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Our Opinion: A missed opportunity for shared superintendent
Earlier this week, the Adams-Cheshire Regional School Committee was given an opportunity to do something courageous, save a big chunk of money, and resolve an issue that will only grow more
Apr 26 10:00PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Responsible decision on wastewater treatment plant
Pittsfield's wastewater treatment plant has been in need of an upgrade for a decade and Mayor Linda Tyer and the City Council can be proud that they are the leaders who have addressed it. With a
Apr 25 9:00PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Little pink houses, not for you and me
Hubby's Cabins, the tiny pink shacks that sat along Route 102 in Lee for more than 40 years, were quirky remnants of roadside Americana of that era that is disappearing into history. Their origins
Apr 25 8:51PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Another chip out of the Berkshire Mall
The move of Peace Train Tees from the Berkshire Mall to the Berkshire Common on South Street in Pittsfield is another win for downtown and another loss for the mall, which continues to shed the
Apr 25 8:48PM BE Editorial

Maintain momentum on opioid addiction
At last, the scourge of opioid addiction that has cast a shadow on every city, town and rural hamlet in the land shows the beginning signs of diminishing (Eagle, April 20). Thanks to increased
Apr 21 2:36PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Tragedy doesn't make case for death penalty
Whenever a police officer falls in the line of duty, their sacrifice reawakens gratitude among those they protect. There is no higher calling than putting one's own life on the line in the service of
Apr 20 9:21PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Earth Day's importance at a hazardous time
Tomorrow, April 22, is the 49th observance of Earth Day. Originally conceived in the U.S.
Apr 20 5:06PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Trump Syria attack doesn't help innocent civilians
Syrian President Assad's chemical weapons attack on civilians motivated President Trump to order missiles dropped on that country, but it hasn't motivated the U.S. president to help get those
Apr 18 9:30PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Keeping the focus on guns
The student protests in the wake of the massacre in Parkland, Florida have energized a nation weary of gun violence, but to succeed they must continue to grab the spotlight. On Friday, students at
Apr 18 8:12PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Honoring Representative Cariddi
Proposals to develop the Greylock Glen have come and gone for 40 years, and the imaginative and environmentally sensitive plans moving forward owe a lot to the persistence of the late state
Apr 18 8:09PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: AG wins a legal battle in climate change war
In her long-running battle to bring ExxonMobil to heel, state Attorney General (and one-time professional basketball player) Maura Healey has chalked up another point on the scoreboard. Last Friday's
Apr 17 9:24PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Fiber optics enhance bet on Berkshires
Last week, The New York Times, arbiter of all things hip and trendy, bestowed its coveted seal of approval upon Berkshire County in the form of a lengthy article in its Real Estate section titled
Apr 16 8:45PM BE Editorial

Spread Boston-centric film tax credit westward
Not all great movies are filmed in Hollywood. "The Verdict," "Mystic River," "Jaws," "The Paper Chase," "Spotlight" these are just a few that would have lacked crucial authenticity had they
Apr 13 9:45PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Vermont governor's courageous stance on gun mayhem
The seismic shift on the issue of gun violence since the shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, was in evidence in Montpelier, Vermont, on Wednesday when Governor
Apr 13 9:45PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Council finds workable path for pot licensing
Pittsfield city councilors demonstrated commendable unity of purpose at last Tuesday's meeting regarding the subject of retail marijuana licensing. Faced with last month's vote by the Community
Apr 12 9:45PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: BRTA needs funding to reach its potential
If you discover that your favorite Berkshire Regional Transit Authority bus route has been reduced in frequency or eliminated after July 1, it will do little good to complain to BRTA's sorely
Apr 11 8:57PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Tanglewood's economic impact
The economic impact of Tanglewood, and by extension all Berkshire cultural venues, is well-established, but the numbers regarding the Boston Symphony's summer home are nevertheless telling. A study
Apr 11 8:51PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Sheffield's close encounter
The Berkshires' own "X-File," a 1969 UFO siting seen by many and chronicled by several television shows, is marked by a tasteful, 5,000-pound memorial near Sheffield's Old Covered Bridge. Town
Apr 11 8:45PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: Healthy Incentives Program is worth every penny
It would be hard to imagine a government program that made more sense and got more bang for the taxpayer's buck than Massachusetts' Healthy Incentives Program. Instituted last year by the state
Apr 10 8:30PM BE Editorial

Our Opinion: State shows how ban on assault weapons works
It is particularly appropriate that a landmark ruling upholding a state ban on the ownership of assault-style weapons be handed down from a federal judge in Massachusetts, where the famed Minuteman
Apr 9 8:39PM BE Editorial