Food Policy
Third of poorer families in England missing out on free food vouchers
One in three low-income families are missing out on government-funded vouchers for free fruit, vegetables and milk that are intended to improve the diets of pregnant women, babies and children. Out of 402,384 people on low incomes in England who are eligible to receive Healthy Start vouchers, 135,671 (33.
May 25 8:47PM the Guardian

Most Canadians support mandatory labelling for genetically modified foods, study shows
VANCOUVERCanadians believe genetically modified food products should have mandatory labelling on all packages, according to a new study aiming to understand how we cope with the biotechnology on our dinner plates. Despite the overwhelming consensus roughly 90 per cent surveyed there's also a swirl of confusion over the health and safety risks of engineered food.
May 25 6:43PM

Why hunger is still a problem in America
Half a century ago, the CBS Reports documentary "Hunger in America" shocked middle-class Americans with depictions of desperate hunger and malnutrition across the country. "Child malnutrition in some parts were akin to rates in third-world countries," Bob Greenstein, the founder and president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, a left-leaning think tank, talking on CBSN about the documentary, which was broadcast nationwide to a primetime audience 50 years ago this week.
May 23 4:54AM

Michigan scrapped its racist Medicaid work exemption. But it's still happening elsewhere.
Michigan Republicans are dropping a plan to exempt 17 overwhelmingly white counties from the state's proposed Medicaid work requirements. State Sen.
May 22 7:05PM

Whole Foods Delays GMO Labeling Policy
Whole Foods Market executives emailed suppliers last Friday to announce that the company will delay the rollout of its GMO Labeling Policy. The company's comprehensive labeling policy was slated for September 1st.
May 22 3:38PM Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Whole Foods quietly pauses its GMO labeling requirements
The company's comprehensive labeling policy was scheduled to go into effect on September 1. A new deadline has not been announced.
May 22 1:02PM New Food Economy

Health Care Policy Newsletter - May 2018 pt 2
Foley & Lardner LLP's (Foley) Bipartisan Public Policy Team is pleased to share our Public Policy Weekly Health Care Newsletter in which we compile the latest health care policy news and legislation. *Please note that we publish this newsletter only when Congress is in session.
May 22 4:46AM JD Supra

Food & Beverage Litigation Update
LEGISLATION, REGULATIONS & STANDARDS WHO Announces Plan to Eliminate Trans Fat from Global Food Supply The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a step-by-step guide for the elimination of industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the global food supply. The plan consists of six steps represented by the acronym REPLACE: (i) review sources of trans fat and the landscape for policy change; (ii) promote the replacement of trans fats; (iii) legislate regulatory actions to eliminate trans fats; (iv) assess trans fat content in the food supply; (v) create awareness; and (vi) enforce compliance.
May 22 4:36AM JD Supra

Oxfam, UN to cushion farmers from losses caused by weather shocks
Kenya is among five countries that will receive insurance cover for farmers suffering losses caused by weather-related disasters. This is part of a rural resilience initiative launched by the UN World Food Programme and Oxfam to protect poor farmers and strengthen their income as well as food security.
May 19 11:40AM The Star, Kenya

Insurers face high claims on flood damage
Insurers face massive claims in the wake of prolonged rains, industry brokers have warned, citing spread of floods to non-traditional areas. The Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK) said poor early warning system has left the industry exposed, prompting it to set up a help desk at its secretariat to advise property and home-owners on claims procedures.
May 19 7:38AM Daily Nation

House Farm Bill Collapses Amid Republican Disarray
Advertisement WASHINGTON The factional rancor threatening Republicans heading into the midterm elections this fall erupted into the open on Friday when a slugfest among moderates, hard-line conservatives and House leaders over immigration and welfare policy sank the party's multiyear farm bill. The twice-a-decade measure which would have imposed strict new work requirements on food aid recipients while maintaining farm subsidies important to rural lawmakers failed on a 213-to-198 vote.
May 18 9:35PM

Farm bill blocked by House in embarrassing loss for Republicans
In an embarrassment for House Republican leaders, conservatives on Friday scuttled a bill that combined stricter work and job training requirements for food stamp recipients with a renewal of farm subsidies popular in GOP-leaning states. Hard-right conservatives upset over the party's stalled immigration agenda opposed the measure, which failed by a 213-198 vote with every Democrat in opposition.
May 18 5:43PM the Guardian

The Farm Project': Actress Zooey Deschanel's advice on organic food, pesticides is short on science
The actress and singer Zooey Deschanel has a message for Americans too poor to buy organic food: Stop eating apples, avoid fresh tomatoes, and give up on grapes, peppers, potatoes, and other items that appear among the so-called Dirty Dozen, a list of fruits and vegetables that, when farmed and harvested using standard industrial methods, tend to carry more pesticide residues. If you can't afford to buy organic, avoid the dirty dozen and look for produce with lower pesticide levels, like asparagus, cauliflower, or mangoes, Deschanel advises viewers of her new, viral Facebook video series, Your Food's Roots.
May 18 1:00PM Genetic Literacy Project

Sustainable Food Security: Food Access
Food access: Learn about food supply and food security Have you ever considered that you're not the only one who decides what food ends up on your plate? In this environmental studies course, you'll explore how key actors at household, local, national and international levels negotiate and make choices on access to food. You will understand why the choices you make have been predestined.
May 18 7:23AM

SNAP Back To Reality
Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player SNAP Back To Reality : Planet Money Congress may soon expand work requirements for people who receive benefits under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. But do these work requirements match the reality of work itself? Subscribe to Podcast Subscribe to The Indicator About Radio Listen 8:25 8:25 The proposed expansion of work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program commonly referred to as food stamps has been controversial.
May 17 8:48PM

New government rule 'forces disabled students to choose between food and equipment'
Listen Thousands of disabled students are being forced to choose between having food to eat or having the equipment they need to study, because a new government rule means they must pay 200 towards the cost of computers they need for disability-related reasons. The government introduced the new rule as part of its controversial reform of the disabled students' allowance (DSA) system, a non-means-tested grant that assists with the extra costs a disabled student faces during higher education study.
May 17 5:47PM Disability News Service

Learnings and Outcomes from the First Cohort
Follow the paths of seven dynamic cross-sector collaboratives as they implement groundbreaking approaches to transform health in America through the BUILD Health Challenge (BUILD). This case study series details how awardees from the first cohort of BUILD tackled the root causes of chronic disease in their communities over two years with approaches in: Healthy Living, Food Systems, Healthy Housing, and Community Revitalization.
May 17 4:00PM BUILD Health Challenge

Child poverty is being baked into govt policy
By Felicity Hannah When Theresa May first stood on the steps of Downing Street she made a pledge to focus on "fighting the burning injustice" that meant people born into poverty died an average of nine years earlier than others. But the purpose of a system is what it does.
May 17 8:33AM

Woolworth's to Waffle House: Black women, food service, and a history of refusal
Nearly every major news outlet has covered the shocking clip, almost as vigorously as the footage of two Black men being handcuffed and escorted out of a Philadelphia Starbucks coffee house this past April. In an attempt to right the wrongs of the viral incident, the two men received apologies from Starbucks's founder and CEO, the chain has announced that it will close 8,000 of its stores for special diversity training later this month, the men have received a token $1 settlement from the city of Philadelphia and a promise to start a program for young entrepreneurs.
May 17 1:28AM Ark Republic

The Republican Welfare Plan Is About Keeping Wages Down
WASHINGTON ? This week, the House of Representatives may vote to add more work requirements to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.
May 16 6:25PM HuffPost