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Letter: Carolina student expresses gratitude
To the editor:On April 14, I had a letter to the editor published in this newspaper saying that I was doing a report on Massachusetts and asking readers to send me some information. Your response was
May 25 9:06PM BE Letters

Letter: Profits behind clinic's attack on pot business?
To the editor:This letter is regarding the article "Pot shop gets heat from abutter: A methadone clinic" (Eagle, May 22).The president of Spectrum Health Systems lodges a serious charge at the Girard
May 25 9:03PM BE Letters

Chan Lowe | A newcomer's view: What makes Berkshires so special
PITTSFIELD -- I had been living in the Berkshires less than a year and had been trying to figure out why my sense of belonging to a community -- of being "home" -- already outstripped ...
May 25 8:48PM BE Letters

Letter: Practice safe grilling on Memorial Day
To the editor:Whatever happened to the good old days when the worst things we had to fear on Memorial Day were traffic jams and indigestion? Folks setting to break out their outdoor grill this
May 25 7:18PM BE Letters

Letter: Gratitude toward Hinsdale COA
To the editor:Once again, seniors 90 years of age and older were treated to a delicious turkey dinner at Ozzie's restaurant. What a great tribute.Many thanks to the Hinsdale Council on Aging
May 25 7:15PM BE Letters

Letter: Lucas a contributor to art sale conspiracy
To the editor:The movie mogul George Lucas has acquired Norman Rockwell's masterpiece "Shuffleton's Barbershop" for his own private museum, but no one knows how much he paid for it. Everyone in the
May 25 7:09PM BE Letters

Letter: Thanks,city of Pittsfield, for new Onota boathouse
To the editor:Berkshire Community Rowing has just completed construction of a new boathouse in Burbank Park on Onota Lake. Our club is open to all members of the community and welcomes aspiring
May 25 7:00PM BE Letters

Letter: Preview stories unfair to Otis board candidate
To the editor:I must comment on the two articles in The Eagle regarding the Otis selectman's race between Bill Hiller and Dave Conklin. I thought the placement of the article to the right of the page
May 25 6:54PM BE Letters

Letter: Museum leadership deserves to be scorned
To the editor:The Berkshire Museum does indeed deserve the "condemnation and scorn" so articulately described by Mr. Giuliano in Tuesday's letter to the editor.I am continually amazed by the people
May 24 5:09PM BE Letters

Letter: Mass. delegation will help undo GOP damage
To the editor:Three cheers for Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Richie Neal, and the rest of the Massachusetts delegation in Washington.
May 24 5:09PM BE Letters

Letter: A dog leaves with part of owner's heart
To the editor:Some people may have read the May 23 Eagle story about Pittsfield's police dog Ciro thinking, "but it's just a dog." I read the story with tears running down my cheeks.A beloved dog
May 24 5:00PM BE Letters

Letter: Resilient Columbus earned his holiday
To the editor:History reinvents itself! Regardless of which textbook you believe, Christopher Columbus deserves to be honored, dishonored, debated and revised to reinstate the Christopher Columbus
May 24 4:57PM BE Letters

Letter: Stockbridge shows how to have a town meeting
To the editor:On the night of May 21, Stockbridge held its 2018 annual town meeting. The warrant was substantial; a few articles were withdrawn. The remaining articles were passed.
May 24 4:57PM BE Letters

Letter: Great Barrington's Bannon wearing one too many hats
To the editor:An Open Letter To Great Barrington Select Board chair Steve Bannon:Dear Mr. Bannon:You are to be commended for your many years of exemplary civic engagement. I feel compelled, however,
May 23 9:27PM BE Letters

Letter: Our local forests help protect environment
To the editor:When you think of trees, think carbon sink. Trees are some of our best allies in the fight against climate change. Through their leaves, they take up 25 percent of the carbon emissions
May 23 9:21PM BE Letters

Letter: Greedy, vindictive Stockbridge developers
To the editor:The developers of the 37 Interlaken property say that they are deeply frustrated with the leaders of Stockbridge (Eagle, May 20). That's not quite accurate. They are, in fact, deeply
May 23 9:18PM BE Letters

Letter: Questioning museum critic's haughty decrees
To the editor:When, and by whom, was it decreed that the one (and only true) mission of that establishment on South Street was to be a place for the display of art? Likewise, who was it who decided
May 22 9:12PM BE Letters

Letter: Fear of change, new ideas crippling Stockbridge
To the editor:It was unsettling to read The Eagle's May 20 edition, which included coverage by Clarence Fanto concerning many long-term Stockbridge residents' contempt for the historic Naumkeag and
May 22 9:06PM BE Letters

Letter: Entitled developers can take toys and go
To the editor:I just finished reading the May 20 article about the 37 Interlaken development and if I was opposed to it before, I am even more opposed now.The owner's attorney, Jonathan Silverstein,
May 22 9:03PM BE Letters

Letter: Toss pro-gun pols out of office in fall
To the editor:When will enough be enough? Another school shooting, with nothing being done. Our president thinks that all he has to do is offer prayers. Unfortunately, he will do nothing to help
May 22 9:00PM BE Letters