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Common Food Allergies in Kids: Watch Out For These 8 Foods
Did you know that nearly 6 million children suffer from a food allergy today? Whether your child has a food allergy or youre wondering when to introduce foods like egg, cows milk, or peanut butter, its important to be aware of the most common food allergies in children. Cows milk Hens eggs Peanut Wheat Soy [] . The post Common Food Allergies in Kids: Watch Out For These 8 Foods appeared first on Mama Natural.
Dec 5 6:31PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Infant Allergies: How Breastfeeding Can Help
Is there anything breastmilk cant do?! Breastmilk provides nourishment and comfort to babies, but the benefits of breastfeeding dont stop there. Researchers say breastfeeding can also help minimize infant allergies. In this article well cover exactly how breastfeeding can help with infant allergies, including: The link between breastfeeding and allergies How formula fits into the [] .
Dec 5 3:13PM MamaNatural.com Advice

When Can Babies Have Eggs? (And Why They Should)
Eggs are recommended as one of the best first foods for baby, even though they are one of the most common food allergies in kids. So whats the deal? Should you avoid this allergen or offer it to your baby? And if you do offer eggs, when can babies have eggs? In this post, well break [] . The post When Can Babies Have Eggs? (And Why They Should) appeared first on Mama Natural.
Dec 3 5:22PM MamaNatural.com Advice

When Can Babies Have Peanut Butter? (And Why They Should!)
Peanut allergies are one of the most common food allergies in kids, but new research suggests up to 80 percent of these allergies can be avoided. The idea is to introduce peanuts early, rather than avoid them. Of course, this begs the question: When can babies have peanut butter? Lets discuss: Both the American Academy [] .
Dec 3 5:21PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Food Allergies in Babies: What Every Parent Needs To Know
Is it time for your baby to start eating solid food? Whether youre diving in with baby led weaning or trying your hand at homemade purees, its a good idea to think about food allergies in babies before you begin. But where do you start? In this post, well answer your top questions about food [] . The post Food Allergies in Babies: What Every Parent Needs To Know appeared first on Mama Natural.
Dec 3 4:59PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Recipes You'll Actually Want to Drink
Red raspberry leaf tea is said to be a magical elixir that helps make natural childbirth easier. Its been proven to make labor faster and reduce complications, but getting the recommended two cups per day aint easyunless you have the right red raspberry leaf tea recipes at your disposal. The Best Red Raspberry Leaf Tea [] .
Dec 3 4:47PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Normal Fetal Heart Rate: Is Your Baby on Track?
There is nothing quite like hearing your baby's heartbeat for the very first time its one of those moments that brings you to tears! But once that tender moment passes and your midwife or doctor announces the heart rate, you may be thinking is that a normal fetal heart rate? To put your mind [] . The post Normal Fetal Heart Rate: Is Your Baby on Track? appeared first on Mama Natural.
Nov 29 4:31PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Home Remedies for Lice: Say Goodbye for Good
Uh oh! Your kids just came home from school, and now they are scratching their heads like crazy. Could it be lice?! If you prefer clean beauty products and are looking for natural home remedies for lice that are safe, youre in the right spot! In this post, well unpack: What lice is (and how [] . The post Home Remedies for Lice: Say Goodbye for Good appeared first on Mama Natural.
Nov 27 6:55PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Home Remedies for Pink Eye (& Why You Usually Don't Need Drops)
Maybe your toddler woke up with an eye crusted shut, or maybe you received a school notice that pink eye is going around. Because conjunctivitis can quickly spread as fast as lightening, its not a bad idea to stock your house with the right ingredients to make the best home remedies for pink eye. But [] .
Nov 26 5:32PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Chemical Pregnancy: Signs, Symptoms, and Natural Ways to Heal
Though most pregnancy tests arent 99 percent accurate until after your missed period, some women get positive pregnancy tests much earlier than that. But so much can happen during early pregnancy, and sadly, not all embryos make it. A miscarriage in this very early stage of gestation is called a chemical pregnancy.
Nov 21 2:17PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Lucuma: Everything You Need to Know About This Incredible Superfood
Lucuma, lucmo, or eggfruit. No matter what you call it, one thing remains the same: This tropical fruit is the superfood du jour. With its bright color, unique taste, and versatility, lucuma is the food on everyone's tongue, figuratively and literally.
Nov 20 2:45PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Witch Hazel: The Amazing Healing Benefits of This Plant
Theres a reason witch hazel is so popular. Its a staple in many of my natural recipes, including outdoor spray, hand sanitizer, hemorrhoid treatment, poison ivy treatment, padsicles, and this sitz bath recipe. Lets talk about why that is! In this post we'll discuss: What witch hazel is The many uses of witch hazel Possible [] .
Nov 19 2:32PM MamaNatural.com Advice

When Will My Baby Be Born? How Accurate Is Your Due Date?
Maybe youre already a week past your due date and thinking about natural induction methods. Or maybe youre just starting your pregnancy journey, and youre wondering when youll meet your baby face to face. Theres always that burning question: When will my baby be born? While we cant zero in on a precise answersorry!we can [] .
Nov 16 8:13PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Pregnancy After Loss: Having A Baby After Multiple Miscarriages
I am so very grateful for the birth of my daughter, Faith Valencia, but let me tell you, the journey to this pregnancy wasn't exactly easy. It came after discouragement, confusion, setbacks, and many losses but it ultimately ends with HOPE. I want to share my story to encourage you when you face lifes disappointments.
Nov 16 2:46AM MamaNatural.com Advice

Lullabies for Babies - Best Music for Baby (including Classical)
Since its been 5 years since I had a newborn, Im a little rusty on how to play with babies. One of the best ways to stimulate a very young child is through music. Lullabies for babies, classical music for babies and really any music for babies is wonderful for their brains and personal development.
Nov 15 11:35PM MamaNatural.com Advice