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Magid: Soon, you could cash in on your Tesla as a self-driving cab
Musk lays out his vision on the future of autonomous vehicles.
Apr 25 12:30AM Silicon Valley

Tesla returns to posting losses as it struggles with delivering vehicles
Carmaker reports $702 million first-quarter loss after two straight profitable quarters, and foresees further losses, while touting strong demand for its vehicles.
Apr 24 9:58PM Silicon Valley

WHO: Infants younger than 1 year old shouldn't be exposed to any electronic screens
Children younger than a year old shouldn't be exposed to any electronic screens, according to guidelines issued Wednesday by the World Health Organization.
Apr 24 5:35PM Silicon Valley

Amazon Alexa reviewers can access customers' home addresses
Amazon team members with access to Alexa users' geographic coordinates can easily type them into third-party mapping software and find home residences.
Apr 24 4:41PM Silicon Valley

Ex-Googler speaks out about importance of speaking out against tech
Former AI research scientist encourages dissent over how technology affects human rights, the latest in a line of protests by current and former Googlers.
Apr 24 3:36PM Silicon Valley

College admissions scandal may put a damper on 'college reveal' season
College reveals are a thing now.
Apr 24 1:30PM Silicon Valley

Lawmakers want answers about Google's location database
Sensorvault said to contain location info about most Android users, and lawmakers want to know how it's used and who has access.
Apr 24 1:27PM Silicon Valley

Opinion: The same PUC that wanted to tax texts wants to control the Internet
California's existing rules will allow digital economy to innovate and flourish
Apr 24 12:45PM Silicon Valley

Off topic: Chocolate weddings, counting calories, dinosaur discoveries, blind theater
When you find love so sweet, you want a wedding dipped in chocolate. Speaking of chocolate, is it time to stop counting calories? When it comes to digging up dinosaur bones, its not necessarily finders keepers. And blind theater: See a play in complete darkness.
Apr 24 12:30PM Silicon Valley

Jack Dorsey meets privately with President Donald Trump at White House
Twitter said the meeting -- initiated by the president -- focused on "protecting the health of the public conversation ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections and efforts underway to respond to the opioid crisis.
Apr 23 10:14PM Silicon Valley

How Nest, designed to keep intruders out of people's homes, effectively allowed hackers to get in
Tech companies are deciding between user convenience and potential damage to their brands.
Apr 23 6:50PM Silicon Valley

Senator wants Zuckerberg to be held liable for Facebook's privacy violations
Sen. Ron Wyden's call follows a report last week that the FTC is reviewing Mark Zuckerberg's past statements and could seek more oversight of his leadership as part of a settlement to end a federal inquiry.
Apr 23 6:12PM Silicon Valley

Alphabet's Wing gets 'air carrier' approval from FAA, allowing drone deliveries that will launch in Virginia
Wing, a delivery venture that is part of Google parent Alphabet, has become the first drone company to be certified as an "air carrier" by the Federal Aviation Administration, allowing it to launch a package delivery service within months in Blacksburg, Virginia.
Apr 23 3:02PM Silicon Valley

Teen sues Apple for $1 billion, blames facial recognition at stores for his arrest
The 18-year-old New Yorker claims he was forced to respond to multiple false allegations" in several states, which caused severe stress and damaged his reputation.
Apr 23 2:09PM Silicon Valley

Twitter's Q1 revenue, profit beat estimates
Number of daily active users rises to 134 million as company phases out reporting monthly active users.
Apr 23 1:55PM Silicon Valley

She sold the Patriot Act to Congress. Her next job is defending Facebook.
Jennifer Newstead, described by a colleague as the "day-to-day manager" of the 2001 Patriot Act, was named Monday as Facebook's new general counsel.
Apr 23 1:16PM Silicon Valley

Off topic: 'Avengers' what if, bees and the Notre-Dame fire, doc's macabre story, egg yolks
In honor of the upcoming release of Avengers: End Game, a look at how Earth would fare if Thanos actually killed off half of all life on it. In case you hadnt heard the buzz, bees living on the Notre-Dames roof survived the big fire.The story of a doctor who lived with his patients corpse []
Apr 23 12:30PM Silicon Valley

Theranos' Holmes seeks 'exculpatory' evidence from federal agencies in criminal case
Prosecution counters that what Holmes gets will depend on whether U.S. attorneys have access to agencies' documents.
Apr 22 11:09PM Silicon Valley

Tesla touts 'best' self-driving chip, says its vehicles can be fully autonomous by end of year
CEO Elon Musk also says Tesla plans to introduce robotaxis next year, although he said regulatory issues may limit where they will be rolled out.
Apr 22 10:13PM Silicon Valley

Google walkout leaders claim the firm retaliated against them: report
Google has 'a culture of retaliation,' two employees charge, as company denies it punished them for activism.
Apr 22 7:14PM Silicon Valley