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Cardi B Has No Patience for Tomi Lahren
Tomi Lahren tried to insult Cardi B for her political opinions and, shockingly, it didn't go well for her.
Jan 20 6:29PM GQ

Kate McKinnon's Elizabeth Warren Is the Prostate Check America Needs
Kate McKinnon again morphed into a political figure on 'SNL,' this week debuting her Elizabeth Warren.
Jan 20 2:09PM GQ

It's Old vs. New in the 'American Gods' Season 2 Trailer
The best show in the world that makes zero sense is BACK.
Jan 20 2:00PM GQ

The Best Lip Balm for Men 2019
After a lot of thorough testing, GQ's Best Stuff has determined the best lip balm for men.
Jan 20 1:00PM GQ

Introducing the Psychedelic Buzzcut
And more from the week in celebrity grooming.
Jan 20 1:00PM GQ

Frank Ocean, Timothe Chalamet, Pharrell, Dev Hynes, and More Party with GQ at Paris Fashion Week
Last night, GQ editor-in-chief Will Welch hosted a first-rate party at the iconic L'Avenue DJ'ed with our February cover man Frank Ocean and many more.
Jan 19 11:55PM GQ

The Spice Girls Are Reportedly Looking for a New Fifth Member
The Spice Girls will be down one member for their reunion shows, so they're in the market for a replacement.
Jan 19 9:05PM GQ

MAGA-Hatted Teens Harass Native Americans at the Indigenous Peoples March in D.C.
Footage has gone viral of MAGA hat-wearing boys taunting a Native American drummer at the Indigenous Peoples March.
Jan 19 6:21PM GQ

Tie-Dye Sweats Will Warm Up Winter
Neon pink, purple, and blue pants make staying in for the 16th night in a row feel like a party instead of a cop out.
Jan 19 1:00PM GQ

The Best Binge-Watch of 2019 So Far Is a Soccer Documentary
Netflix's 'Sunderland 'Til I Die' is a seriously moving story about loss and hope.
Jan 19 1:00PM GQ

The Netflix and Hulu Fyre Festival Documentaries Are Horror Stories About the Tech Industry
Here's what each gets right (and wrong!) about the disastrous 2017 event.
Jan 18 5:45PM GQ

Feeling This: Tatsuro Yamashita, Timothe Chalamet in a Rare GQ Hoodie, and More
The stuff we liked this week.
Jan 18 4:58PM GQ

Every Nike Collaboration, Big Chunky Shoe, and Virgil Abloh-Designed Sneaker at Fashion Week
We rounded up all the sneakers that appeared across London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks.
Jan 18 4:42PM GQ

Colin Allred: Diary of a Congressional Freshman, Vol. 3
Texas congressman Colin Allred discusses finding his groove in Washington, his first trip back to the district, and (hopefully) ending the government shutdown.
Jan 18 4:02PM GQ

16 On-Sale Ways to Stay Warm and Look Good Doing It
In the likely event that you haven't geared up properly for the glacial months ahead we took the liberty of rounding up all the warm, fly, heavily-discounted goodness you need to survive the winter in style.
Jan 18 1:00PM GQ

Samuel L. Jackson Is Acting Royaltyand Dressing Like It
We salute a purple-suit-rocking, beanie-accessorizing, perfect-eyeglass-owning acting legend.
Jan 18 1:00PM GQ

Star Trek Discovery' Is the Most Fun 'Star Trek' Has Ever Been
Which means it's still good enough to get you to pay for CBS All Access.
Jan 18 1:00PM GQ

The North Face Purple Label Is Finally Available Outside Japan
Your exclusive first look at the cult favorite Japanese label's debut international collection.
Jan 18 1:00PM GQ

How to Be a Good Wingman
Movies get it very wrong; here's how to do it right.
Jan 17 10:36PM GQ

What to Do When You Spot Your First Gray Hair
Don't feel bad about going gray! Embrace it. Or sneakily hide it with these tricks.
Jan 17 10:34PM GQ