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New Video: My Surprising Home Birth!
Here it is, mama, the surprising home birth video of our daughter Faith Valencia, who was born Sept 27! After experiencing many miscarriages last year, I wasnt sure if it was ever going to happen. While being pregnant in my forties wasnt the easiest, all things considered it was a blessed pregnancy and birth! Thank [] . The post New Video: My Surprising Home Birth! appeared first on Mama Natural.
Oct 16 4:02PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Fenugreek: Can It Really Help Your Milk Supply?
Any mother who has struggled with breastfeeding will tell you that the whole experience can be incredibly stressful and demoralizing. You want nothing more than to be able to fed your baby, and if you aren't able to make enough milk, you can feel like your body has failed you. The good news is that [] .
Oct 9 2:38PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Sciatica During Pregnancy: Natural Remedies for Relief
If youre pregnant, you were probably were expecting symptoms like morning sickness or swollen feet. But youd never even thought of sciatica! But dont worry: There are plenty of natural remedies that can provide some relief. In this post, well cover: What sciatica is (and what causes it) Symptoms of sciatica Plus, how to relieve [] .
Oct 4 5:07PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Pregnancy Apps: Are You Using the Best One?
You watched as other moms posted their bump pictures and announced the arrival of their new baby. And now, it's your turn! You want to know allll the details. Sure, you could Google every little thing (and you probably will), but why do all that extra legwork when there are pregnancy apps that can tell [] .
Sep 27 3:18PM MamaNatural.com Advice

Menstrual Cup: Should You Make the Switch?
So youve cleaned up your household and beauty supplies, and now you want more natural period care, too. Enter the menstrual cup, the hottest new rage among menstruating ladies. Dont be intimidated! While there is a learning curve with menstrual cups, its worth the effort.
Sep 27 12:56PM MamaNatural.com Advice