Technology Strategies Sun Feb 25 6:16 AM
What to Watch from Samsung, Google and Others at the Mobile World Congress
Ahead of its biggest annual trade show, the mobile industry is at something of a crossroads. On one hand, the smartphone has firmly cemented itself as the primary computing device for a large portion of humanity.
Feb 24 2:18PM TheStreet

Top 6 Business Intelligence Trends To Watch For in 2018 and Beyond
Insight-driven decision making has always been a stern necessity for organizations to gain the competitive edge and stay relevant in the market. Even though the concept of Business Intelligence is not a new one, the constant evolution of these solutions resulted in a continuous need for organizations to replace or update the existing organizational BI systems.
Feb 24 11:46AM Acuvate

What it felt like to visit the most tech-centric Olympics ever
Caresse Haaser by Yoochul Kim February 23, 2018 Drones patrolling stadiums. Robots offering visitors directions and water.
Feb 23 8:12PM MIT Technology Review

5G, VR, AI, blockchain: What to watch out for at Mobile World Congress
Bloomberg|Updated: Feb 23, 2018, 06.37 PM ISTLG to showcase a suite of AI technologies at Mobile World Congress Huawei to showcase AI smartphone-driven car at Mobile World Congress By Stefan Nicola and Joe Mayes Mobile World Congress, the wireless industry's biggest conference, begins next week in Barcelona, where more than 100,000 people are set to see the latest smartphones, artificial intelligence devices and autonomous drones exhibited by roughly 2,300 companies.
Feb 23 1:58PM The Economic Times

Wasabi Technologies: Making Cloud Storage a Simple and Open-Standard Commodity
The popularity of cloud-based storage has grown significantly with the rising volume of data every minute. These services are changing the way enterprises deal with data, and migrating to cloud is becoming the norm, and mission-critical for organizations today.
Feb 23 1:45PM Analytics Insight

The software convergence race to a single AI throat to choke
Big data analytics projects are flopping at a rate of 85 percent, according to some analysts. The culprit might be the heterogeneous heap of software technologies perplexing companies desperate for a simple, streamlined solution.
Feb 22 11:37PM SiliconANGLE

5 tech hotspots to watch
Even in a hyperconnected world, physical location still matters to entrepreneurs, investors and talent. Factors affecting a start-up's decision on where to establish their headquarters include quality of life, cost of living, proximity to academic institutions, government support, the economy and existing "ecosystems" that help new businesses.
Feb 22 11:00PM World Economic Forum

The No. 1 Thing Recruiters Say They Hate to See in a Video Interview
One of the biggest trends in technology for hiring people these days is video interviews. More and more companies are purchasing technology that enables them to host real-time interviews with job candidates over a computer.
Feb 22 1:54PM

I can't wait to use a virtual iMac
iPhones will eventually become trucks the people who use them will do lots with them, but many of the tasks we once needed PCs to achieve will become available to us through wearable devices, working together. Think of it this way.
Feb 22 1:29PM Computerworld

Watch Airbus' drone taxi take to the skies for the first time
Back in late January, Airbus' Vahana team successfully flew their autonomous air taxi for the first time. Now, you can finally watch how the drone stayed in the air on its own in the video below the fold.
Feb 22 11:01AM Engadget

17 brilliant Bristol start-ups to watch
Bristol is one of the UK's foremost tech ecosystems, with some amazing young companies that have the potential to become global brands. The most recent Tech Nation report identified Bristol as the most productive digital cluster in the UK, with more than 35,924 digital jobs and 225 start-ups, and accounting for 17pc of the UK's high-growth firms.
Feb 22 9:27AM Silicon Republic

ParallelM Aims to Close the Gap in ML Operationalization
TopStoriesOn A startup named ParallelM today unveiled new software aimed at alleviating data scientists from the burden of manually deploying, monitoring, and managing machine learning pipelines in production. Dubbed MLOps, ParallelM's software helps to automate many of the operational tasks required to turn a machine learning model from a promising piece of code running nn Spark, Flink, TensorFlow, or PyTorch processing engines into a secure, governed, and production-ready machine learning system.
Feb 21 9:02PM Datanami

NHS could save 81m a year though new tech designed to prevent strokes
More than 6,000 devices designed to prevent strokes are to be rolled out as part of a national campaign that could save the NHS 81 million a year. The technologies are being distributed to GP practices, pharmacies and NHS community clinics across England during National Heart Month in February.
Feb 21 2:04PM Digital Health

Wednesday's small-cap stocks to watch
Our roundup of Canadian small-caps of between $100-million and $2.5-billion in market capitalization making news and on the move today.
Feb 21 10:39AM The Globe and Mail

26 Irish tech firms to watch at Mobile World Congress 2018
For a few days every year, Barcelona becomes the centre of the telecoms universe as Mobile World Congress cruises into town. Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona will be the world's largest gathering of tech and telecoms professionals, with more than 100,000 people expected to attend.
Feb 21 9:27AM Silicon Republic

Watch: 10 of the Coolest Tech Toys at Toy Fair
Like a puppy trailing a child, the toy industry often trails after the consumer electronics industry in integrating advanced technology into playthings. But at this year's Toy Fair, Amazon Alexa voice-recognition, AR and VR, STEM/STEAM-oriented educational gear, 3D printing and AI/coding were particularly prominent.
Feb 20 11:43PM Twice

Top 20 HR Conferences To Attend in 2018
It is hard to believe that 2018, means 2008 was a ten years ago. It was in 2008 that I keynoted my first national hr conference - talking to 2,700 talent leaders about developing and understanding business strategy before throwing technology into the mix.
Feb 20 8:22PM HR Tech Blog

IBM & Unity partner to bring the power of AI to developers with IBM Watson Unity SDK
IBM and Unity are launching the IBM Watson Unity SDK on the Unity Asset Store, enabling developers to easily integrate Watson cloud services into their Unity applications such as visual recognition, speech to text, and language classification. The SDK makes it easy for developers to take advantage of modern AI techniques through a set of cloud-based services.
Feb 20 1:58PM Unity Technologies Blog

13 major Artificial Intelligence trends to watch for in 2018
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the peculiar ability to simultaneously amaze, enthrall, leave us gasping and intimidate. The possibilities of AI are innumerable and they easily surpass our most artistically fecund imaginations.
Feb 20 7:08AM Geospatial World

Would you switch banks to make mobile payments via your iPhone or Apple Watch?
Digitally-savvy, extremely loyal smartphone customers want to use their phones and watches to make payments and new research has found a large portion of Aussies are willing to switch banking providers to do so. Chances are, if you're reading this, you're on your smartphone - that's because according to the Telsyte Australian Smartphone and Wearable Devices Market Study, there are currently 19.
Feb 20 3:15AM