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Letter: Irish immigrants faced bias similar to today's
To the editor:In a month we'll be celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Many of those of Irish heritage can recall the towns and counties from which they hail.
Feb 18 10:24PM BE Letters

Letter: Emergency declaration sows more discord
To the editor:Listening to Trump's speech Friday about his unprecedented decision to declare a state of emergency sickened me for a several reasons.He, admittedly "didn't need to do this. But I'd
Feb 18 10:21PM BE Letters

Letter: WRHS project cost is estimate at this point
To the editor:I wish to address Doug McNally's Sunday, Feb. 17 letter to the editor about the Wahconah Regional building project and thank him for pointing out needed clarifications.The School
Feb 18 10:15PM BE Letters

Letter: Big Y's high prices sabotage it, Adams
To the editor:According to an article in Friday's Eagle, Big Y in Adams is closing due to limited space to enlarge the store for adding a pizza oven and a sushi bar. Did the Big Y ever do a survey to
Feb 16 10:18PM BE Letters

Lettter: Waiting for Neal to sign onto Green New Deal
To the editor:I can't believe Rep. Richard Neal hasn't signed on to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal. Does he not represent the green and beautiful Berkshires? Does he not have children who
Feb 16 10:18PM BE Letters

Letter: Cost of new WRHS worries senior resident
To the editor:Lately, I have been trying to figure out how I can help pay for the proposed new Wahconah high school, the soon-to-be higher sewer tax, my usual bills and keep my home.I have lived in
Feb 16 10:18PM BE Letters

Letter: Discarded pot containers adding to city mess
To the editor:The most troublesome aspect of the new recreational marijuana dispensaries are the sterile, hospital-like, locked-down environments the marijuana is purchased in and the plastic
Feb 16 10:15PM BE Letters

Letter: Debates begin process of ousting Trump
To the editor:The first presidential debates have been scheduled, necessitating two nights to accommodate the mass of Democratic hopefuls.With so many announced candidates (more will join in ) it's
Feb 15 10:57PM BE Letters

Letter: Wahconah project numbers don't add up
To the editor:I am not writing to express my opinion on the merits of the Wahconah Regional High School project, but rather to object to the misleading cost figures in the article "New school plan
Feb 15 10:54PM BE Letters

Letter: Good Russian advice for President Trump
To the editor:Dear President Trump:"Above all, don't lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or
Feb 14 9:45PM BE Letters

Letter: No ceremonial deck for Proprietor's Lodge
To the editor:I grew up across the street from what was the Breezy Knoll Inn-ITAM. In the 1950s, it was a great, quiet, residential neighborhood. We kids rode our bikes and played ball in the street.
Feb 14 9:33PM BE Letters

Letter: A new Wahconah for students, community
To the editor:For over 58 years, students have passed through Wahconah Regional High School with hopes of having successful and bright futures. As a current student of Wahconah Regional, I strongly
Feb 14 9:30PM BE Letters

Letter: Investigate collusion between Rams, Democrats
To the editor:Eleven unaccounted for Super Bowl points have been found in the trunk of a prominent Democratic activist's car. There is no evidence that this rumor is true, but the 9th Circuit Court
Feb 14 9:27PM BE Letters

Letter: Why not help those who are fleeing north?
To the editor:I wonder what $5.7 billion could do to help clean up the gangs who terrorize Salvadoran and Guatemalan families and make them flee for their lives to el Norte? If we're considering
Feb 14 9:27PM BE Letters

Letter: Health insurance tax is hurting small businesses
To the editor:These days, many regulations are set up for big companies but are applied to small business. That means businesses like mine have to comply with those regulations and pay the costs even
Feb 13 10:06PM BE Letters

Letter: Plane on moon photo attests to Enguirer's credibility
To the editor:When shopping at supermarkets around town, it seems virtually impossible to check out without confronting the cover of the current National Enquirer.It doesn't usually inform the public
Feb 13 10:06PM BE Letters

Letter: Asphalt manufacturing does an injustice
To the editor:There is nothing "just" about manufacturing asphalt in East Canaan! There is nothing "just" about allowing a "pre-existing non-conforming use" when there is no documented pre-existing
Feb 12 8:27PM BE Letters

Letter: DOT should explore alternative turnpike exit sites
To the editor:I have lived in Becket for over 30 years and love the gentle, rural environment which surrounds me and my neighbors in the hill towns. I read with great interest Larry Parnass's
Feb 12 8:21PM BE Letters

Letter: Rename Muddy Brook in honor of Du Bois
To the editor:Regarding efforts to rename Monument Valley Regional Middle School as W.E.B.
Feb 12 8:18PM BE Letters

Letter: Back driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants
To the editor:I am writing in support of the state bill sponsored by Rep. Farley-Bouvier to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain driver's licenses in Massachusetts.As a local family physician, I
Feb 12 8:18PM BE Letters