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Pregnancy in 40s: The Good, Bad & Ugly
I am 43 years old and I'm 34 weeks pregnant with my third child. Whew! And, I gotta say, pregnancy in 40s is a little bit different that it was in my 30s. 8 Ways Pregnancy Is Different In Your 40s ?? Pregnancy in 40s: The Good, Bad & Ugly Please hear my heart: I [] .
Aug 16 6:44PM MamaNatural.com Advice

11 Signs You're Having a Boy (Plus How Accurate They Really Are!)
Boy or girl? Thats what newly pregnant mamas want to know! Maybe youve been keeping a log of gender predictor test results or maybe you just have a countdown until your 20-week ultrasound. In either case, babys sex is the question of the moment, and this post will cover the most widely debated signs youre having [] . The post 11 Signs Youre Having a Boy (Plus How Accurate They Really Are!) appeared first on Mama Natural.
Aug 16 1:46PM MamaNatural.com Advice

HCG Levels: What They Tell You About Your Pregnancy
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is what hCG stands for, but what is it? It's a hormone, it's a fascinating science, it's what gives you a positive pregnancy test, it's what kicks those early pregnancy symptoms into gear, and it's not actually that complicated to understand. So let's dig in and explore what hCG levels do and [] . The post HCG Levels: What They Tell You About Your Pregnancy appeared first on Mama Natural.
Aug 15 12:53PM MamaNatural.com Advice

How Long is Pregnancy? (The Answer May Surprise You!)
If you just found out you're pregnant, you probably have a lot of questions. When will those early pregnancy symptoms start? Will I have morning sickness? You may even wonder: How long is pregnancy? (Hint: Despite what you've always heard, it's not exactly nine months!) So let's start with the basics. Read on to discover: How [] .
Aug 14 12:14PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Pregnancy Discharge: Is What You're Experiencing Normal?
Everybodys favorite topic, right? Pregnancy discharge .um, not so much. But every pregnant woman will experience some form of discharge during pregnancysome may even experience this as a very early sign of pregnancy.
Aug 13 5:54PM MamaNatural.com Advice

School Lunch Ideas: 40 Healthy Kid Lunches to Keep You Inspired
Nothing says back to school then packing endless (and often dreaded) school lunches. If youre anything like me, you start out with good intentions and then run out of ideas two weeks into the school year. ?While you can certainly use some of these kitchen hacks to make things easier, it doesnt help if you [] .
Aug 8 5:56PM MamaNatural.com Advice

When Do You Start Showing? (Plus Surprising Reasons You'll Show Sooner)
Some expectant moms are chomping at the bit to start growing a bump. Theyre so excited about their news that they want to show it on the outside! Others would rather keep it quiet until the second trimester when the chance of loss is lower. In either case, pregnant women want to know, when do [] .
Aug 7 2:46PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Cholestasis of Pregnancy: Why You Can't Ditch the Itch
Headaches, heartburn, itchy skin pregnancy can cause a whole host of annoying symptoms! But that itchy skin is worth paying attention to. In some rare cases, it could be more than a nuisance. It could be the result of cholestasis of pregnancy, a condition with serious consequences, especially for baby.
Aug 4 1:00PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Prenatal Massage: Is It Safe? Plus 12 Surprising Benefits
When youre looking for relief from sore muscles and swollen joints during pregnancy, there are plenty of ways to sneak a massage into your daily life: a quick foot massage from your partner, a DIY back massager, or even a professional prenatal massage. In this post, we'll cover: What a prenatal massage is The difference [] . The post Prenatal Massage: Is It Safe? Plus 12 Surprising Benefits appeared first on Mama Natural.
Aug 3 1:13PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Twin Pregnancy: Weird Signs You're Carrying Two Babies
Maybe youve always dreamed of having two babies to love on and snuggle with skin-to-skinor maybe the thought of two colicky babies has you scared straight. The chances that youre having twins is greater than it ever wastwin pregnancies have been on the rise since 1980, peaking in 2014 at about 3 percent of all babies born. [] .
Jul 27 8:59PM MamaNatural.com Advice