The Berkshire LifeStream - Guest Op-Ed Sun Feb 25 6:16 AM
Alan Chartock | I, Publius: There's plenty in my life that deserves thanks
Here are a few of the reasons why I give thanks.I am thankful for a warm house in the winter. I just read about the hundreds of thousands of homeless people on the streets or in the shelters of New
Feb 24 9:12AM BE Columnists

Anne Horrigan Geary: Small businesses need our support today, every day
DALTON Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are relatively new terms in the lexicon of shopping. As I understand the term, "Black Friday" refers to the fact that retailers' balance sheets
Feb 24 9:06AM BE Columnists

Chan Lowe: Make America think again
PITTSFIELD Those of us old enough to remember what life was like before the internet and social media existed wonder how we ever managed to maintain friendships by exchanging newsy holiday
Feb 23 9:57PM BE Columnists

Gene H. Bell-Villada: Weaponize the teachers. And arm the students while we're at it
This satire first appeared in The North Adams Transcript in 1995. Since then, at least nine states have approved legislation allowing teachers to carry guns on school campuses. The spoof, alas, has
Feb 23 9:57PM BE Columnists

Andrew Morehouse: Gutting SNAP program will hurt many in region
HATFIELD, Ma. Shortly after giving birth to her youngest child, Shannon, a teacher in Chicopee, found herself in a harrowing situation. Her husband moved out of state after being laid off from
Feb 23 9:48PM BE Columnists

Christopher Marcisz: On President George W. Bush Street
TBILISI, GEORGIA The fastest way to drive from the airport outside Tbilisi into the capital takes you along a stretch of highway called President George W. Bush Street. Having lived through
Feb 23 9:45PM BE Columnists

Alan Chartock | I, Publius: Nostalgic visit to Copake, N.Y., yields delights new and old
GREAT BARRINGTON I have always had a very special place in my heart for nearby Copake, N.Y., where I spent a lot of important learning years as a counselor at Camp Bronx House Emanuel.
Feb 23 6:36PM BE Columnists

Bernard A. Drew | Our Berkshires: Queen of the Rangeland Romances
GREAT BARRINGTON -- I rummaged 25 minutes in the small closet off my upstairs office. I shifted boxes and got down on my hands and knees with a flashlight, removing the front tier of magazines ..
Feb 23 6:33PM BE Columnists

Letter: Firing, house-cleaning is a better 'new vision
To the editor:I was saddened to read former Mayor James M. Ruberto's letter in support of the Berkshire Museum's unethical deaccessioning plan (Eagle, Feb.16).
Feb 20 9:57PM BE Columnists

Bass: Guns - talk now, at the funerals, at breakfast, in Congress
RICHMOND With the thermometer shredding the blanket of winter last week, it was time to look for snowdrops and see if any adventurous day lilies were poking up through the leaves that blew in
Feb 18 8:54PM BE Columnists

Clarence Fanto: It's not surprising that L.L. Bean gave return policy the boot
LENOX Attention, L.L. Bean shoppers: The free ride is over.
Feb 17 6:27PM BE Columnists

Lauren R. Stevens: Three states, three projects, three uses
WILLIAMSTOWN "New uses for an Old River" will be the subject of a panel discussion at the First Congregational Church in Williamstown, Saturday, March 10, 9 a.m. to noon.
Feb 16 8:33PM BE Columnists

Chan Lowe: The divine gift of Trump's 'mulligan
PITTSFIELD The pundits have churned out a spate of articles lately opining on how President Trump's evangelical base sticks with him regardless of his having been married three times, boasted
Feb 16 7:39PM BE Columnists

Elizabeth McGraw: Securing the future together
PITTSFIELD For the first time in many months, the passage of time actually offers hope for all of us determined to keep the Berkshire Museum open. The reason: an agreement reached between the
Feb 16 7:36PM BE Columnists

Joyce Brewer: Fight exploitation of African-Americans by Big Tobacco
PITTSFIELD February is Black History Month and American Heart Month. As we celebrate and elevate the achievements of the black community let's pause to examine the tobacco industry practice
Feb 16 7:09PM BE Columnists

Anne Horrigan Geary: The view from the visitor's chair
DALTON Hospitals: you either love them or hate them. Much of the feeling depends on your current or prior experience. I love the fact that people go there for help and healing; but I hate the
Feb 16 5:51PM BE Columnists

Stacie Phan: Biosimilar drugs can benefit Massachusetts
BOSTON Millions of patients suffering from painful and chronic medical conditions could find it easier to access more affordable treatment options, as federal health officials take steps to
Feb 16 5:36PM BE Columnists

Robert F. Jakubowicz: Gun issue brings out worst in US pols
PITTSFIELD -- Cowards! They are the members of Congress who know better, but enable the National Rifle Association (NRA) to impose what the Center for Public Integrity called that organization's greatest achievement, ...
Feb 16 5:33PM BE Columnists

Alan Chartock | I, Publius: 'Compromise' on art dispute fails the smell test
GREAT BARRINGTON The Berkshire Museum will be allowed to sell, or "deaccession," some of its most important paintings in order to survive, or so it says.A huge number of people in the
Feb 16 5:09PM BE Columnists

Dalton Delan | The Unspin Room: Where did the big event television programs go?
WESTPORT, CT. OK, we're in the midst of the Olympics, and for sheer sprawl, you'd have to drive to LA to match the real estate it consumes. Despite the 14-hour time difference from our East
Feb 15 7:06PM BE Columnists