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Review: Sacha Baron Cohen back with old style, same results
NEW YORK (AP) The provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen has rebooted his ambush chat show and before any judgment is made about the wisdom of that decision, you have to admire the sheer perseverance of not only the host but also his so-called guests.
Jul 16 3:47AM AP

Review: Cowboy Junkies' 'All That Reckoning' instantly great
Cowboy Junkies, "All That Reckoning" (Latent Recordings)
Jul 13 4:46PM AP

Review: Click 'like' for Bo Burnham's 'Eighth Grade
Not even Joseph Conrad had the courage to venture into that darkest of hearts: middle school.
Jul 11 4:55PM AP

Review: Tom Bailey follows the Thompson Twins' blueprint
Tom Bailey, "Science Fiction" (Mikrokosmos/BFD)
Jul 11 4:53PM AP

Review: In 'Skyscraper,' the Rock towers over action tropes
NEW YORK (AP) I like to imagine what King Kong, as a popcorn-chomping moviegoer, might make of "Skyscraper," the latest summer actioner staring Dwayne Johnson. Would he, watching a goliath ascend the exterior of a high-rise with helicopters and klieg lights swirling, woundedly mumble, "Hey, that's my gig."
Jul 10 9:11PM AP

Review: A flawed but earnest cartoonist biopic from Van Sant
Macabre is a word often associated with the late cartoonist John Callahan. He's the man who in his widely published cartoons, drawn in his signature squiggly style, poked fun at lesbians, Chinese people, the handicapped, women, Oprah, Alzheimer's patients, chiropractors and even sexual harassment in a cartoon that features a woman showing cleavage in a tight dress telling her similarly outfitted colleague "Remember..
Jul 10 6:16PM AP

Rick Astley keeps on (rick) rolling us with fine new album
Rick Astley, "Beautiful Life" (BMG)
Jul 10 6:06PM AP

Review: 'A Terrible Country' is a wonderful novel
A Terrible Country: a Novel" (Viking), by Keith Gessen
Jul 9 5:50PM AP

Ellison Cooper's 'Caged' punctuated with believable twists
Caged" (Minotaur Books), by Ellison Cooper
Jul 9 5:15PM AP

Carnival of Losses' is Hall's final volume of essays
A Carnival of Losses: Notes Nearing Ninety" (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), by Donald Hall
Jul 9 3:37PM AP

Review: Years of dues led Carolina Story to stellar debut
Carolina Story, "Lay Your Head Down" (Black River Americana)
Jul 9 3:14PM AP

Review: Anne Tyler's new novel is about second chances
Clock Dance: a Novel" (Knopf), by Anne Tyler
Jul 9 3:11PM AP