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House Dems to examine proposed nuclear sales to Saudis
Several current and former Trump administration appointees promoted sales of nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia despite repeated objections from members of the National Security Council and other senior White House officials, according to a new report from congressional Democrats.
Feb 19 6:21PM Silicon Valley

For Tesla, effects of Elon Musk's take-private tweet continue
Filing totals the millions of dollars in costs from SEC settlement, and looks to a fight ahead that includes a class-action shareholder lawsuit against Elon Musk, Tesla and its board.
Feb 19 4:30PM Silicon Valley

Netflix continues superhero purge, cancels 'Jessica Jones' and 'The Punisher'
Netflix pulls the plug on its last Marvel superhero series, "The Punisher" and "Jessica Jones".
Feb 19 3:19PM Silicon Valley

Girl Scout cookie sales: door-to-door or digital?
Thin Mints and Samoas are now just a click away.
Feb 19 2:30PM Silicon Valley

Off Topic: Girl Scout cookies, Chrissy Teigen, Super Moon, Shark DNA
A Girl Scout finds a new way to sell her Samoas. Chrissy Teigen chips a tooth. There's a big full moon tonight.
Feb 19 2:16PM Silicon Valley

Beware of buying young people's blood to prevent aging, FDA says
Taking a young person's plasma and infusing it into an older person to ward off aging -- a therapy that's fascinated some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley -- has no proven
Feb 19 8:10AM Silicon Valley

Saudis defend app that gives women permission to travel
Many Saudi women have pointed out that criticism of the app is somewhat misguided and should be directed at the guardianship system itself, not Absher, which simply provides an electronic way to navigate travel permissions.
Feb 18 5:57PM Silicon Valley

A key U.S. ally is close to adding swarming attack drones to its military arsenal
Swarms of small attack drones that confuse and overwhelm anti-aircraft defenses could soon become an important part of the modern military arsenal, Britain's defense secretary said.
Feb 17 5:25PM Silicon Valley

The hunt for cheaper housing is changing what it means to be in the 'Bay Area'
High housing prices and grueling commutes are changing the definition of the Bay Area from a nine-county region bordering the San Francisco Bay to a sprawling 21-county "megaregion.
Feb 17 3:00PM Silicon Valley

H-1B premium processing resumed for more applicants
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration earlier said suspension of the service for the controversial visa would last till around Feb.
Feb 16 12:44AM Silicon Valley

Could Californians get paid for data they share with Facebook, Google and others?
Gov. Gavin Newsom and others working on proposal for 'data dividend' that would compensate consumers for data they share with tech and other companies.
Feb 15 10:55PM Silicon Valley

EBay cuts 135 jobs, announces reorganization amid investor pressure
As hedge fund pushes for changes, eBay announces job cuts, mostly from eBay's San Jose locations, and the departure of StubHub president.
Feb 15 4:41PM Silicon Valley

Facebook, FTC in talks for multibillion-dollar probe settlement: report
Facebook is reportedly in talks with the Federal Trade Commission to settle a probe into the social-media company's privacy practices. The deal could result in Facebook paying a fine of several billion dollars.
Feb 15 3:22PM Silicon Valley

Striving for pain-free health care for tech and other workers
Crossover Health serves many Bay Area tech workers. In a Q&A, CEO Scott Shreeve talks about Crossover's Bay Area expansion and more.
Feb 15 2:30PM Silicon Valley

Off Topic: Moon deliveries, diet soda fears, the flu, Hippo Day
Are deliveries to the moon about to start? Better watch how much diet soda you drink. What's the latest on the flu? It's National Hippo Day, today.
Feb 15 2:02PM Silicon Valley

Tesla lets sleeping dogs lie: Inside climate-controlled Model 3's Dog Mode
Elon Musk loves releasing new whimsical features for Tesla Inc.'s vehicles: Romance Mode, Sentry Mode, even Fart Mode. Now there's a special one for man's best friend.
Feb 15 1:53PM Silicon Valley

Jeff Bezos still loves Lauren Sanchez, even if she shared his nude selfies, brother says
Lauren Sanchez's brother insists that her 'legendary romance' with Jeff Bezos will survive the scandal involving leaks of his intimate texts and nude selfies.
Feb 14 11:52PM Silicon Valley

Amazon pulls plug on New York HQ2 site
In a stunning reversal, Amazon said Thursday it is abandoning plans to build one of its second corporate headquarters, dubbed HQ2, after political opposition became more than the company wanted to deal with.
Feb 14 7:04PM Silicon Valley

Magid: AI looks its best as a human companion, not overlord
It will always be essential for humans to be in control not only of autonomous vehicles, but of all forms of artificial intelligence.
Feb 14 3:30PM Silicon Valley

Off Topic: 'Breaking Bad', Benedict Cumberbatch, Cardi B, Saskatchewan Man
A "Breaking Bad" sequel movie is on the way. Benedict Cumberbatch as the devil. Cardi B back on Instagram.
Feb 14 2:24PM Silicon Valley