Lean Enterprise
Do Entrepreneurs Need a Strategy?
May-June 2018 Issue Some start-up founders follow a business plan; others operate by the seat of their pants. This package looks at how entrepreneurs can carefully craft a strategy in advanceand whether that's what they should do.
Apr 17 2:59PM Harvard Business Review

4 Tips For Using LMS Analytics To Grow Your Business
Companies that implement a learning management system know they're going to gather a lot of data, but some fail to appreciate just how much data they've signed up for. Research suggests that LMS Experience API activities generate about 1 million reporting statements per day for large-scale online training initiatives.
Apr 17 12:42PM Big Data

Blockchain: A Chaotic Ecosystem?
Governments got on board, ICOs progressed at a breakneck speed, and the market cap of the entire industry skyrocketed accordingly. The keyword now driving many discussions in the domain is mainstream adoption, with investors, blockchain entrepreneurs, and mainstream tech companies trying to predict where the market is going to go.
Apr 17 10:20AM TechNative

Trunk Correlated Practices Chart
First showcased in a 2014 blog entry, and soon after pulled into the excellent Lean Enterprise: How High Performance Organizations Innovate at Scale book by Jez Humble, Barry O'Reilly, and Joane Molesky (2014). Latest version of the PDF for the practices correlated with Trunk-Based Development is here (236K).
Apr 16 11:05PM Paul Hammant's DevOps

Kanban Maturity Model
>BLOG The Kanban Maturity Model codifies more than 10 years of experience implementing Kanban across diverse industries, in businesses small to extremely large. It plays an important role in creating unity, aligment, a sense of pupose and good governance.
Apr 16 8:28PM Kanban Maturity Model

Continuous Engineering Summit Europe: What does the future hold?
Share this post: In my job, I spend a lot of time thinking about very complex things. Like the definition of IoT.
Apr 16 8:14PM Internet of Things blog

At Innovation Labs, Playing With Technology Is the Easy Part
Innovation can emerge from the rank and file. Other times it comes from executives at the very top.
Apr 15 5:34PM WSJ

Seeking Common Ground for Smart Manufacturing
The drive toward smart manufacturing represents a major and fundamental shift in the industry. Built on big data, analytics, and the connected power of the IIoT, the smart manufacturing journey is breaking down silos both within the factory and throughout the supply chain, while also transforming traditional operational models into smarter, more efficient systems.
Apr 14 1:00PM IndustryWeek

Senior Product Manager
About ThousandEyes The name ThousandEyes was born from two big ideas: the power to see things not ordinarily possible and the ability to collect insights from a multitude of vantage points. As organizations rely more on cloud services and the Internet, the network has become a black box they can't understand.
Apr 13 4:30PM boards.greenhouse.io

How B2B Buyers Engage With Content: 4 Insights
Half of B2B buyers say they now rely more on content to research and make purchase decisions, and most are placing a higher emphasis on the trustworthiness of the source of the content, according to the 2018 Content Preferences Survey Report [download page] from Demand Gen Report. Here are 4 takeaways from the study, which is based on a survey of almost 170 B2B marketing and sales professionals.
Apr 12 2:03PM Marketing Charts

JFrog Artifactory and Canonical's Distribution of Kubernetes
Software development teams using the diverse tools and languages of the cloud native world face formidable hurdles safely releasing software fast. Artifactory acts as the single source of truth across languages, package types, build tools, and deployment targets.
Apr 11 8:07PM brighttalk.com

Forming a Board; Founder Lessons from Seed to Series A
Clara Brenner, Managing Partner at Urban Innovation Fund: Forming a Board: Why & When (or, To Board or Not to Board) & Domingo Guerra, President at Appthority Founder Lessons from Seed to Series B filmed at Founder University (April Class). Part 1: Urban Innovation Fund Managing Partner Clara Brenner speaks at Founder.
Apr 11 7:47PM Medium

Cisco Embraces Disaggregation of the Data Center Network
In an about-face, Cisco is joining the trend of disaggregation in data center networks, saying it will now allow data center customers to run its Nexus operating system (NX-OS) on third-party switches and to use any network operating system on its Nexus switches. Cisco executives say they are separating NX-OS from Cisco switches to meet the demands of hyper-scalers and large service providers.
Apr 11 12:31PM Data Center Knowledge

Lectra's Cloud Applications take the Fashion World by Storm
Press releaseProduct development and production teams are on cloud nine, thanks to Lectra's all-new Quick Estimate and Quick Nest apps Paris, April 10, 2018 - Lectra, the technological partner for companies using fabrics and leather releases its first of a series of cloud-based applications conceptualized for product development and production teams. Quick Estimate and Quick Nest will be launched in France and Italy and will then become available progressively in other countries.
Apr 11 9:00AM WhichPLM

Sales Director at Lean Startup Co.
ABOUT US: Born from the global movement spawned by bestselling-author Eric Ries, Lean Startup Company offers the most exciting education solutions in modern management available today. We help advance Lean Startup principles, which provide a cutting edge, scientific framework for innovation and customer development so organizations of all sizes can effectively adapt and adjust before it's too late.
Apr 10 11:17PM lean-startup-co.breezy.hr

Expanding Our Perspective on Lean Management, Part 1: A Creative Ethic
Problem-solving conversations are how lean practitioners identify, invent, and test improvements. One problem-solving conversation we had in the fall of 2016 looked at whether lean management was constrained by a deliberate analytical and rational way of thinking, and whether we were blinded to some new possibilities for understanding lean by focusing on it as a purely scientific discipline.
Apr 10 2:43PM lean.org

IT's worst addictions (and how to cure them)
Everybody has bad habits, but sometimes they can turn into compulsions. While technology addiction is a real thing, especially for teenagers, IT pros have their own monkeys on their backs.
Apr 10 1:45PM CIO

7 Tips to Improve Your Marketing Technology 'Request For Proposals' (RFP)
Most marketers in the hunt for technology take an informal approach to assessing requirements as they begin the buying process, according to data from Target Marketing and IBM (download required). Informal or formal, one of the key steps in the MarTech buying process or any enterprise technology buying program, for that matter is the request for proposal (RFP).
Apr 10 1:13PM CMSWire.com

You need a data strategy more than a cloud strategy
Networking By Arun Murthy | Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 18:31 Check in with pretty much any IT decision maker at a large organization, and chances are that one of their big strategic priorities of the last few years has been crafting and executing a cloud strategy. From many perspectives, it makes sense.
Apr 9 3:05PM Networks Asia

IIoT and Lean Six Sigma
Often, Kaizen teams for Lean Six Sigma lack the data and corresponding analysis needed to drive consensus and convince others to adopt the project recommendations. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) facilitates fact-based decisions, a fundamental theme of both Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing.
Apr 8 12:45AM Automation World