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Our Opinion: State transparency board is transparently failing
The term "sabotage" derives from the French word "sabot" the wooden shoe once worn by European workers and peasants. During outbreaks of labor strife, factory workers would occasionally toss
Sep 21 9:45PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: LEA makes bullying issue all about them
When it comes to reports of a culture of bullying at Lenox Memorial Middle and High School, it appears that the teachers union would prefer to take offense that the School Committee allowed
Sep 20 9:33PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Race for DA: Part 2
Just as Berkshirites were catching their breath after enduring one of the most absorbing and contentious races for public office in recent memory, word came Wednesday that the recent Democratic
Sep 19 9:51PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Josh rolls as Pond fills in for Bowl
Josh rolls as Pond fills in for BowlDespite impediments like a toxic algae bloom in Stockbridge Bowl that forced a last-minute course change, the 42nd Josh Billings RunAground came off smoothly
Sep 17 9:15PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Fresh Grass continues to grow
Fresh Grass continues to growThere are few better ways to celebrate the Berkshires' unique blend of natural beauty, the historical appeal of repurposed former industrial sites and a vibrant cultural
Sep 17 9:09PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Emphasizing Pittsfield's less heralded charms
The city of Pittsfield suffers an undeservedly checkered reputation the farther away one gets from it. The New York Times was no help earlier this year when, in a piece extolling the virtues of the
Sep 14 10:51PM BE Editorial

Letter: Blandford pike exit will destroy quality of life
To the editor:I have been a Blandford resident full time for 30 years. I am wholeheartedly opposed to the proposed turnpike exit in Blandford.My choice to move here, "away from it all," was
Sep 14 10:21PM BE Editorial

Editorial: Schools are wise to push vocational education
What, exactly, is the definition of success? For some high school graduates, it means matriculating to college and obtaining a degree that prepares them for a future career. For others, it means
Sep 14 10:21PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Ads on Question 1 raise more questions
In war, truth is the first casualty." That quotation, uttered 2,500 years ago by the Greek tragedian Aeschylus, remains all too appropriate today particularly when it comes to election
Sep 13 9:57PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: City Council made its Q3 stance too complicated
The Pittsfield City Council did the right thing Tuesday night when it voted unanimously to support equal rights for all city residents, including members of the transgender community. However, it did
Sep 12 10:30PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Greylock opens doors on school, to future
About a week after the new Taconic High School opened its doors in Pittsfield, the new Mount Greylock Regional School welcomed students from Lanesborough and Williamstown. Both schools should long
Sep 11 9:42PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: The Berkshires: Land of Subarus, Silverados
Fiercely independent Berkshire residents may not see themselves as predictable, but when it comes to car-buying, we pretty much are. We drive Subarus and Silverados. The Boston Globe sorted through
Sep 11 9:42PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Negative ads in 19th a taste of what's coming
The political ads for the Elizabeth Warren-Geoff Diehl U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts are going to be nasty, but Berkshire viewers don't have to wait that long to get a taste of the kind of attack
Sep 10 9:57PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: New Taconic ready for an old reality
As school systems across the country have learned to their horror and sadness, the prospect of a disturbed individual exploiting our permissive gun laws and working out their grievances on innocent
Sep 9 4:39PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: After dramatic primaries, focus shifts to November
Primary elections are generally sleepy affairs in Massachusetts, but not this past Tuesday. In the Berkshires and in Boston, voters shook the local landscape, setting the stage for a general election
Sep 8 4:27PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: SJC campaign ruling leaves questions open
Many Americans would agree that one of the greatest impediments to a healthy, fully functioning democracy in this country is that the political system is awash in special interest money. Money not
Sep 7 8:09PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Coming together after tough DA fight
The hard-fought Democratic primary for Berkshire County district attorney is history, and barring some surprise out of left field, in a few months Andrea Harrington will be sworn in as the county's
Sep 5 9:39PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Dellea Field ushers in new local sports era
Last Friday, Berkshire County finally attained varsity status in the world of Massachusetts interscholastic sports with the official dedication of Gene Dellea Field, an artificial turf facility on
Sep 3 4:15PM BE Editorial