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E.J. Dionne Jr.: Refugees should not be fodder for election year political advantage
In the madness of the Trump era, terrible things happen with almost no notice. An announcement is made, some news stories are written, and the issue quickly disappears, engulfed in a storm of crazy
Oct 15 7:30PM BE Columnists

Nicholas Kristof: Trump must get tough on Saudis over missing journalist
NEW YORK The reports about Jamal Khashoggi, the missing Saudi journalist and Washington Post contributor, whom I've known for more than 15 years, grow steadily more sickening.Turkey claims to
Oct 15 5:09PM BE Columnists

Rinaldo Del Gallo, III: We should honor Pittsfield war hero on Veterans Day
PITTSFIELD One hundred years ago this month, Pittsfield's most famous son, Major Charles White Whittlesey, lead the "Lost Battalion" in World War I, leading to the war's eventual end on
Oct 15 5:03PM BE Columnists

Ruth Bass: Boardwalks offer access - and protection - to intriguing places
RICHMOND White caps and sapphire water on the usually calm bay indicated that this was not a beach day. It was August on Cape Cod, and it would be windy out there on the sand possibly
Oct 14 8:12PM BE Columnists

Clarence Fanto: 'Hamilton' ticket costs, availability can leave you scratching your scalp
LENOX So, you want to score a ticket or two to see the hottest show in the nation, Lin-Manuel Miranda's "Hamilton," now that it's on tour while still playing forever on Broadway?As a public
Oct 13 5:12PM BE Columnists

Francis Moriarty: Hong Kong rejects reporter in free speech controversy
The Asia editor for a major newspaper has just been unceremoniously booted out of Hong Kong. It's an unprecedented action further damaging the city's already-dented image as a bastion of personal ..
Oct 12 10:45PM BE Columnists

Lauren R. Stevens: Meaningful progress on the environment up to all of us
WILLIAMSTOWN "Practice" sometimes means repeating in order to improve, as in we're practicing the piccolo this afternoon. The word also means applying a theory or idea, as in she practiced
Oct 12 9:51PM BE Columnists

Steve and Cokie Roberts: Chief Justice Roberts is the new swing vote on the Supreme Court
WASHINGTON At his White House swearing-in ceremony, Justice Brett Kavanaugh described a role for the Supreme Court that was often obscured during his rancorous confirmation process. "It is
Oct 12 9:12PM BE Columnists

Peter Funt: There are many ways to be an intelligent consumer of news
LOS ANGELES These are the best of times, and the worst of times, for being well informed. We have a vast landscape of news sources, yet we tend to view them through a peephole rather than a
Oct 12 8:15PM BE Columnists

Alan Chartock: Nurses deserve our gratitude, but our hospitals need flexibility
GREAT BARRINGTON Question 1 on the Massachusetts ballot this year demands some thinking.It would mandate certain levels of nurse staffing in our hospitals. But before I come to a conclusion
Oct 12 8:06PM BE Columnists

Kevin O'Hara: Report from the front lines of the vermin wars
PITTSFIELD I had a miserable summer. First off, while sprucing up our house in July, my paint brush accidently broke through a wasp's nest. In moments, I was swarmed over by a squadron of the
Oct 12 6:57PM BE Columnists

David Brooks: Let's hear two cheers for feminism!
NEW YORK I disagree with academic feminism a lot with those vague oppressor stories about the patriarchy, with the strange unwillingness to admit inherited-gender differences and with
Oct 12 6:36PM BE Columnists

Wendy Penner: Newly named BRCC opens its doors to the community
The Northern Berkshire Community Coalition (nbCC) has been convening members of our community to address prevention, treatment, and recovery from addiction. Being a predominantly rural region can add
Oct 11 8:45PM BE Columnists

Nicholas Kristof: The `Greatest Hoax' Strikes Florida
NEW YORK -- As Hurricane Michael rips through homes and communities, we send our sympathies to all those in its path, but let's also review what some leading Florida residents have said about ...
Oct 11 6:42PM BE Columnists

Dalton Delan | The Unspin Room: The decline of a great brand
WESTPORT, Conn. On a summer Monday in 1976, I stood outside the Time & Life building hard by Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. A latter-day Jonah, I was headed into the belly
Oct 11 6:39PM BE Columnists

E.J. Dionne: Dems making populist inroads in Ohio
COLUMBUS, Ohio "I think it's all about the dignity of work," says Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in an interview in the backseat of his Chevy Suburban. "I talk about how we value work.
Oct 10 8:57PM BE Columnists

Robert F. Jakubowicz: Loss of filibuster widened nation's split
PITTSFIELD America could have been spared from the further widening of its political division, if former Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and current Republican Senate Majority
Oct 10 8:39PM BE Columnists

Baby Boomer Memories: Nostalgia on the airwaves
Driving in the car, I often turn to radio stations that play current pop songs. Unfortunately, I don't recognize many of the tunes, not to mention the singers and the bands that are today's pop
Oct 10 8:27PM BE Columnists

It's essential to get that flu shot
With flu season around the corner, your health care providers, employers, pharmacists and others are sounding the annual reminder: "Get your annual flu shot." We encourage this for you and
Oct 10 5:09PM BE Columnists

Question 1 will impede the Brien Center's work
At the Brien Center, we do our best to provide high-quality care for thousands of people in the Berkshires through comprehensive programs and services delivered in community settings. Yet, it is not ..
Oct 10 5:03PM BE Columnists