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What's Next for Silicon Valley? Our VC Roundtable Points the Way
Text size Money has been pouring into Silicon Valley in recent years, and much of it has flowed into the offices of venture-capital firms, which fund and nurture tiny companies with big ideas that hope to become the next Amazon.com or Microsoft or Google.
Dec 22 3:21AM barrons.com

The secret world of Fortnite hackers
Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device Video The BBC wanted to find who was breaking into Fortnite accounts and selling them. Our cyber-security correspondent Joe Tidy discovered a ring of teenage hackers making thousands.
Dec 22 12:39AM BBC News

Silicon Valley CEO thrown in the cooler for three years, ordered to pay back $1.5m for bullsh*tting investors
The CEO of a Silicon Valley startup has been jailed for three years, and fined $1.5m, for defrauding investors in his gift-card app business.
Dec 21 9:00PM theregister.co.uk

Hackers Celebrate Holidays With Fake Amazon, Apple Receipt Attacks
You get an email about an order from Amazon or Apple you're not quite sure you placed but who knows in the last-minute rush to make the Christmas deadline? You click through to see what exactly you ordered, and congrats, you've just got spear-phished. Happy holidays! Two recent phishing attacks outlined over at Bleeping Computer, work slightly differently but use the same basic principle to lure users in: send them a receipt for a purchase, get them to click through to a link to see what the purchase was for, and then hope the user makes some unwise choices.
Dec 21 6:26PM Intelligencer

Is Blind still safe for Silicon Valley secrets?
It's a bad day for would-be tech watchdogs and gossips. The tech industry whistleblower and survey site Blind temporarily exposed user data when it left a server functioning without password protection.
Dec 21 5:13PM Mashable

Fortnite Teen Hackers 'Earning Thousands of Dollars a Week
105238250 story Children as young as 14 are making thousands of pounds a week as part of a global hacking network built around the popular video game Fortnite. From a report: About 20 hackers told the BBC they were stealing the private gaming accounts of players and reselling them online.
Dec 21 4:15PM Slashdot

PowerPoint: Silicon Valley Presentation Secrets
Learn how to take your PowerPoint decks to the next level. In this course, presentation guru Jole Simmons reveals the slide design techniques used by pro-level presentation designers at cutting-edge Silicon Valley companies.
Dec 21 1:02PM

Chinese hackers breach IBM and HPE
Chinese state-sponsored hackers have attacked some of the biggest tech companies around, stole data on their users, then used that data to attack the users themselves. Reuters says that the attacked networks belong to the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), IBM, and others, citing multiple sources 'familiar with the attacks'.
Dec 21 11:45AM IT Pro Portal