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Letter: Candle lighting ceremony a timely moment of joy
To the editor:A big thank you to Naumkeag and The Jewish Federation of The Berkshires for putting together an amazing Chanukah candle lighting service. The community spirit along with fairy tale
Dec 17 9:21PM BE Letters

Letter: Angry bus riders should rise up
To the editor:Is anyone else as frustrated as I am with the transit strike? Now they've cut even more buses. If the regular drivers are not crossing the picket line to support the transit drivers,
Dec 17 9:15PM BE Letters

Letter: End tax exempt status for religions
To the editor:In the Dec. 7 column by E.J.
Dec 17 9:15PM BE Letters

Letter: Moriarty column is worthy of Pulitizer
To the editor:Belated praise for the Nov. 14 opinion piece by Francis Moriarty: "No more drinking the Kool-Aid." I nominate this for a Pulitzer Prize for journalism! The paper is earning back its
Dec 17 9:15PM BE Letters

Letter: Trump's trade policy is harmful and arrogant
To the editor:The U.S. corporations want to stay profitable and competitive in the global marketplace for their shareholders.
Dec 14 10:27PM BE Letters

Letter: 'Green New Deal' can't happen without military cuts
To the editor:Lauren R. Stevens ("Green New Deal," Eagle, Dec. 10) makes the case for the "Green New Deal" pushed by U.
Dec 14 10:24PM BE Letters

Letter: Reader offers clarification of presidential pardon
To the editor:Regarding Presidential pardons, the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing which a recent letter writer does not. When they were developing the Constitution, serious thought
Dec 14 10:21PM BE Letters

Letter: Members of Congress using slush fund should be exposed
To the editor:I move for the immediate release of the names of all the members of Congress who have paid settlements to victims of sexual harassment over the past 20-plus years. Taxpayers have
Dec 14 10:21PM BE Letters

Repaired bank clock a holiday gift to the people of Adams
To the editor:Miracles happen! While I walked by the Adams Community Bank early, early Thursday morning I saw the clock content in its place and repaired and it made me stop, gaze and smile. All that
Dec 14 9:21PM BE Letters

Letter: Eagle's commentary offers a concise array of information
To the editor:I have just finished reading every word of pages A4 and A5 of the Tuesday, Dec. 3, issue of The Eagle. This array of editorials and commentary is why we cheerfully pay for our
Dec 14 9:21PM BE Letters

Letter: Charter Legacy customers hoping for attention, too
To the editor:As I write this I am in the second total outage (cable/internet/phone) which interrupted an online training I was taking at home. Most in Berkshire County think Spectrum is all one
Dec 14 9:21PM BE Letters

Letter: A plea for help for a Berkshire farmer with bad luck
To the editor:Yesterday when Ben Havill, my "go to" expert on all house and garden issues arrived to help me, I asked about a Facebook message I'd received concerning a Go Fund Me website. "Something
Dec 14 9:18PM BE Letters

Letter: Writer misses Robert, England Brothers' talking reindeer
To the editor:Where's Robert? A couple of months ago The Berkshire Eagle ran an article on England Brothers Department Store holiday window displays. When I was growing up in the '70s and '80s, my
Dec 14 7:09PM BE Letters

Letter: Lead paint not only toxic element in SBRSD story
To the editor:Lead paint is not the only toxic element in the story of the Southern Berkshire Regional School District.To understand the issues now facing the five towns of Alford, Egremont,
Dec 14 7:09PM BE Letters

Letter: The presidential pardon: Why?
To the editor:Thank you, Charles Steinhacker, for your very clever and well-written letter ("Why did Founding Fathers include the pardon?," Eagle, Dec. 5). You're not alone.
Dec 13 6:45PM BE Letters

Letter: Christmas is what we each choose to make of it
To the editor:I've always loved Christmas. All of our family would come over my grandparents, my aunt and her family, sometimes extra people: a neighbor, my mom's friend, dad's cousin. It was
Dec 13 6:42PM BE Letters

Letter: Sandisfield selectman explains his side of DPW issue
To the editor:I was shocked to see the Eagle editorial of Dec. 6 titled "Secrecy in Sandisfield." The Sandisfield selectmen released the minutes of the September 20 Executive Session at which the
Dec 13 6:42PM BE Letters

Letter: On Sandy Hook anniversary, we must sustain momentum
To the editor:Today marks the sixth anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. That day, my eldest grandson sat in his kindergarten classroom in Vermont, as innocent and excited to
Dec 13 6:39PM BE Letters

Letter: Winter hall walking an idea that ought to spread
To the editor:Kudos for the "Health Take-Away" by Don Scherling: "Rise above holiday blues with proven steps." (Eagle, Dec. 3) His third bulleted item puts the emphasis on literal steps: "Stay in
Dec 12 10:57PM BE Letters

Letter: Thanksgiving Angels thank all those who helped their outreach
To the editor:Once again, the Thanksgiving Angels have successfully provided food for over 1,300 local families. This would not be possible without the generous support of city businesses, religious
Dec 12 10:57PM BE Letters