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Veggies, Fruits and Grains Keep Your Heart Pumping
Conversely, the so-called Southern diet, which focuses on meats, fried and processed foods and lots of sweet tea, was tied to a 72% increased risk of heart failure.
Apr 24 4:08PM WebMD

Could Common Food Preservative Make People Fat?
When it comes to processed foods, the concern is usually directed toward ingredients like added sugar, sodium and trans fats. But there's also a host of additives that, according to the U.S.
Apr 24 3:52PM WebMD

Don't Assume Pot Will Make You Fat
The weight difference among users and nonusers was modest -- about 2 pounds for someone 5 feet, 7 inches tall who weighed about 200 pounds at the start of the study.
Apr 24 3:14PM WebMD

What Is Your Non-ADHD Partner Thinking?
If you have ADHD, you may sense your partner is sometimes frustrated by your behavior, but you might not know exactly what's bothering her -- or what to do about it. Everyone's different, but there are some common things like disorganization, forgetfulness, or blurting out your thoughts, that can trigger friction.
Apr 24 2:18PM WebMD

Study: Fatal Medical Emergencies Rise Worldwide
Worldwide, injuries from accidents, falls and burns (22%), heart attacks (17%), lung infections (11%) and strokes (7%) were the leading emergencies in 2015.
Apr 24 1:37PM WebMD

Survey: Many Baby Boomers Not Screened for Hepatitis C Despite Risk
Almost half of baby boomers in a WebMD reader survey said they haven't been tested for hepatitis C. And as many aren't aware that a cure exists.
Apr 24 12:57PM WebMD

Malawi 1st to Immunize Kids Against Malaria
It's an imperfect vaccine but it still has the potential to save tens of thousands of lives," one expert said.
Apr 24 12:46PM WebMD

Many E-Cigs Loaded With Germs, Study Finds
Over time, one expert said, exposure to high amounts of such contaminants can prompt the onset of progressive lung illnesses such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma.
Apr 24 12:15PM WebMD

Doctors' Pay Up in 2019; Orthopedists Paid Best
A comparison of full-time salaries in primary care shows that male doctors' earnings grew to 25% more than their female counterparts' earnings this year ($258,000 vs. $207,000).
Apr 24 10:42AM WebMD

Target Recalls Wooden Toys for Choking Danger
About 495,000 Bullseye's Playground wooden toy vehicles have been recalled by Target because the wheels can come off and pose a choking hazard to children, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) said Tuesday.
Apr 24 9:26AM WebMD

Gaming Doesn't Hamper Boys' Social Skills: Study
In contrast, the more time a girl spent gaming at age 10, the more social interaction difficulties she experienced by age 12.
Apr 23 4:22PM WebMD

Can Obesity Shrink Your Brain?
Earlier this year, another study -- pulling from the same data source -- found that middle-aged adults with abdominal obesity tended to have less gray matter volume than their normal-weight counterparts.
Apr 23 3:39PM WebMD

Employers May Stymie Advancement of Pregnant Women
The different treatment of expectant women and men -- known as the "motherhood penalty" and the "fatherhood premium" -- has been documented in previous studies, but the researchers said this is the first one to show that women who feel unwelcome the workplace may decide to opt out.
Apr 23 3:35PM WebMD

Americans Sit Way Too Much, But Exercise May Help
In the U.S., total sitting time from 2007 to 2016 rose by about an hour a day, to 8.
Apr 23 3:05PM WebMD

Could Diabetes Drug Metformin Help Keep People Slim?
Metformin doesn't seem to be particularly helpful for shedding pounds in the first place, though.
Apr 23 12:06PM WebMD

Skipping Breakfast a Bad Move for Your Heart?
More Americans than ever are opting out of a morning meal.
Apr 23 10:18AM WebMD

Many 'Gen Xers' Despair as They Navigate Adulthood
These new findings indicate that despair is pervasive throughout Generation X, affecting people regardless of their race, background or family income.
Apr 23 10:06AM WebMD

U.S. Set to Break Measles Cases Record
Just a few months into the year, the United States is set to break an annual record for the number of measles cases.
Apr 23 9:21AM WebMD

Why Science Can't Seem to Tell Us How to Eat Right
Who is to blame for the average person's jaded palate when it comes to foods that supposedly are or are not healthy? Like many things food-related, it depends on whom you ask.
Apr 22 4:32PM WebMD

Lack of Water Consumption Tied to Kids' Obesity
Among the 1 in 5 who didn't drink any water daily, sugared-drink calories totaled 200, on average, compared with 100 calories a day among water drinkers.
Apr 22 3:57PM WebMD