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Does Kevin Durant Need a New Challenge?
Nathaniel Friedman on where KD takes his career from here.
Oct 16 7:46PM GQ

Giants Co-Owner Criticizes Odell Beckham Jr. for Making Headlines, Accidentally Creates More Headlines
Mara decided the time was right to reignite a dying, week-old story involving star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and quarterback Eli Manning.
Oct 16 6:56PM GQ

John Elliott on His New Nike Shoe and Talking Married Life With Justin Bieber
A Q&A with John Elliott, the designer returning to the Nike Vandal, his favorite Swoosh silhouette, this week.
Oct 16 4:43PM GQ

Titans Is a Superhero Show That's Mad at the World
It's not a good enough reason to sign up for the brand-new DC Universe service, but if you're a subscriber, you should definitely check it out.
Oct 16 3:23PM GQ

Apostle' Director Gareth Evans Knows the Best Way to Torture You
The director of the new Netflix horror flick and 'The Raid' franchise tells us how current events informed his gory new movie.
Oct 16 3:02PM GQ

Tucker Carlson Says He Can't Go Out to Eat Without Someone Telling Him How Much He Sucks
In an interview, Tucker Carlson claimed that he no longer goes to restaurants over fears of protesters.
Oct 16 2:47PM GQ

On 'First Man,' Damien Chazelle Wasn't Inspired by the Movies You'd Expect
Director Damien Chazelle explains how he made a space movie referencing everything BUT space movies in Episode 2 of GQ podcast 'Mad Influence.
Oct 15 7:15PM GQ

Apartment Patty" Loses Her Job Less Than 24 Hours After Blocking Her Black Neighbor from Entering Their Building
Dubbed "Apartment Patty," a white woman in Missouri was fired just a day after appearing in a viral video blocking a black man from entering his apartment.
Oct 15 7:09PM GQ

The White Innocence of 'Beautiful Boy
The movie's biggest blind spot undercuts everything it tries to do.
Oct 15 6:33PM GQ

The 'Sherlock' Guys Are Turning 'Dracula' Into a Netflix Miniseries
Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, the team behind 'Sherlock,' are adapting 'Dracula' for the BBC and Netflix.
Oct 15 6:07PM GQ

The Lakers Are the Most LeBron James Team Yet
Nathaniel Friedman on the creative possibilities LeBron has created for himself throughout his career.
Oct 15 4:46PM GQ

The Best Hand Soaps for an Instagram-Worthy Sink Ledge
GQ's Best Stuff has the soap you need to elevate your bathroom's looksand your sense of self.
Oct 15 4:35PM GQ

Is America Ready for the Luxury Hostel?
Miami Beach's Generator thinks soeven though luxury hostels haven't broken into the American market. At least, not yet.
Oct 15 3:23PM GQ

5 Grooming Lessons You Can Learn from Ryan Gosling and His Perfect Hair
Study this man's beard and hairstyling technique. It's impeccable and not insanely hard to replicate.
Oct 15 12:00PM GQ

Kenan Thompson Dusts Off His Bill Cosby on 'SNL
After a long hiatus, ever since the sexual assault allegations, Kenan Thompson finally revives his Bill Cosby on 'SNL.
Oct 14 4:21PM GQ

Republican Candidate for Pennsylvania Governor Threatens to "Stomp" His Opponent's Face
Scott Wagner, the GOP's candidate for Pennsylvania's gubernatorial race, issued a violent, specific threat to his opponent that his campaign insists shouldn't be taken "literally.
Oct 13 5:36PM GQ

Charli XCX and Troye Sivan Almost Drown in Nostalgia in the "1999" Music Video
The music video for Charli XCX and Troye Sivan's new "1999" is a deluge of 20-year-old pop references.
Oct 13 3:17PM GQ

The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Ever
Famous people who understand what Halloween is all about: committing to a costume and wearing the hell out of it. Here are the best celebrity Halloween costumes
Oct 13 1:00PM GQ

4 Ways to Hack Your Go-To Navy Suit for a Night Out
Whether you're on a big date or a bar crawl, there's a way to make your 9-5 navy suit work after quitting time.
Oct 13 12:00PM GQ

The Best Song on Usher's New Album, 'A,' Is...
The crooner's out-of-nowhere album isn't exactly a classic, but it does supply an overdue birthday present.
Oct 12 7:23PM GQ