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You really don't want to know 'What Men Want
Not to kick off this review with a spoiler alert, but after seeing "What Men Want" the answer to what men want is probably the same as what women want: Not to be ripped off by yet another dubious
Feb 8 10:12PM BE Movie Reviews

LEGO Movie: The Second Part' tries harder
The LEGO Movie" is a hard act to follow. Its world was so fresh and vibrant and unexpected, it's no wonder that it spawned a number of spinoffs of varying quality. But the big test was always going
Feb 8 9:18PM BE Movie Reviews

Peter Jackson reinvents documentary filmmaking with unconventional 'They Shall Not Grow Old
Director Peter Jackson is upfront about what audiences should not expect from his unconventional World War I documentary, "They Shall Not Grow Old." This is a film made by a non-historian for an
Feb 7 5:00PM BE Movie Reviews

Rodriguez deserves more than bland 'Miss Bala
If you've ever watched TV's hugely entertaining "Jane the Virgin," you'll know that its star, Gina Rodriguez, is one of the most engaging, charismatic and relatable actresses out there.It was only a
Feb 1 7:51PM BE Movie Reviews