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Ask the Doctors: What's the best way to treat a toddler's cold?
Q: Our youngest daughter caught a cold over the holidays and was pretty miserable. She had just turned 2, so we didn't want to give her cough or cold medicines, but we did want to help her feel
Feb 8 7:45PM BE Health

Pea-sized pill delivers insulin shot from inside the stomach
WASHINGTON Scientists figured out how to hide a shot inside a pea-sized pill creating a swallowable gadget, inspired by a tortoise shell, that can inject medicines like insulin from
Feb 8 7:45PM BE Health

The best toothbrush? Any - if you're using it right
If you have ever walked the long toothbrush aisle in a big-box store undecided, we have good news for you: "The best toothbrush is the one you're using in your hand, if you're using it right," says
Feb 8 7:45PM BE Health

Your baby's cold may be RSV
Our holiday season was a symphony of sneezes.It's inevitable, we joked, as family members from as far away as Illinois and Italy joined our celebrations in suburban Philadelphia.We added packages of
Feb 1 6:39PM BE Health

Health Take-Away: Treating the root causes of high blood pressure
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is one of those widespread conditions to which people too readily surrender as if it's their genetic destiny. "Mom had it. Dad had it.
Feb 1 6:39PM BE Health

Ask the Doctors: Adequate vitamin D is essential to good health
Q: Why is it that vitamin D is so important? I know you can get it from food and supplements, but I'd like to get it the old-fashioned way from the sun. Is that too dangerous? A: It can't be
Feb 1 6:36PM BE Health