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Letter: Caccaviello was logical successor
To the editor:When a school principal retires halfway through the school year, the school committee asks the principal whom he or she trusts to take over the operation of the school for a short
Aug 16 9:12PM BE Letters

Letter: Chartock abuses his forum in Berkshire Eagle
To the editor: I want to support the letter to the editor written by Great Barrington Police Chief Walsh concerning Alan Chartock's regular Saturday column in The Eagle ("What motivates Chartock's
Aug 16 9:09PM BE Letters

Letter: Split hurts reform effort ; get behind Knight
To the editor:State Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier states the obvious, as reported in the Aug. 14 Eagle.
Aug 16 9:00PM BE Letters

Letter: Courageous American created many memories
To the editor:Congratulations to a courageous team, the Little League American All-Stars representing in great style Pittsfield and the entire commonwealth! Words alone will hardly describe a great
Aug 16 8:57PM BE Letters

Letter: Disturbed by attitude toward free press
To the editor:It was incredibly disheartening to read that 40 percent of respondents believe that the press is the enemy of the people (Eagle poll question, Aug. 13). How do we even begin to have a
Aug 16 8:54PM BE Letters

Letter: Harrington offers fresh approach, and an end to backroom ties
To the editor:Paul Caccaviello touts 28 years of experience in the district attorney's office so if the system is broken then Caccaviello is part of the problem. Caccaviello has no other experience
Aug 15 8:48PM BE Letters

Letter: Experienced Knight is advocate of reform
To the editor: On Sept. 4, I am voting for Judith Knight for Berkshire County district attorney. She is the only candidate who has been both a prosecutor and a defense attorney and she has
Aug 15 8:45PM BE Letters

Letter: Inspired by young at Sandy Hook rally
To the editor:On Sunday afternoon, Sandy Hook Promise in Newtown, Conn. hosted a rally for the youth from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida a fitting location to
Aug 14 9:33PM BE Letters

Letter: Warning for Cheshire boaters
To the editor:To letter writer Paula Boynton ("Cheshire boaters had a write to free speech," letter, Aug. 14, and your hard-working American friends..
Aug 14 9:30PM BE Letters

Letter: Bear's blood is on hands of many
To the editor:I am very saddened and disappointed to read about the tragic death of the black bear in Housatonic (Eagle, Aug. 3). I have always believed people have the capacity to comprehend the
Aug 14 9:27PM BE Letters

Letter: What motivates Chartock's attacks on Gr. Barr. police?
To the editor:Regarding Alan Chartock's column ("I Publius: Speeders, give us a break and slow down please") of Aug. 4 and the put-downs, insinuations and mockery. This writing style is great for him
Aug 14 9:24PM BE Letters

Letter: Be certain to register and vote on Sept. 4
To the editor:Massachusetts needs the vote of every eligible citizen in the Sept. 4 primary election. I'm writing to encourage every voter to participate now more than ever.
Aug 13 7:03PM BE Letters

Letter: Soft-spoken Knight will be a tough DA
To the editor:There is an idiom, "an iron fist in the velvet glove," which in essence means a person who is soft-spoken and unassuming in nature, but, who in reality is particularly
Aug 13 7:03PM BE Letters

Letter: As DA, Harrington will be tough, reform-minded
To the editor: My civic-minded 11-year-old daughter asked me why I was putting up an Andrea Harrington lawn sign. I reminded her how I've worked for many years in the playwright mentoring project at
Aug 10 10:15PM BE Letters

Letter: Neal is proven ally of working class
To the editor:With just weeks to go before the primary election on Tuesday, Sept. 4, voters in Western Massachusetts should re-elect my good friend and former colleague, Congressman Richard Neal.
Aug 10 10:03PM BE Letters

Letter: Help is here to address high energy costs
To the editor:During the most extreme weather periods, energy is a life-critical resource. Unfortunately, many Berkshire families continue to struggle with energy affordability. The Low Income Home
Aug 10 10:00PM BE Letters

Letter: Take on Citizens United by voting 'Yes' on 2
To the editor:Big money in politics and rapidly increasing control of our political and legal systems by behemoth corporations and other big money interests MUST be eliminated if we want to see
Aug 10 9:54PM BE Letters

Letter: Bitter taste at Desperadoes
To the editor:As a North Adams citizen living less than a thousand feet uphill from Desperados Mexican restaurant on Eagle Street, as a longtime advocate for interracial healing, and as chair of my
Aug 10 9:51PM BE Letters

Letter: Vote this fall to curtail damage done in 2016
To the editor: I am so impressed with the direction our country has taken in the past 19 months. We are a country on the move. We have elected for the first time a leader who cares about himself and
Aug 10 9:36PM BE Letters

Letter: Be a Super Voter in Sept. 4 primary
To the editor:Are you a Super Voter? This is a person who votes in all elections, even those that occur when there is not a presidential election. I wish to encourage all of us to be Super Voters.The
Aug 9 9:09PM BE Letters