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Ask the Doctors: Grandma refuses pacemaker to regulate erratic heart rate
Q: What is sick sinus syndrome? Is a pacemaker the only cure? My grandmother was just diagnosed with it but, at age 94, has refused to even consider a pacemaker. A: Sick sinus syndrome refers to a
Oct 12 3:09PM BE Health

Health Take-Away: Millions of migraine sufferers do so needlessly
Migraine is the third most prevalent and sixth most disabling illness in the world, affecting some 39 million people in the U.S. alone.
Oct 12 3:09PM BE Health

Limited screen time for kids linked to higher mental performance
Parents who possess the courage to separate their children from their smartphones may be helping their kids' brainpower, a new study suggests.Children who use smartphones and other devices in their
Oct 5 6:26PM BE Health

Ask the Doctors': Silent UTIs are real health threat to elderly
Q: Our 92-year-old mother, who's still sharp as a tack, was perfectly fine one moment and then suddenly became weak and extremely disoriented. It was like she had dementia. We expected to hear that .
Oct 5 6:26PM BE Health

Go the distance when researching the best running shoe
Choosing the right running shoe has never been easy. There are so many shoe companies and so many models, each touting various high-tech features. How is a buyer supposed to make the smartest
Oct 5 6:25PM BE Health

Health Take-Away: New tool helps assess breast cancer risk
Mammography changed the course of women's health care in 1976, when the screening test was first recommended for the early detection of breast cancer. Before then, cancer was typically diagnosed when
Sep 28 4:42PM BE Health

Ask the Doctors: RSV can be life-threatening for young babies
Q: I've been reading a lot lately about something called RSV, which acts like a cold but turns out to be way worse, especially in kids. What is it, and how is a parent supposed to know the
Sep 28 4:39PM BE Health

Antibiotics for appendicitis? Surgery often not needed
CHICAGO When emergency tests showed the telltale right-sided pain in Heather VanDusen's abdomen was appendicitis, she figured she'd be quickly wheeled into surgery. But doctors offered her
Sep 28 4:39PM BE Health