Dog News
D'Aww Good Boy! Talking to Your Dog in a Baby Voice Improves Communication Says New Study
Forget the canine naysayers: You're not just a crazy dog mom or dog dad, after all! As it turns out, our pup companions of all ages really may respond better to us when we talk to them with that special doggie-woggie, puppy-wuppy baby voice. According to a recent study out of York, U.
Jun 5 9:28PM

Visit the Most Popular Dog Friendly National and State Parks
As most of you know, we travel a lot with our dogs Icy and Phoebe so we're always on the lookout for the best dog friendly places. I'm delighted to introduce you to Nichole, my Guest Blogger from DogVills .
Jun 5 8:37PM

You can't make this stuff up: Amazon warehouse robots slipped on popcorn butter
If you're like me, you've fantasized about watching a robot, so perfectly engineered for its particular task, just freakin' eat it. Well, you're in luck: apparently, some popcorn butter fell off a shelf onto the floor of an Amazon fulfillment center.
Jun 5 7:34PM Futurism

Dogs carry a surprising variety of flu viruses
Lindsay Helms/Shutterstock Some dogs in China carry a mixed bag of influenza viruses. The discovery raises the possibility that dogs may be able to pass the flu to people, perhaps setting off a pandemic.
Jun 5 6:44PM Science News

Katy Perry Calls Assistant 'Hero' for Saving Her Dog Nugget's Life By Using CPR
Katy Perry just helped decide the most recent American Idol, now she is naming an American hero. The singer, 33, took to Instagram to share some shocking news.
Jun 5 6:27PM

Late Designer Kate Spade Took a 10-Year Hiatus from Fashion to Focus on Daughter Frances, 13
When Kate Spade was found dead at 55 from apparent suicide in her N.Y.
Jun 5 6:17PM