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Geese with ice-covered beaks get a helping hand from humans
Six geese and a duck recently suffered frozen beaks at a Toronto park, but concerned humans stepped in to help.
Feb 19 8:15PM Mother Nature

Why the new U.S. public lands bill is such a big deal
Here are a few highlights from legislation that's poised to boost wilderness protection across the country.
Feb 19 3:49PM Mother Nature

Rare owls return to abandoned community near Los Angeles airport
Burrowing owls have reclaimed an abandoned beachfront community just west of Los Angeles International Airport.
Feb 19 2:21PM Mother Nature

Scientists think they know purpose of the cassowary's casque
After 200 years of uncertainty, Australian researchers think they've solved the mystery of the cassowary's casque.
Feb 18 6:17PM Mother Nature

Golf courses across U.S. step up to save monarch butterflies
Monarchs in the Rough hopes to establish 500 butterfly habitats at various golf courses.
Feb 17 4:12PM Mother Nature

Caretakers work around the clock to save abandoned flamingo chicks
Around 2,000 lesser flamingo chicks were rescued from a dried-out dam in northern South Africa, and are receiving a lot of human care.
Feb 15 7:41PM Mother Nature

The brightest star in the night sky will go dark
Sirius, the 'dog star,' will go dark for a brief second as an asteroid hurtles in front of it.
Feb 15 1:19PM Mother Nature

10 surprising facts about chimpanzees
Chimpanzees are full of surprises, and those surprises can give us insights into our own behavior and history.
Feb 14 3:46PM Mother Nature

Artist inspired late in life creates swirling, meditative sand labyrinths
Denny Dyke turns his walking meditations into intricate sand labyrinths on the beach in Oregon.
Feb 14 3:30PM Mother Nature

Black panther spotted in Kenya is first sighting in almost a century
A black panther, specifically a black leopard, was spotted in Kenya. It was the first confirmed sighting of such a big cat in almost a century.
Feb 13 9:38PM Mother Nature

Breathtaking video shows pristine sky above curious facility in Alaska
Breathtaking video shows the beautiful sky above Alaska's once-controversial HAARP facility.
Feb 13 8:39PM Mother Nature

2 mighty lions share a tender moment in winning wildlife photo
Photo of two male lions is this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year People's Choice Award winner.
Feb 13 5:50PM Mother Nature

Eerie ancient spider fossils still have spooky glowing eyes
Their reflective eyes likely gave them superior night vision.
Feb 13 3:05AM Mother Nature

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a Tinder-style app ... for cows
A new app called Tudder promises to help lonely cows find their perfect match, Tinder-style.
Feb 12 9:43PM Mother Nature

Intense wildfires may set stage for super bloom
A wet and rainy winter after a wildfire year could give California a beautiful super bloom.
Feb 12 7:12PM Mother Nature

This bird kept its feathers for 52 million years
Scientists discover a fossil in Wyoming of Eofringillirostrum boudreauxi, a 52-million-year-old bird with its feathers intact.
Feb 12 2:31PM Mother Nature

Insect 'extinction event' will transform nature
More than 40 percent of the world's insect species are threatened with extinction, and their loss could upend nature as we know it.
Feb 11 9:42PM Mother Nature

England launches 'cosmic census' to combat light pollution
Star Count 2019 hopes to engage stargazers in England and draw attention to the growing threat of light pollution.
Feb 11 6:29PM Mother Nature

BLM to issue oil leases on land near sacred site
Land surrounding Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico is scheduled to go up for sale in March.
Feb 8 7:44PM Mother Nature

Hawaii wants to make it illegal to kill sharks
Two Hawaii state legislators have introduced bills to make knowingly killing a shark a misdemeanor in the state.
Feb 8 6:25PM Mother Nature