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Protests hold up $13B Air Force small biz contract
Click here to receive the Washington Technology Daily e-Newsletter for FREE! Subscribe or Login Printable Format E-Mail this page Login | Register close Dive into our Contract Award database In an exclusive for WT Insider members, we are collecting all of the contract awards we cover into a database that you can sort by contractor, agency, value and other parameters. You can also download it into a spreadsheet.
Apr 17 7:33PM Washington Technology

Delta Resources books $105M Navy warfare systems order
Click here to receive the Washington Technology Daily e-Newsletter for FREE! NAVY Delta Resources has received a potential five-year, $105 million task order to help the Navy design, deploy and integrate warfare systems onto vessels and other platforms. Awarded by the Naval Sea Systems Command, the order has a one-year base period followed by four individual option years.
Apr 17 7:33PM Washington Technology

5 Passive Wealth-Building Strategies to Add Three Days to Your Weekend
Content Partner Where brands share their insights. Buy back your time and invest like the super-rich.
Apr 17 6:45PM Entrepreneur

Here's what you'll learn at Atrium's fundraising workshop
Justin Kan is qualified to teach you how to pitch, and isn't shy about it. Having raised about $90 million for a few companies and sold his startup Twitch to Amazon for almost a billion dollars, not being shy is actually part of what Kan teaches.
Apr 17 5:53PM TechCrunch

Executives, Beware of Agile!
4/16/201807:00 AM The successful shift to an agile organization isn't just about a mandate from above; management has to embrace agile as a way of doing business.If you're an executive considering introducing agile into your organization or scaling existing agile practices across more teams and departments, I'd like to issue you this warning: Agile may represent the greatest technological benefit you have ever experienced in the course of your career.
Apr 17 3:30PM InformationWeek

#SHRM18 - Q & A Session with Rusty Lindquist
I've been in HR for just over a decade now, but one of the biggest changes I've seen in my short time in the industry is the emergence, and evolution of the Business Partner aspect that comes along with being called an Human Resources Business Partner. With the continued evolution of the HR profession, more automation, and organizations embracing more technology to streamline some of the repetitive HR tasks; now, more than ever it's important to truly align and understand the business so we could better partner with our leadership teams and provide strategic value.
Apr 17 12:15PM

JD Wetherspoon was RIGHT to ditch Social Media!
I have long argued, see my blog from November 2015 that businesses need to make a key decision when it comes to social media, either they need to STOP wasting their time, or START using social media properly. JD Wetherspoon's Chairman Tim Martin cited social media as a waste of our time in his interview with the BBC yesterday.
Apr 17 11:44AM

Enterprise Local SEO is Different: A Checklist, a Mindset
If you're marketing big brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, are you certain you're getting model-appropriate local SEO information from your favorite industry sources? Is your enterprise checking off not just technical basics, but hyperlocalized research to strengthen its entrance into new markets? Before I started working for Moz in in 2010, the bulk of my local SEO experience had been with small-to-medium business models. Naturally, the advice I was able to offer back then was limited by the scope of my work.
Apr 17 7:26AM Moz

8 Simple Ways To Save Money Marketing Your Business
As a small business owner, some of your biggest concerns are all going to be to do with money - How much are you going to make? How much are you going to need to spend? How are you going to budget your money so that you don't spend more than you're making? It does make sense because without cash your business isn't going to survive for very long. When you're not making as much money as you need to be, the first step is usually to make cuts, and marketing tends to be one of the first things to go.
Apr 17 7:00AM

How To Effectively Market Your Business Book
Shares 83As a business owner, the one thing you need most is building a trusted community who will recommend you to others. Next to marketing, publishing a book can elevate your brand to new heights.
Apr 17 6:10AM Curatti

How to Fix Cash Flow Issues
Is your small business raking in the big bucks on paperwhile you struggle to pay your bills on time because your bank account is constantly running low? Cash flow problems are one of the biggest challenges small business owners face. More than 80 percent of small businesses fail because of cash flow problems, Small Business Trends reports.
Apr 17 4:27AM Small Business Community

3 Big Problems Small Business Owners Struggle W...
Unemployment is at record low levelsgreat news for employees, but not so much for employers. For the third straight year, employee retention is the top challenge cited by HR managers in a survey by SHRM/Globoforce.
Apr 17 3:15AM Small Business Community

The Emergence of Modern IT Leadership
Every day, we hear from CIOs tapping into new technologies, processes, and behaviors that transform business strategy and provide new competitive advantages. Many are working to translate trends like artificial intelligence, digitalization, and cloud into purposeful initiatives that drive innovation.
Apr 16 11:01PM

The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Part-Time Business
Many people have started part-time businesses on the side while working full time. In some cases, the part-time businesses quickly developed into a full-time business, while in most cases part-time businesses allow people to gain an additional source of income to support their lifestyle or even monetize a hobby.
Apr 16 4:12PM Design Wizard

The 7 Biggest Myths About Changing Careers
Growth Strategies / Careers Regardless of how big or small your desired transition is, here are some of the biggest myths people believe about changing careers. April 16, 2018 8 min read This story originally appeared on Glassdoor It is estimated that people change careers five to seven times during their lifetime.
Apr 16 3:14PM Entrepreneur

How Can I Find Time For My Business With A Full-Time Job?
Welcome to Ask Shopify, a series where ecommerce experts tackle real questions and challenges from store owners who are trying to launch, build, and scale their stores. We're here to help with every aspect of your store, from marketing to HR to accounting.
Apr 16 1:17PM Shopify's Ecommerce Blog

For writers Helpful, experienced book proof readers and editors. Expert editing of articles and text for publication online or in print.
Apr 16 12:00PM Soulla Christodoulou Author

What does GDPR mean for small businesses?
GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation; an EU regulation coming into effect in May 2018. All affected businesses will need to comply by 25th May 2018.
Apr 16 11:49AM Ashburnham Insurance

What's the Difference Between General and Professional Liability?
The terms general and professional liability insurance are often confused. General liability helps cover the costs of damages and lawsuits if your business is held responsible for things like property damage, bodily injury, libel, and slander against another.

Mark Zuckerberg Just Answered 600 Questions
Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a very long two days being grilled by congress. Set aside whatever your view is on Zuckerberg and his desire to blend purpose with profits, the recent stumbles Facebook has made, or privacy issues in general--answering 600 questions from grandstanding politicians can't be easy.
Apr 16 10:15AM