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New Jersey makes history by banning wild animal circus acts
The state is the first in the nation to ban circuses, festivals and fairs that use exotic animals.
Dec 17 5:02PM Mother Nature

Wetlands are in the crosshairs of proposed Clean Water Act changes
The Trump administration has proposed changing how the government defines water, and it could have significant effects on wildlife and water safety.
Dec 17 2:16PM Mother Nature

You've heard of black holes, but what about white holes?
White holes that spew matter out rather than suck it in might explain the biggest mysteries of the cosmos.
Dec 17 4:53AM Mother Nature

Shark populations decline by up to 90 percent along Australian coast
Australian shark populations along the Queensland coast have dropped by significant percentages due to overfishing.
Dec 14 5:08PM Mother Nature

Why does the sky sometimes turn purple?
The sky's color is based on the scattering of light particles. A number of factors influence this scattering and that means the sky can sometimes be purple.
Dec 14 1:21PM Mother Nature

Female frogs in the country prefer to be serenaded by city frogs
A new study reveals female frogs that live in the country are more attracted to chatty city slickers.
Dec 13 6:03PM Mother Nature

Playful killer whales join woman for a swim off New Zealand coast
Judie Johnson gets the experience of a lifetime as she's joined by three killer whales during her swim off the coast of New Zealand.
Dec 13 4:56PM Mother Nature

8 things to know about the winter solstice
From when it happens to why - and everything in between - here's your crash course on the shortest day of the year.
Dec 13 4:11PM Mother Nature

8 vampire animals that aren't necessarily bloodsuckers
We label a lot of species with the shiver-inducing denizen of the night, even if they don't suck blood.
Dec 12 3:42PM Mother Nature

Watch a young humpback whale play with her favorite 'stick
In a rare moment, a young humpback whale plays with a log like a dog with a stick.
Dec 12 2:26PM Mother Nature

Geminid meteor shower: What you need to know
December is a chilly time for stargazing, but catching a glimpse of the Geminids makes it all worthwhile.
Dec 11 6:42PM Mother Nature

All-women film team takes on border wall on behalf of all at-risk wildlife
In "Ay, Mariposa," conservation filmmakers highlight the people, animals, and fragile habitats impacted by the barrier at the border.
Dec 11 5:56PM Mother Nature

NASA's Voyager 2 has entered interstellar space
After a 40-year journey, Voyager 2 has passed out of our heliosphere and entered interstellar space, joining Voyager 1 in exploring the cosmos.
Dec 11 5:47PM Mother Nature

How WildArk is saving biodiversity, one safe haven at a time
WildArk wants to inspire action that encourages conservation action and community engagement.
Dec 11 2:33PM Mother Nature

Ocean Cleanup project hits a snag
Plastic keeps escaping from the Ocean Cleanup booms deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
Dec 11 1:12PM Mother Nature

Cats, dogs and a bobcat are the latest burn victims saved with fish skin
A team of veterinarians use tilapia skin as a healing bandage on their paws.
Dec 10 7:54PM Mother Nature

How geckos can walk on water
Geckos look a little chaotic while they sprint across water, but it's an amazing feat. It's something they shouldn't be able to do, say researchers.
Dec 10 6:18PM Mother Nature

This is why we need wildlife crossings
Wildlife underpasses and overpasses have reduced animal-related car crashes in Colorado.
Dec 10 5:17PM Mother Nature

11 things you didn't know about alpacas
Beyond their charming, quirky good looks, alpacas are responsible for bearing some of the silkiest, most versatile fiber found in nature. Alpaca fiber has been
Dec 10 3:19PM Mother Nature

First-ever insect vaccine could help save bees
Developed at the University of Helsinki, PrimeBEE allows immunological signals to be passed from a queen bee to her offspring.
Dec 9 2:10PM Mother Nature