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A 4 Billion Light-Year Journey Ends At The South Pole
Ghostly particles called neutrinos can travel nearly unimpeded across the universe. For the first time, physicists have been able to pinpoint the origin of a powerful neutrino.
Jul 12 3:01PM NPR-Space

NASA Needs Backup Plan To Maintain U.S. Presence At Space Station, Watchdog Says
The Government Accountability Office released a report warning NASA that further delays in the space agency's commercial crew program could keep American astronauts from reaching the space station.
Jul 12 9:22AM NPR-Space

In 'Light Of The Stars,' Adam Frank Studies Alien Worlds To Find Earth's Fate
Astrophysicist Adam Frank has a new book out, Light of the Stars: Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth. He talks to NPR's Mary Louise Kelly about it.
Jul 5 8:48PM NPR-Space

LOOK: Hot, Young Stars Form 'Celestial Fireworks
NASA posted the glittery image of stars that "live fast and die young" on the eve of Independence Day. It shows a cluster of "huge, hot" stars called NGC 3603, about 20,000 light years away.
Jul 4 8:15PM NPR-Space

Scientists Capture First Birth Of A Planet
Photographs of a young planet orbiting a star provide useful information about how planets form and grow.
Jul 2 10:16PM NPR-Space

Japan's Hayabusa2 Spacecraft Arrives At Its Asteroid Destination
The mission includes a plan to bring a sample back to Earth. It's the first time humans have been able to study a C-type asteroid at such a close range for an extended period.
Jun 27 3:56PM NPR-Space