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Almond Board of California Fueling Innovation With $6.8 Million Research Investment
SACRAMENTO, Calif., Dec.
Dec 4 10:15PM Manufacturing.net

How Does Sourdough Get Its Unique Flavor?
Food By Jodi Helmer Your sourdough starter has terroirand researchers at NC State University are determined to understand it. Its Sourdough Project collected 550 sourdough starters from around the world and analyzed the micro-organisms found in each sample to determine how the environment affects wild yeast and lactic and acetic acids that give the starter its unique flavor.
Dec 4 5:03PM EcoWatch

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#Cowplacenta #cowTreatment #dairyFarm #AnimalPlacenta #??? ?? ???? ???? #DairyFarmIndia #cowdesiTreatment ??? ?????? ?? ???? ?????? This video is about when placenta not comming out after baby birth in animals. its big problem in dairy farming.
Dec 4 2:23PM

Elon Musk's next SpaceX launch will take these teens' science projects to space
The lack of pressure in space, she explains, makes re-creating aeroponic farming in space challenging. Since so many ordinary processes rely on gravity, the project "changes the way you have to think about things.
Dec 4 1:48PM CNBC

E Farming Java Project
E Farming Java Project
Dec 4 1:45PM

Paris-based Agricool raises $28 million to expand its urban farming tech
Agricool today announced it has raised $28 million for its system that uses specially designed trailers to grow strawberries in big cities. The Paris-based company has now raised a total of $41 million as it works to meet the growing demand for locally grown produce through technological innovation.
Dec 4 1:00PM VentureBeat

The 7 technologies that will make farming smarter-and more productive
Today's technology is rushing into one of the last traditional industries: agriculture. A field largely still unaffected by the technological revolution, farming is ripe for change as need couples with opportunity.
Dec 4 11:35AM Fast Company

Organic farming, a money-making racket with mystical or...
Save Organic farming has its roots in biodynamic agriculture, a system of farming advocated by the esoteric philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the late 19th and early 20th century. Steiner was a weird fellow who tried to reconcile science and spirituality and believed that the spiritual world was accessible to the human senses and intellect.
Dec 4 11:21AM Daily Maverick

Sparing vs Sharing: The Great Debate Over How to Protect Nature
It is one of the biggest questions in conservation: Should we be sharing our landscapes with nature by reviving small woodlands and adopting small-scale eco-friendly farming? Or should we instead be sparing large tracts of land for nature's exclusive use - by creating more national parks and industrializing agriculture on existing farmland? The argument between sparing and sharing as a conservation tool has been raging since researchers first coined the terms more than a decade ago. Arguably it began almost half a century before when Norman Borlaug, the father of the Green Revolution of high-yielding crop varieties, declared that by producing more food per unit of cultivated area, more land would be available for other uses, including recreation and wildlife.
Dec 3 8:58PM Yale E360

Podcast: Countering the 'culture of alarmism' surrounding modern farming
The culture of alarmism is an unending and relentless drumbeat that everything sold in the grocery store, every piece of food out there is going to kill you or harm your family and a lot of it is tied to a lack of understanding of the modern food system. As farmers, we try to produce safe food and we want our end users to know this.
Dec 3 4:45PM Genetic Literacy Project

How Iceland harnesses hot springs to power year-round farming
For half the year, the temperature on Pall Olafsson's remote farm in Iceland often dips below freezing and the sun barely makes an appearance. Yet the heat and light in his greenhouses allow Olafsson to grow his juicy tomatoes and cucumbers even in the depths of winter - thanks largely to the geothermal energy that gives his tiny North Atlantic nation its title, the Land of Fire and Ice.
Dec 3 3:30PM World Economic Forum

Civil Eats' 2018 Holiday Book Gift Guide
It's that time of year again when we gather to celebrate the winter season with dear friends, good food and a pile of inspiring books. Mindful that you're all looking for good reading material, as well as potential presents, we serve up the Civil Eats' Holiday Book Gift Guide: a selection of this year's books we reviewed, talked about, and think are worth your time.
Dec 3 1:58PM Civil Eats

The environmental benefits of our system is spearheading The future of sustainable and environmentally intelligent forage crops. Verticroft have changed the way Alfa Hay is produced by using Vertical Crop Culture.
Dec 3 12:16PM

HIGH Pressure Power Petrol Engine Knapsack Sprayer Raja Spray Pump Agriculture|Review Price
In this video we Cover Petrol Operated High low Pressure Spray pump. In video Unboxing and Quick Review of Knapsack Sprayer With Nozzles.
Dec 3 12:15PM

Locating, IDing and Counting Marine Megafauna with Drones #drone #droneday
From NC State News: Demonstrating the viability of drones for this work matters, because these are inexpensive tools for collecting accurate abundance estimates, Hensel says. And those estimates are important for both informing the development of conservation efforts and for assessing the effectiveness of those efforts.
Dec 3 8:00AM Adafruit Industries

Old coal mines 'perfect' food farms
Abandoned coal mines across the UK could be brought back to life as huge underground farms, according to academics. Mine shafts and tunnels are seen as "the perfect environment" for growing food such as vegetables and herbs.
Dec 3 7:11AM BBC News

Fixing food 2018: Best practices towards the sustainable development goals
This report investigates best practices in food sustainability across the world. It uses the three pillarssustainable agriculture, nutritional challenges, and food loss and wasteof the Food Sustainability Index (FSI) as a framework.
Dec 3 3:03AM International Water Management Institute

Scientists urge action to protect habitat of endangered ancient skate
Posted December 02, 2018 08:41:06 Related Story: Plea to protect prehistoric skate from fish farm impact in Macquarie Harbour Scientists studying Tasmania's endangered maugean skate believe urgent action is needed to help the species survive in Macquarie Harbour, which hosts the only surviving population of the ancient fish. Tasmanian Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS) scientists have been monitoring falling oxygen levels in the harbour.
Dec 2 11:41PM ABC News

Organic farming: 'I'm now able to live off the land and I've no off-farm job
The Organic Farming Scheme (OFS) was re-opened with immediate effect on Monday, November 19. The announcement was made by the Minister of State, at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Andrew Doyle.
Dec 2 8:14PM Agriland.ie

Sustainable Food: A return to the roots
Our food system is broken; it is unequal, unsustainable, unstable and in need of transformation. International organisations, governments, businesses, entrepreneurs and farmers all around the world are working towards cutting carbon emissions and waste, improving the nutritional value of food, innovating at the farming level and developing city-wide food policies.
Dec 2 7:13PM Medium