A Better Workplace
Richard Cohen's privilege, explained
Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen wants you to know that he believes in better treatment for women, African Americans, and Latinos in the workplace, but he's also tired of too much diversity and privilege talk. Diversity in the workplace is an overdue goal, he writes, but it can amount to a quota by another name.
Apr 17 7:33PM Vox

Privilege is real. But being a white man shouldn't disqualify me.
I am the child of privilege or so I am being told. I am white, I am male.
Apr 17 5:45PM Washington Post

How to make CI, CT and CD work together and avoid the drama of a DevOps love triangle
It's no secret that organisations across the world are working hard to seize the competitive advantage that comes from digital disruption. The savviest firms are now knee deep in Agile and Digital Transformation strategies, which focus firmly on offering services at hyper velocity and availability on any device - whilst maintaining high quality.
Apr 17 3:29PM IT Pro Portal

Microsoft is still a male dominated culture, says Seattle Times
Despite the continued prognostication by Microsoft regarding sweeping initiatives to combat systemic gender inequality in its workplaces, things aren't changing as quickly as the company would like to narrate. In fact, a recent piece in the Seattle Times depicts a work environment at Microsoft where the pay-gap disparity is only the tip of the iceberg of issues plaguing the company in terms of gender discrimination.
Apr 17 3:25PM On MSFT

Six Reasons to Develop a Smarter Workplace
Blog 3 minutes read Technology is everywhere we look and although it seems to have infiltrated every part of our world, it is still gaining speed. Companiesquickly learning that traditional is no longer requiredhave been behind schedule in their movement to develop smarter workplaces.
Apr 17 3:23PM New Era Technology

5 ways to stay mentally strong when you work with a psychopath
It's best to avoid psychopaths. But sometimes this isn't possible, such as when you work with one.
Apr 17 3:18PM Business Insider

How to Convince Leadership You Need a Learning Program
There's no doubt that organizations who focus on developing their people have much more favourable outcomes when it comes to employee engagement and customer service. This is because developed employees are enabled to serve their internal and external customers and they also feel more empowered and motivated when performing their jobs.
Apr 17 3:04PM globalengagementsolutions.com

Do Entrepreneurs Need a Strategy?
May-June 2018 Issue Some start-up founders follow a business plan; others operate by the seat of their pants. This package looks at how entrepreneurs can carefully craft a strategy in advanceand whether that's what they should do.
Apr 17 2:59PM Harvard Business Review

Strengthen Your Partner Relationship Management With a Partner Portal Solution
Managing a relationship with channel partners can be a bit tricky. As partners, your relationship needs to be in good standing from every angle.
Apr 17 2:44PM Business 2 Community

A&R Meets AI: Why Your Next Label Rep Could Be A Robot
Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 Automation is taking over so many aspects of the workplace these days, but the last place you'd ever think it would happen would be in record label talent scouting.
Apr 17 2:15PM hypebot

How to Stay Mentally Strong When You're Dealing With a Psychopath at Work
When people think of a psychopath, they often conjure up images of serial killers. And while most serial killers likely are psychopaths, many more psychopaths aren't murderers.
Apr 17 2:09PM Inc.com

An Open Dialogue on Work and Life in a Distributed Team
A group of us at CivicActions recently sat down to hold a frank discussion about life as part of a distributed team (and by sit down, I mean remotely, on a video call. And I mean too that several of us were actually standing).
Apr 17 2:05PM CivicActions

You could sleep better if you're nice to your work colleagues
Being pleasant to people at work has a number of benefits. Another to add to the list is it can make you sleep better.
Apr 17 2:04PM Business Insider

Where I Work: Thomas Lykke of OEO Studio
Thomas Lykke is a founding partner, creative director, and head of design at the multidisciplinary OEO Studio which launched in Copenhagen in 2003. His award-winning Danish firm, which also includes Lykke's managing partner Anne-Marie Buemann, is best known for their branding, product design, architecture, and interiors projects, two of which have been featured on Design Milk (here and here).
Apr 17 1:02PM Design Milk

Social care needs a strong whistleblowing culture
Social care in England is undervalued, underfunded and on the brink of collapse. Being old and in care can, for some people, feel precarious.
Apr 17 12:59PM the Guardian

4 Tips For Using LMS Analytics To Grow Your Business
Companies that implement a learning management system know they're going to gather a lot of data, but some fail to appreciate just how much data they've signed up for. Research suggests that LMS Experience API activities generate about 1 million reporting statements per day for large-scale online training initiatives.
Apr 17 12:42PM Big Data

Why 70 Percent of Workers Aren't Scared of Robots Taking Their Jobs
For years now, professionals have voiced concerns that robots and automation would steal jobs away from hardworking individuals. The bulk of workers, though, are actually pretty laid back about the idea of robots in the workforce and aren't concerned that their jobs are at stake.
Apr 17 12:24PM Inc.com

Customers describe the impact of the Allscripts ransomware attack
A ransomware attack against a SaaS provider hurts customers, but when it's a healthcare company that's hit, patients suffer. Such was the case with January's attack against Allscripts, one of the largest electronic health record and practice management technology vendors.
Apr 17 10:25AM CSO Online

Blockchain: A Chaotic Ecosystem?
Governments got on board, ICOs progressed at a breakneck speed, and the market cap of the entire industry skyrocketed accordingly. The keyword now driving many discussions in the domain is mainstream adoption, with investors, blockchain entrepreneurs, and mainstream tech companies trying to predict where the market is going to go.
Apr 17 10:20AM TechNative

Hackers are using botnets to take the hard work out of breaking into networks
Why hack a network when you can get a botnet to do it for you? It turns out that botnets might be an easier way to break into a network, not least by taking the grunt work out of it. It's not a new concept -- we've seen it before with bots running through lists of default usernames and passwords to hijack Internet of Things devices.
Apr 17 10:00AM ZDNet