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Letter: Lessons to be learned from limousine tragedy
To the editor:We do not yet know all of the details in the tragic upstate New York limousine accident that killed 20 people. I am sure when the conclusion is out we will find out there are several
Oct 15 9:03PM BE Letters

Letter: Question 1 a threat to CHP patients
To the editor:Community Health Programs opposes the Question 1 ballot initiative, with its strict mandates for nurse-patient ratios in hospitals and costly fines for staffing shortfalls. The impacts
Oct 15 9:00PM BE Letters

Letter: Don't just blame GE for chemical run-off
To the editor:Regarding your Oct. 9 article "Pittsfield councilors call for answers on chemicals in groundwater," as a former employee of GE at 100 Plastics Ave, I used to walk down Tyler St.
Oct 15 9:00PM BE Letters

Letter: Disgusting spectacle by Trump, judge, GOP
To the editor:I have never witnessed such disgusting behavior from the crook in the White House, the spineless enabling from the Senate Republicans and the extreme right-wing rant from the beer
Oct 15 9:00PM BE Letters

Letter: Become informed about nurse staffing before voting on Q1
To the editor:I never thought I would be writing a letter to the editor, but I feel compelled to on this issue. In my immediate family, I am proud to say there are nine nurses, spanning three
Oct 12 10:09PM BE Letters

Letter: Vote "No" on Question 3 to protect women from offenders
To the editor:Our lawmakers wanted to make sure transgender persons could use bathrooms and locker rooms where they felt comfortable. On June 1, 2016, they debated a proposed bill when a legislator
Oct 12 10:09PM BE Letters

Letter: Registered nurse explains why Question 1 a bad idea
To the editor:I am a registered nurse at Berkshire Medical Center's North Adams Campus, and I am voting "No" on Question 1 on the November ballot. At face value, a "Yes" vote seems to make sense. Who
Oct 12 10:06PM BE Letters

Letter: Use your vote to counteract Republican rule-breaking
To the editor:The past few years have been most discouraging for believers in a plurality-driven democracy, where decisions get determined by a majority of the electorate. Time and again, one party
Oct 12 10:03PM BE Letters

Letter: Men should not force women to cover for their misdeeds
To the editor:Most men use sex as a rite of passage. They all do it either legally, by choice or by force.Whether they are old, young or regardless of status, if they are man enough to do the act,
Oct 12 9:24PM BE Letters

Letter: Paul Caccaviello is the one with experience to be DA
To the editor:There are many times when I believe the best man for the job is a woman. Not so with the position of district attorney of Berkshire County. The best man for this job is the man who is
Oct 12 8:33PM BE Letters

Honor Central Service professionals this week
To the editor:Central Service professionals are being celebrated for their commitment to patient safety during International Central Service Week, Oct. 14 to 20. The International Association of
Oct 12 8:33PM BE Letters

Letter: Comedian has it all wrong about the efforts of musicians
To the editor:I was taken aback by comedian Thomas Attila Lewis' recent statement about the difference between presenting comedy and music. "A lot of places try to treat comedy like it's music, and
Oct 12 8:30PM BE Letters

Letter: Dems should tout their own programs, not bash Trump
To the editor:I seem to find myself in the minority in today's national Democratic Party.I disagree with the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the
Oct 11 8:57PM BE Letters

Letter: Term limits are the only solution to corruption
To the editor:Never before in the history of this country has such a shameful display of angry politicians been gathered together in one room. Many spoke in haste disregarding the feelings of others.
Oct 11 8:57PM BE Letters

Letter: Make sure to exercise your privilege to vote on Nov. 6
To the editor:I am disappointed by a number of Americans who complain about the current political system and who also voice concerns about challenges such as the environment, the economy and
Oct 11 8:54PM BE Letters

Letter: 'No on 1' campaign is designed to sow deliberate confusion
To the editor:If I may comment on Clarence Fanto's recent op-ed piece regarding Question 1:The confusion surrounding this question is a deliberate creation by the Massachusetts Hospital Association
Oct 11 8:54PM BE Letters

Letter: Borak's review of BSC play disappointing and frustrating
To the editor, I was disappointed and frustrated after reading Jeffrey Borak's review of The Glass Menagerie at Barrington Stage Company. My husband and I were present at the opening performance and
Oct 11 8:51PM BE Letters

Letter: Kavanaugh hearings escalate long trend
To the editor:I hope all of us, Republicans and Democrats, will ask themselves the following questions about the dispute between Professor Blasey [Ford] and Judge Kavanaugh over his suitability for
Oct 10 9:15PM BE Letters

Letter: Vote for Caccaviello as most experienced
To the editor:Few are those who come to public service with selfless motivation. These are the rare breed for whom the power that comes with responsibility is not intoxicating, but sobering. Career .
Oct 10 9:12PM BE Letters

Letter: Combat vet can't get license renewed
To the editor: A new law from Boston states that you have to prove who you are to renew your driver's license. I got a bunch of documents together to show who I am and always was. I got a copy of my
Oct 10 9:09PM BE Letters