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Lauren R. Stevens: Kids trying to save climate from our mess
Well, for instance, the brave and stalwart 21 youths suing the U.S. government.
Jan 19 3:57PM BE Columnists

Dalton Delan | The Unspin Room: Remembering the man, and the meaning
WESTPORT, Conn . The words are the thing. The extraordinary conjunction of sound and meaning that touches the heart and sears the mind.
Jan 19 3:42PM BE Columnists

Colin Harrington: Kids get contemporary art
WINDSOR As a gallery teacher at Mass MoCA in North Adams, I give tours to people of all ages, from K-12 to college, adult public tours, and special tours for groups of all kinds. As a former
Jan 18 9:48PM BE Columnists

Donald Morrison: The ManhattIan candidate
NEW YORK My introduction to the world of spy thrillers began with "The 39 Steps," British novelist John Buchan's rollicking 1915 yarn of double-agents and a wrongfully accused hero. I wasn't
Jan 18 9:33PM BE Columnists

Bernard A. Drew | Our Berkshires: Poor Alford was a mining town
GREAT BARRINGTON Alford, according to a recent report in this newspaper, has the highest median income of Berkshire households. That's not always been the case. Alford in the 19th century was
Jan 18 6:15PM BE Columnists

Leonard Quart | Letter From New York: Cheney: The dark eminence
NEW YORK Living with the crass and corrupt Trump these last two years has moved many to think less harshly about the Bush/ Cheney years. The pathological liar Trump's public behavior and
Jan 17 6:51PM BE Columnists

Francis Moriarty: Xi Jinping ups ante in backing Huawei princess
WILLIAMSTOWN Events this week raise important questions about China and its leadership: Just how important can one business executive be to Xi Jinping that he's willing to wage a major
Jan 15 8:24PM BE Columnists

Susanne King, M.D.: Medicare for all: The time is coming
LENOX The majority of Americans and their doctors have long supported a national health program, an expanded and improved Medicare for All, that covers everyone, and is cost-effective,
Jan 15 7:45PM BE Columnists

Letter: Caregiving undervalued in market economy
To the editor:In his column last Nov. 12, Eagle business editor Tony Dobrowolski shares lessons from his brief interlude home-caring for his wife. His observations reveal a giant black hole in our
Jan 14 9:54PM BE Columnists

James F. Burns: Three empty chairs
GAINESVILLE, Fla. Gazing out an open sliding-glass door to my left, I can see only clear blue sky and greenish-gray river water. The Suwanee River is well out of its banks, the flood waters
Jan 11 7:48PM BE Columnists

Judy Waters: Harriet Plunkett's fight for health and science
LUNENBURG A member of the "great army of working optimists" was how biographer Frances Willard described Pittsfield's Harriet M. Plunkett, citing the opening in January, 1875 of a cottage
Jan 10 7:51PM BE Columnists

Gillian Jones: We must do better by seniors and senior citizens to come
WILLIAMSTOWN I remember telling a representative with a home health care company that I would put a hospital bed in my living room to take care of my mother before ever putting her in a
Jan 8 7:45PM BE Columnists

Ruth Bass | In very little time, 2019's resolutions will vanish in the ether
RICHMOND It's that time of year again, the January thing when we resolutely resolve and, within days or weeks or months, discover that our good intentions have silently dissolved. Still, it's
Jan 6 9:24PM BE Columnists

Lauren R. Stevens: Wiliams: Have snow, hill, will ski on it
WILLIAMSTOWN Where does a college a bit south of northern New England ski? In Williams' case, a football field, a cemetery, a dairy farm, the Thunderbolt on Mount Greylock, three downhill ski
Jan 5 5:33PM BE Columnists

Clarence Fanto: After safety issue go-round, intersection decision might be near
STOCKBRIDGE Thousands of motorists 16,800 in midsummer navigate through downtown Stockbridge on state Routes 7 and 102 every day, according to MassDOT.For Berkshire County
Jan 5 5:00PM BE Columnists

Daniel Bellow: Facebook, you gave me no choice
GREAT BARRINGTON I will no longer discuss politics on Facebook.Years ago, at the turn of the century, when the internet was in its infancy, I worked for the mighty Microsoft Corporation. In
Jan 4 9:33PM BE Columnists

Alan Chartock | I, Publius: There's comfort in having a favorite spot
GREAT BARRINGTON There are reasons why we choose some restaurants, cafes and joints over others.My partner and critic, the Lovely Roselle, likes to experiment and try new places. I am exactly
Jan 4 6:01PM BE Columnists

Robert F. Jakubowicz: Don't let calendar age you
PITTSFIELD You are as old as you feel physically and mentally and not just because the 2019 calendar year is now adding another year to your chronological age.According to historians, early
Jan 4 5:51PM BE Columnists

Carole Owens: Legislative branch gives way
STOCKBRIDGE What is wrong with what Donald Trump is doing? Are we squabbling about style or is it substantive?Debating the decisions of any of the three branches of government is healthy.
Jan 1 5:39PM BE Columnists

Look ahead, Pittsfield: New year, new district attorney
Our district attorney is arguably the most powerful person in Berkshire County, and come Wednesday we'll have a new one.In November, Andrea Harrington handily won the countywide district attorney's
Dec 30 10:09PM BE Columnists