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In his final book, Stephen Hawking makes it clear where he stands on God
It's one of many bold claims made by the late physicist Stephen Hawking in his final book, "Brief Answers to the Big Questions," published posthumously.
Oct 16 6:48PM Mother Nature

What was Earth's first animal? New study finally offers an answer
The first animal to evolve on Earth was probably a sponge that existed around 640 million years ago.
Oct 16 2:31PM Mother Nature

Used oyster shells are saving New York Harbor
The Billion Oyster Project collects used restaurant oyster shells and uses them to build oyster reefs to shore up New York harbors.
Oct 16 11:50AM Mother Nature

When will fall leaves be at their peak near me?
This foliage map from SmokeyMountains.com is a handy, up-to-date guide to fall leaf season all over the country.
Oct 15 8:39PM Mother Nature

Vampire' skeletons found in Bulgaria
Archaeologists in Bulgaria have unearthed two skeletons pierced through the chest with iron rods to keep them from becoming vampires.
Oct 15 7:38PM Mother Nature

All-women film team takes on border wall on behalf of all at-risk wildlife
In "Ay, Mariposa," conservation filmmakers highlight the people, animals, and fragile habitats impacted by the barrier at the border.
Oct 15 5:46PM Mother Nature

Florida's Egmont Key, home to wildlife and a wild history, is disappearing under rising seas
Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge is rich with wildlife and history and it's under siege from the waters that surround it. And it's only to get worse.
Oct 14 3:12PM Mother Nature

Watch a leafcutter bee emerge from its 'bee-rito
Leafcutter bees emerge from egg chambers composed of pollen and nectar rolled up in a leaf.
Oct 14 1:06PM Mother Nature

Booster failure forces space crew to abort mission mid-launch
A spacecraft launch in Kazakhstan turned into a scary situation as a booster malfunctioned mid-launch, sending the space crew into ballistic decent.
Oct 12 1:17PM Mother Nature

Endangered sea turtles hatch on N.Y. beach
Rare endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtles hatch on New York City beach, but they normally nest in the Gulf of Mexico.
Oct 11 6:54PM Mother Nature

Hurricane Michael leaves path of destruction in Florida Panhandle
Hurricane Michael was a powerful Category 4 hurricane when it hit the Florida Panhandle. These photos tell the initial story.
Oct 11 4:24PM Mother Nature

Do animals have a sixth sense about natural disasters?
Some researchers are skeptical, but some people believe animals are psychic about storms and other natural disasters.
Oct 11 1:26PM Mother Nature

Why hundreds of wild horses in California are being rounded up
Up to 1,000 wild horses will be rounded up from federal land in northern California, and some of them may end up in slaughterhouses.
Oct 9 4:47PM Mother Nature

10 spectacular moons in our solar system
Experts estimate that there are as many as 170 moons orbiting the eight planets of our section of the galaxy.
Oct 9 2:21PM Mother Nature

What you don't know about seaweed
You may not realize it, but seaweed is utterly essential to our world.
Oct 9 2:05PM Mother Nature

Chernobyl is producing energy again
The 4-acre Chernobyl solar power facility can supply enough power for a medium-sized village, or about 2,000 apartments.
Oct 9 12:33PM Mother Nature

SpaceX launches new satellite into space, creating beautiful, late-night display
SpaceX launches a new satellite SAOCOM 1A into space, creating beautiful late-night display.
Oct 8 9:28PM Mother Nature

Obama's national monuments are a big deal
Obama designated more national monuments than any other president in U.S. history.
Oct 8 3:13PM Mother Nature

10 stunning hummingbirds of Ecuador
Ecuador offers a little of everything that hummingbirds need to thrive, which is why more than 100 species of the tiny birds call it home.
Oct 8 1:11PM Mother Nature

Rising seas are swallowing Scotland's Stone Age ruins
Stone Age villages on the Orkney Islands are older than Stonehenge, but archaeologists fear that they won't be around for much longer.
Oct 7 3:32PM Mother Nature