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Ask the Doctors: Delayed sleep cycle linked to health problems
Q: My mother and my sister are both night owls who stay up late and sleep late the next morning. In our family we never thought anything of it. But now it turns out their sleeping habits are
Dec 14 4:09PM BE Health

Health take-away: Finding holiday joy despite serious illness
When you or someone you love receives a diagnosis of cancer or other major illness, life is suddenly turned upside down. Fear and worry about the unknown are instantly present. Whether it is the .
Dec 14 4:09PM BE Health

Shining a light on 'sundowning'
Growing up, Emily German looked up to her mother as a fierce role model who effortlessly juggled family, friends and a successful career."She was such a tough, powerful, strong woman. That is 100 .
Dec 14 4:09PM BE Health

New drugs providing relief for migraines
Nancy Baum Lipsitz remembers the night the pain began. She'd had a glass of white wine with a friend and went to bed with a terrible headache. The next day, she still felt horrible, the beginning of
Dec 7 4:18PM BE Health

Ask the Doctors: Readers ask about melatonin, cherry complex, sodium intake
Hello, dear readers! Once again, you've filled our overflowing mailbox with questions, concerns and some kind words (thank you, as always, for those), so let's get right to business: Q: I'm in my
Dec 7 4:18PM BE Health

Seasonal depression, 'winter blues' and SAD
If you're feeling short-changed because the sun now sets at about 4:30 p.m., consider this: The sun set for the last time this year on people in Barrow, Alaska, the nation's northernmost city, on
Dec 7 4:15PM BE Health