfortable using your own microwave, GQ's Best Stuff has the right meal kit for you.
20 hrs ago | GQ site

The 10 Best-Dressed Men of the Week
Our weekly roundup of GQ-approved kits from every red carpet, paparazzo spotting, and big-ticket event across the globe.
1 day ago | GQ site

The Best Street Style from Milan Fashion Week
From superb tailoring to just-dropped streetwear, check out every can't-miss fit from Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020.
1 day ago | GQ site

Lena Headey Also Isn't a Fan of How Cersei Bit the Dust on 'Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones' actress Lena Headey wished her character had died a better death in the show's final season.
2 days ago | GQ site

O.J. Simpson Is Now Tweeting
In his first ever post on Twitter, the infamous O.J. Simpson says he's got "a little getting even to do.
2 days ago | GQ site

The Director of 'Dark Phoenix' Takes Full Blame for 'Dark Phoenix
Director Simon Kinberg says the franchise-historic box office failure for the movie 'Dark Phoenix' is "on me.
3 days ago | GQ site

Netflix's New Prank Show Sounds Like a Real Bad Idea
A new Netflix hidden-camera show pranking people on their first day of work could go south very fast.
3 days ago | GQ site

Rafael Nadal and the Former King of Spain Shook Hands, and the Watch World Exploded
Also: Drake.
3 days ago | GQ site

How to Cop the Supreme Jordan Retro 14 and the Patta Air Jordan 7
Two red-hot Jordans drop this week.
4 days ago | GQ site

The Best Subscription Gifts for Father's Day 2019
At this point, it's much too late to order any physical item to be delivered on time. The solution? A subscription service.
4 days ago | GQ site

How to Shave with a Safety Razor
An old-fashioned safety razor may look intimidating, but it's actually the closest possible shave you can get.
4 days ago | GQ site

The 21 Best New Menswear Items to Buy This Week
The freshest menswear, sneakers, sunglasses, and more worth your disposable income, handpicked by GQ editors.
4 days ago | GQ site