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Our Opinion: Bribery scandal teaches colleges harsh lessons
Perhaps the most unsurprising feature of the recently uncovered college admissions bribery scandal is that it existed and thrived in the first place. America is a country where money has always
Mar 15 8:57PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Clergy abuse draws focus of region's DAs
The ongoing clergy abuse scandal in the Catholic Church and the shameful response to it by church authorities has drawn the attention of elected officials across the state and nation (See George F.
Mar 14 8:39PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Student debt problem is a social justice issue
The explosion of student debt is a problem that some older Americans have trouble understanding, because there once was a time when students were actually able to pay their way through college by
Mar 12 8:51PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion
Wrong way to tackle issueWhile the connection between tackle football and brain injuries such as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative disease that can emerge late in life, is not
Mar 8 8:51PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Sense of urgency lacking on nursing homes
Williamstown plays host to a top-ranked liberal arts college and a celebrated art institute, but one recognition the Village Beautiful would just as soon not receive is
Mar 6 11:12PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Challenges lie ahead for promising Flyer
If there's one thing upon Berkshire residents can agree, it's this: The scenic and cultural tourism industry is a key to the recovery of a county economy that has struggled since manufacturing jobs
Mar 5 10:27PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Sex trafficking under the spotlight
Human trafficking and its fellow-traveler, sexual exploitation, are sordid topics we'd rather not hear about. To think that such a heinous crime as holding helpless people against their will and
Mar 1 11:00PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Affordable housing must be a state priority
Affordable housing isn't exactly a sexy topic, and sometimes it even gets a bad rap when Not In My Backyard types view it as the chink in their community's armor providing a gateway for increased
Mar 1 10:57PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Ignore deniers, help combat climate change
Until relatively recently, the problem of climate change was not given its due by the American body politic, partly because its consequences remained insignificant enough to be waved away by
Feb 28 10:42PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion
Stop stalling on plastic bag banEven though the Ordinance and Rules Committee voted unanimously to recommend a plastic bag ban, the Pittsfield City Council still can't bring itself to approve this
Feb 28 9:30PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion
Fresh pair of eyes on bus serviceSometimes all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes and and an inquisitive mind to crack the most stubborn of problems. Bard's College at Simon's Rock student Tate
Feb 28 9:30PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Words, but no action, from Vatican on abuse
Last week Pope Francis, responding to an ever-broadening awareness that the Catholic Church is in the midst of one of the greatest crises of its long history, held a Vatican conclave of bishops and
Feb 26 10:51PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Adding black history to curriculum will benefit all
Why is February set aside every year as Black History Month?""Because the other 11 months of the year are white history months."Those unfamiliar with that well-worn exchange ought to reflect upon
Feb 25 10:24PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Reviving historic Mohawk would boost North Adams
On Thursday, North Adams Mayor Thomas Bernard delivered his annual State of the City address to a group of citizens and dignitaries, and as such speeches by incumbent municipal leaders tend to be,
Feb 2 5:42PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Ideology is stalling promising opioid plan
As Massachusetts and the rest of the country explore every possible avenue in the battle against opioid addiction, the commonwealth is considering opening supervised safe injection sites where
Jan 31 10:27PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Baker's education budget fix needs more work
Governor Baker's plan to fix the state's education budget formula is less a fix than a shift that could potentially burden the poorest school districts. If so, it would negate the governor's separate
Jan 25 6:27PM BE Editorial