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Tragic Orca Deaths Underscore Urgent Need to Restore Salmon Runs
Tragic Orca Deaths Underscore Urgent Need to Restore Salmon Runs . Deaths among Puget Sound orcas, which just hit their lowest population count in 34 years, remind us of the urgent need to protect and restore salmon runs in the Columbia-Snake River system. .
Jun 18 10:39PM Earth Justice

Court Says Anchovy Catch Limit Relied on Fishy Data
Court Says Anchovy Catch Limit Relied on Fishy Data . A federal judge's decision marks a promising turning point for the anchovy and the health of California's ocean ecosystem. .
Jun 14 9:03PM Earth Justice

Hawai?i Leads Way for Nation With Major Pesticide Ban
Hawai?i Leads Way for Nation With Major Pesticide Ban . Hawai'i just did what Scott Pruitt's Environmental Protection Agency refuses to do: protect public health by banning chlorpyrifos from our food and farms. .
Jun 13 10:53PM Earth Justice

Trump Stifles Science in Coal Country
Trump Stifles Science in Coal Country . The Trump administration doesn't want us to know what's making coal country sick. .
Jun 13 8:57PM Earth Justice

New York's New Guidance Lets Us Know What's in Our Toilet Bowl Cleaner
New York's New Guidance Lets Us Know What's in Our Toilet Bowl Cleaner . A victory for consumers comes after years of perseverance in pushing household cleaning product manufacturers to disclose their ingredients. .
Jun 11 5:38PM Earth Justice

Mechanisms: Abrasives
In our Mechanisms series, we've featured the fascinating bits and pieces that go into making our mechanical world work. From simple machines such as screws and levers, from springs to couplings, and even more complex mechanisms like zippers and solenoids, we've covered the gamut.
Jun 6 2:01PM Hackaday

Science or Science Fiction?
This is an oldie, but goodie, but worth revisiting in the context of today's false belief that there is a 97% consensus. It would be interesting to see the exact same study done again today.
Jun 5 9:32PM

ServiceFabric: a distributed platform for building microservices in the cloud
ServiceFabric: a distributed platform for building microservices in the cloud Kakivaya et al., EuroSys'18 (If you don't have ACM Digital Library access, the paper can be accessed either by following the link above directly from The Morning Paper blog site).
Jun 5 9:28PM the morning paper

Apple WWDC: Apple wants you to use your iPhone less
SAN JOSE It may seem counterintuitive, but iPhone-maker Apple is offering new tools to help you use your smartphone less often. The Cupertino technology giant unveiled its toolbox Monday at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, offering ways to curb smartphone addiction: a new Do Not Disturb setting for bedtimes, an application that tracks usage of apps, and the ability to set daily time limits for specific apps.
Jun 5 8:47PM The Mercury News

Inside the Vintage-Filled Chelsea Home of Etsy's COO
When Linda Findley Kozlowski moved from San Francisco to New York to become COO of Etsy, she didn't bring much in the way of furniture. Instead, she packed up the family heirlooms, bought a condo in Chelsea, and began hunting down chairs and paintings across multiple states, sellers, and aesthetics to get the full experience of shopping on Etsy.
Jun 5 8:39PM ELLE Decor

Mastercard CMO: 'Social media engine' took its meals campaign out of context
Mastercard is ending a meals donation campaign linked to soccer in Latin America after the push incited backlash earlier this week. The charity initiative, in support of the United Nations World Food Programme, was to give 10,000 meals to those in need for every goal scored by Mastercard brand ambassadors Lionel Messi and Neymar Da Silva Santos Jr.
Jun 5 7:40PM

Paper giant denies secretly owning 'independent' suppliers
A new NGO report details the links between Indonesia's Sinarmas conglomerate and its independent wood suppliers. Sinarmas and its Asia Pulp & Paper arm argue that some of the links are normal, but deny others.
Jun 5 7:20PM Conservation news

Transdifferentiation of human adult peripheral blood T cells into neurons
Recent advances in genomics have revealed that many polygenetic diseases are caused by complex combinations of many common variants with individually small effects. Thus, building informative disease models requires the interrogation of many patient-derived genetic backgrounds in a disease-relevant cell type.
Jun 5 5:53PM PNAS

Does living near wind turbines negatively impact human health?
Wind turbines are a source of clean renewable energy, but some people who live nearby describe the shadow flicker, the audible sounds and the subaudible sound pressure levels as "annoying." They claim this nuisance negatively impacts their quality of life.
Jun 5 3:10PM

Ohio Couple Gets Married Under Wind Turbines
Over the weekend, Findlay, Ohio-based One Energy hosted a wedding ceremony at its North Findlay Wind Campus. Erin Kashawlic, who is a technical manager for One Energy, married Chris Roekle under the wind turbines at the Ohio project on June 2.
Jun 5 2:39PM North American Windpower

Exploring the Future of Workspaces with Work/Space STORY
Founded by Rachel Schechtman, STORY is a multi-functional concept located in Manhattan, New York. It acts as an installation space, co-working space, retail shop, and brand showcase that changes every 4-8 weeks to explore a new topic or story like beauty, home for the holidays, or, most recently, workspaces.
Jun 5 1:03PM Design Milk

How the Ice Age Shaped New York
A view from Green-Wood Cemetery, near Battle Hill, which is Brooklyn's highest spot. Supported by At the start of the last ice age, 2.
Jun 5 12:56PM

Can AI have good taste? Auction giant Sotheby's is counting on it
Just a few doors down from its CEO and the wood-paneled cubicles where sharply dressed professionals sit, the eighth floor of Sotheby's New York takes on a very different vibe. Suddenly, it's more Silicon Valley than Upper East Side as staid formality gives way to a group of millennials, some in T-shirts with their sneakered feet on desks.
Jun 5 11:54AM Fast Company

Map-making on a budget
PDF version Glaciologist Kenichi Matsuoka was leading a team across an Antarctic ice sheet in 2005 when their crucial mapping software cut out. Matsuoka relied on a commercial geographic information system (GIS) to review data and plan excursions on the remote ice.
Jun 5 10:43AM

Tesla has installed a truly huge amount of energy storage
Tesla, it's been said, is less a car company than a battery company that sells cars. Today, the company is announcing a new milestone: Since 2015, it has installed a worldwide total of a gigawatt-hour of energy storage-technology that is critical for using renewable energy at scale.
Jun 5 10:04AM Fast Company