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Oklahoma astronaut corn maze photographed from space
HYDRO, Okla. (AP) It's apt that a maze cut into an Oklahoma cornfield featuring the likeness of a former NASA astronaut can be seen from space and has been photographed by a satellite orbiting Earth.
Sep 21 6:39PM AP

Walk into my parlor: Greek spiders spin giant web over shore
ATHENS, Greece (AP) It's not quite the World Wide Web but the spiders of Aitoliko in Greece have made a good start.
Sep 21 4:17PM AP

People Can't Believe These Taped-Up, Dirty-Looking Sneakers Cost $530
Critics are accusing Italian clothing brand Golden Goose of "mocking poverty" with the shoes.
Sep 20 8:09PM Weird News

Colorado Football Mascot Chip Shoots Self In Groin With T-Shirt Cannon
No bull.
Sep 20 4:22PM Weird News

Plants, but no pants: Florida man gardens in the nude
STUART, Fla. (AP) Being in touch with nature is one thing. But gardening au naturel is quite another for some neighbors of a Florida man who's been doing yard work in the nude.
Sep 20 2:45PM AP

Man accused of putting girl in game machine, stealing prizes
SALEM, N.H. (AP) A Massachusetts teacher has been charged with putting his toddler into a game machine at a New Hampshire shopping mall and using her to steal prizes.
Sep 20 2:27PM AP

Giant Packages Of Marijuana Washed Up In Florida
Some people turned the packages in to law enforcement. Officials are searching for the ones who did not.
Sep 20 2:22AM Weird News

Fishmonger offers lobsters some herb before the butter
SOUTHWEST HARBOR, Maine (AP) These lobsters are going to pot in more ways than one.
Sep 19 2:38PM AP

Delaware DMV selfie zones aim to discourage license photos
DOVER, Del. (AP) Delaware's Division of Motor Vehicles has installed "Safe Selfie Zones" at its four locations, to allow newly licensed drivers to share the news and not their personal details.
Sep 19 11:52AM AP

Police in New Jersey search for alligator on the loose
MULLICA TOWNSHIP, N.J. (AP) Police in New Jersey are warning residents about an alligator that's on the loose.
Sep 19 9:25AM AP

Mountain lion visits Colorado motel but doesn't stay long
BOULDER, Colo. (AP) A mountain lion has been caught on surveillance camera dashing to the doorstep of a Colorado motel office, venturing toward the open doorway and then wandering away.
Sep 19 1:30AM AP

Virginia Man Accused Of Rubbing Produce On Buttocks And Putting It Back On Shelves
Several pallets of produce were allegedly tainted by the suspect's butt.
Sep 18 5:06PM Weird News

You Don't Want To Know The Trump-Themed Reason Why 'Mario Kart' Is Trending
I was *very* excited to see Mario Kart trending on Twitter until I found out why.
Sep 18 1:48PM Weird News

Cat Doesn't Get The Cream, But Does Get A Bag Full Of Narcotics
The cat in Bristol, southwest England, was found curled up with the illegal stash.
Sep 18 12:08PM Weird News

Spooky Nighttime Children's Voices Turned Out To Be Something Even Creepier Than Ghosts
The first time I heard it it was the most terrifying thing ever.
Sep 18 8:58AM Weird News

Man who walked near boiling-hot Old Faithful geyser ticketed
CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) Yellowstone National Park officials have ticketed a man caught on video wandering close to Old Faithful geyser, where he risked burns from the boiling-hot water that erupts every hour or so.
Sep 18 12:20AM AP

Authorities pull globe, not honey pot, from bear cub's head
BALSAM LAKE, Wis. (AP) A bear cub in Wisconsin had a Winnie the Pooh moment, but it wasn't a honey pot that got stuck on its head. It was a hard plastic globe.
Sep 17 11:16PM AP

Wisconsin Humane Society Rescues 5 Squirrels With 'Hopelessly Entangled' Tails
The youngsters' tails were knotted together with long grasses and plastic strips their mom had used for their nest.
Sep 17 4:41PM Weird News

Driving lesson ends with car landing in a swimming pool
MONTGOMERY VILLAGE, Md. (AP) A driving lesson went off the deep end in Maryland when authorities say the car jumped a curb, crashed through a fence and landed in a swimming pool.
Sep 17 12:54PM AP

This Snake Just Puked Up A Nightmare
Snakes sometimes do this when they're stressed.
Sep 17 9:03AM Weird News