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Heads-Up For Sunday, A Super 'Blood Moon' Is On The Way
Not only will the moon be particularly close to Earth, but it will also be bathed in a reddish light just before midnight Eastern time.
Jan 17 11:05PM NPR-Space

China Tried To Grow Cotton On The Moon, But It Didn't Work
The cotton seeds aboard a lunar lander had encouraged hopes that plants could grow on the moon. But days after China boasted of the experiment's success, the tender shoots died.
Jan 17 10:03PM NPR-Space

Trump Unveils Ambitious Missile Defense Plans
The strategy, reminiscent of the Cold War-era Star Wars program, calls for new sensors in space, updated missile interceptors and advanced weapons, including lasers.
Jan 17 8:53PM NPR-Space

Saturn Put A Ring On It Relatively Recently, Study Says
A new study shows that Saturn's rings are only 10 million to 100 million years old, much younger than the planet itself.
Jan 17 7:13PM NPR-Space

Cotton Seed Sprouts In China's Lunar Lander
A mini biosphere was sent up in China's Chang'e-4, which landed on the far side of the moon in early January. Photos show the small, green shoot of a cotton plant in a container aboard the spacecraft.
Jan 15 8:14PM NPR-Space

Iran Is Preparing A Launch. But Is It For A Space Rocket Or A Missile?
Iran says its intentions are peaceful, but the U.S. worries the planned launches are really about developing weapons specifically, intercontinental ballistic missiles.
Jan 14 11:02AM NPR-Space

SpaceX To Lay Off 10 Percent Of Its Workforce
A spokesman said the reduction would not be necessary except for "extraordinarily difficult challenges ahead.
Jan 12 1:06AM NPR-Space

Astronomers' New Tool May Help Solve Intergalactic Mystery
Fast Radio Bursts are extremely powerful bursts of energy coming from far beyond the Milky Way. No one knows what's causing them but a new telescope in Canada should help find an explanation.
Jan 10 10:01AM NPR-Space

Chinese Spacecraft Lands On Far Side Of The Moon
Chinese scientists have landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. Rachel Martin speaks with Brown University planetary scientist James Head about whether it is a big milestone.
Jan 4 3:15PM NPR-Space

A Look At The Methodical Plan China Has Laid Out For Space Exploration
China's space program has landed a wheeled rover on the far side of the moon that's never seen from Earth. It's part of a systematic plan that the country has for space exploration.
Jan 3 9:19PM NPR-Space

How China's Space Ambitions Fit Into Its Larger Geopolitical Strategy
China's astronomical ambitions are not purely scientific. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with U.S.
Jan 3 9:19PM NPR-Space

China Becomes First Country To Land On Far Side Of Moon, State Media Announces
China's lunar lander, Chang'e 4, successfully touched down on the far side of the moon Thursday morning.
Jan 3 8:00AM NPR-Space

Images Reveal A 'Snowman' At The Frigid Outer Reaches Of Our Solar System
Scientists say Ultima Thule, a newly explored world out beyond Pluto, is a relic from our solar system's earliest days.
Jan 2 9:32PM NPR-Space

News Brief: Government Shutdown, Russia Detains U.S. Citizen, NASA Probe
Congressional leaders go to the White House for a border security briefing. A U.S.
Jan 2 9:58AM NPR-Space

NASA Gets Some Help From Guitarist Brian May On Its New Horizons Probe
Queen guitarist Brian May is also an astrophysicist. He consulted with NASA on its New Horizons probe, which this week started sending back signals from the outer reaches of our solar system.
Jan 2 9:58AM NPR-Space

NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft Conducts Farthest-Ever Fly-By Of An Object
NASA's New Horizons flew by the most distant object ever visited by a spacecraft Tuesday. NPR's Audie Cornish talks with planetary scientist Heidi Hammel about what data from the fly by shows.
Jan 1 9:52PM NPR-Space

NASA Probe Sends Pictures Of A Tiny Planet 4 Billion Miles From The Sun
The first images of the object, just a few pixels wide, arrived Tuesday morning. Higher-resolution photographs will be sent back to the earth in the coming weeks.
Jan 1 6:00PM NPR-Space

China's Lunar Lander To Explore Moon's Far Side
Early in 2019, China hopes to land a rover the first soft landing on the moon's far side. The mission is exploratory, and will lay groundwork for a trip by Chinese astronauts to the lunar surface.
Jan 1 9:58AM NPR-Space

Way Beyond Pluto, An Icy World Is Ready For Its Close-Up
Minutes after the turn of the new year, NASA's New Horizons probe will fly by a minor planet in the most distant exploration of a world ever attempted.
Dec 31 10:04AM NPR-Space