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On Social Media, Lax Enforcement Lets Impostor Accounts Thrive
Millions of bots posing as real users are promoting celebrities, spreading misinformation and sowing discord. And it's far easier to build a bot than to kill one.
Feb 20 11:22PM Tech Business News

Tech Tip: Adding Ports to a Portable Computer
If your lightweight laptop comes with only one standard port for plugging in devices, adding a dock or hub allows you to reconnect with your hardware.
Feb 20 2:00PM Tech Business News

Tech Tip: Sampling Twitter (Without an Account)
You can keep an eye on what people are talking about on Twitter even if you prefer to skip the apps and stick to a flip phone or a web browser.
Feb 14 3:22PM Tech Business News

Bill and Melinda Gates Tackle 'Tough Questions' and Trump
In their annual update for the Gates Foundation, they say that they remain optimistic about the world's progress, but that President Trump's policies could hurt their efforts.
Feb 13 10:00AM Tech Business News

Cyberattack Caused Olympic Opening Ceremony Disruption
Security researchers uncovered evidence that the attack had been in the works since last year. But hackers stopped short of the damage they could have done.
Feb 12 8:07PM Tech Business News

Tech Tip: Measuring and Managing Your Cellular Data Use
High-speed broadband is plentiful in most cities, but for those out in the country with only metered cellular connections, every megabyte counts.
Feb 12 3:12PM Tech Business News

Op-Ed Contributor: America's Real Digital Divide
The problem isn't that poor children don't have access to computers. It's that they spend too much time in front of them.
Feb 11 11:55PM Tech Business News

Tech Tip: When Windows Is 100 Percent Stalled
Programs battling for resources, damaged driver software and other issues can drag down Windows 10 when it starts up.
Feb 9 7:21PM Tech Business News

Wheels: To Power the Future, Carmakers Flip on 48-Volt Systems
New electrical architecture will help satisfy the demands of cars that are increasingly loaded with gadgets and will enable lower-cost hybrid drive systems.
Feb 9 5:38AM Tech Business News

Tech Tip: Cleaning Out the Kindle Library
Even if you delete a finished book right from the iPad's Kindle collection, you still have a backup copy in Amazon's cloud.
Feb 8 5:11PM Tech Business News

She Was No. 2 at Intel. Now She's Taking Aim at the Chip Maker.
Rene James, who was president of Intel, is gunning for the company's most lucrative business with a competing start-up.
Feb 6 12:32AM Tech Business News

Starboard Value Criticizes Mellanox for Stock Sales
The activist hedge fund says corporate insiders showed a lack of faith in the chip maker by selling more of the company's shares than they bought.
Feb 5 8:30PM Tech Business News

Tech Tip: Finding Videos With Audio Descriptions
Thanks to added voice narration, certain movies and television shows have become more accessible to those with blindness or limited vision.
Feb 5 1:49PM Tech Business News