The Columbia Missourian - Opinion Sun Feb 25 6:16 AM
EDITORIAL: Greitens cannot defend himself in court while running the state
Greitens, who holds a doctorate in Greek ethics and philosophy, has been brought down by what in Greek tragedy is called hubris.
Feb 24 12:00PM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Forced arbitration is wrong, especially in sexual harassment cases
Big business groups are back at the Capitol pushing a bill to force all employment disputes, including sexual harassment, into secret arbitration.
Feb 23 12:00PM Opinions

PHIL BROOKS: Flaring tempers do nothing but divide Missouri's Senate
In the Senate of old, filibusters often were diverted into near comedy routines for no other purpose than to calm tempers.
Feb 23 12:00PM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Florida lawmakers school Marjory Stoneman Douglas students - what a mistake
What a mistake by Florida lawmakers to not even pretend to show respect for the horrible things those kids saw a week ago.
Feb 22 12:00PM Opinions

STEVE SPELLMAN: Federal welfare needs modernization
Society has come to expect charity from tax-funded programs. The socialized public method dominates discussion to the detriment of other options.
Feb 21 12:00PM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: As the Trump administration retreats on climate change, US cities are moving forward
Two-thirds of mayors agreed that cities should play a role in reducing the effects of climate change even if it means making fiscal sacrifices.
Feb 21 12:00PM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Could the 2018 elections in Kansas and Missouri be hacked?
Even the mere threat of interference can be disruptive if voters distrust results because they think someone hacked the local election board.
Feb 20 12:00PM Opinions

C.W. DAWSON: The black community needs to create political change
The primary order of business is to form a political block led by the African-American community.
Feb 20 12:00PM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Attorney general steps up for workers in harassment arbitration cases
Good employers should seize the opportunity to stop shielding harassers and give workers a fair chance when they've been wronged.
Feb 20 12:00PM Opinions

KEN MIDKIFF: Does Roundup cause cancer? Monsanto's keeping it a secret
Whether you believe Roundup causes cancer depends on if you believe scientific findings or a spokesman for the pesticide industry.
Feb 19 12:00PM Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NAFTA is beneficial for working people in Missouri
Withdrawing from NAFTA would slap a 20 percent tariff on exports, which would deal a devastating blow to a small business owner like myself.
Feb 19 12:00PM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Auditor suggests common-sense budgeting. What a concept.
Despite low unemployment and an economy ranked 11th nationally for fiscal health in a 2017 study, the state budget is under severe stress.
Feb 19 12:00PM Opinions

PHILL BROOKS: Fiscal Notes Matter
Over the years, fiscal notes have had a significant impact on the legislative process sidelining bills or forcing sponsors to scale back the costs.
Feb 16 12:00PM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Get Ready for More Voter Suppression
This year, at least 20 states are considering laws that would make it harder to vote.
Feb 16 12:00PM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Missouri lawmakers take Gov. Eric Greitens to school
Greitens has shown he has many lessons to learn. Too bad he's being educated at the expense of Missouri's schoolchildren.
Feb 16 12:00PM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: The Attorney General Thinks Aspirin Helps Severe Pain. He's Wrong
Jeff Sessions, who opposes safe medical marijuana, says severe pain sufferers should "tough it out" instead.
Feb 15 12:00PM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Tips Are for Servers, Not CEOs
The Trump administration wants servers to hand over nearly $6 billion to their bosses.
Feb 15 12:00PM Opinions

DAVID ROSMAN: Valentine's Day losing its origin, but it's still lucrative
U.S. Valentine's Day sales are expected to reach $19.
Feb 14 12:00PM Opinions

DAVID WEBBER: Why don't homeless people go to shelters?
Viewing the homeless as lazy freeloaders prevents a deeper understanding of their decisions.
Feb 14 12:00PM Opinions

C.W. DAWSON: The Economic Imperative for the Future-Investing in Ourselves
This Black History Month we must not only reflect on the past, we must also think about the future, especially our collective economic future.
Feb 13 6:00PM Opinions