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Review: 'The Liar's Child' is a compelling story
The Liar's Child" (Ballantine Books), by Carla Buckley
Mar 18 2:41PM AP

Review: 'The Last Act' is a compelling thriller
The Last Act: a Novel" (Dutton), by Brad Parks
Mar 18 1:51PM AP

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows
WASHINGTON (AP) Guest lineups for the Sunday TV news shows:
Mar 16 12:45AM AP

Review: Karen O & Danger Mouse bring out best in each other
Karen O & Danger Mouse, "Lux Prima" (BMG)
Mar 15 7:22PM AP

Review: The new animated 'Wonder Park' is at war with itself
There's always that moment on roller coasters when the lap bar gets locked down and you slowly, agonizingly ride up to the first drop. You know the next few minutes are going to be harrowing you just don't know how bad. So here's a warning about the new animated amusement park film "Wonder Park" it's going to be more harrowing than you can imagine.
Mar 14 1:00PM AP

Johnny Cash's cabin is setting for fine Todd Snider album
Todd Snider, "Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3" (Aimless/Thirty Tigers)
Mar 13 8:06PM AP

Review: Renee Wahl digs deep on evocative Americana set
Renee Wahl and the Sworn Secrets, "Cut to the Bone" (Double R Records)
Mar 13 6:26PM AP

Review: Snarky Puppy's 'Immigrance' emulates live experience
Snarky Puppy, "Immigrance" (GroundUP Music)
Mar 13 5:43PM AP

Review: An untamed man and horse connect in 'The Mustang
We don't find out our protagonist's name for quite some time in "The Mustang ," the feature debut of French writer-director Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre.
Mar 13 4:12PM AP

Hero or villain, Ocasio-Cortez remains a media fixation
NEW YORK (AP) Believe it or not, there are other members of Congress besides Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Mar 11 6:57PM AP

Black Leopard, Red Wolf' is epic tale by Marlon James
Black Leopard, Red Wolf" (Riverhead Books), by Marlon James
Mar 11 5:40PM AP

Review: New album celebrates Over the Rhine's milestone
Over the Rhine, "Love & Revelation" (Great Speckled Dog)
Mar 11 4:43PM AP

Review: Book casts welcome light on actress Vivien Leigh
Dark Star: A Biography of Vivien Leigh" (I.B. Tauris), by Alan Strachan
Mar 11 4:03PM AP