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GUEST COMMENTARY: Housing discrimination thrives 50 years after Fair Housing Act tried to end it
Such efforts to diminish the government's role in providing housing assistance to the poorest populations is based on historic ideas on the causes of poverty.
Apr 23 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: As attention focuses on Greitens, another ruinous tax-cut bill advances
The House passed a bill that would cut taxes by $500 million next year. In a state that can't pay its bills, the bill is profoundly irresponsible.
Apr 23 11:00AM Opinions

KEN MIDKIFF: Trump is not yet worthy of impeachment
Removal from the presidency is a very serious step. Trump, regardless of his childish acts, has not yet been found guilty of committing any crime.
Apr 23 11:00AM Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'Guns Everywhere' bill is infuriating
What are we doing as grown-ups when our kids say they are scared in their own classroom, and they are asking for help?
Apr 20 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Have you noticed how poor people are bankrupting the government? Neither have we.
A lot of needy people's benefits at risk for what's likely to be very few dollars saved and very little behavior modified.
Apr 20 11:00AM Opinions

PHILL BROOKS: Greitens' potential impeachment is unprecedented
Equally as unprecedented is the secrecy with which the House has been conducting its investigation into the governor's actions.
Apr 20 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Another counterproductive assault on food stamps
House Republicans are pushing ahead with another mean-spirited plan to worsen hunger and cut jobs.
Apr 19 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Helping Missouri's Community Lenders Better Serve Consumers
Hard-working Missourians deserve more financial options and credit unions and community banks are key to having those choices.
Apr 18 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: The IRS is due for an update
There is no better time than the annual tax-filing deadline to rally support for this initiative.
Apr 18 11:00AM Opinions

STEVE SPELLMAN: Moral character matters, especially for our leaders
We need to ask ourselves: If a leader makes a mistake, are they remorseful? Do they make it right? Or, is this a pattern in their life?
Apr 18 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Sessions-Kushner feud over prison policy holds policy implications for Missouri
Missouri will spend nearly $700 million in general-fund revenue this year to house 32,500 inmates. This is ridiculous. There's got to be a better way.
Apr 17 11:00AM Opinions

DAVID WEBBER: What if Martin Luther King Jr. was alive today?
Last week's remembrances of Martin Luther King Jr. caused me to read, for the first time, King's last book, "Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?" In it, King writes about his concern about the term "Black Power"
Apr 17 11:00AM Opinions

C.W. DAWSON: Trump should be judged on his leadership, not on his relationship with a porn star
A good leader is revealed in their handling of domestic and foreign. Digging into Trump's sex life is beneath us and not worthy of our attention.
Apr 17 11:00AM Opinions

KEN MIDKIFF: Aren't we all entitled to entitlements?
In every job I held, dating back to my two years in the military, I paid into Social Security. I did not have a choice, and now I'm entitled to it.
Apr 16 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Facebook faces regulation. But what kind?
Congress is a dysfunctional place these days. A complicated subject like internet regulation might be beyond its abilities.
Apr 16 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Education at a reasonable cost
At Mizzou, we are helping students put learning first by creating options that allow them to focus less on finances and more on what is most important: their education.
Apr 16 11:00AM Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Local businesses should help keep our community clean
In simple ways our corporate citizens could model good citizenship, and everyone could have a more positive feeling about our community.
Apr 16 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Becoming more than an older sister to a brother with Down Syndrome
How a case for guardianship helped a family understand how deep its roots in each other really are.
Apr 13 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Paul Ryan must defend Robert Mueller against Donald Trump's worst impulses
If Trump moves to fire Mueller or Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, Ryan and his colleagues in Congress must be ready to act.
Apr 13 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Amid stories of sexual perversion and abuse, Greitens cannot continue as governor
Greitens still deserves his day in court, but he cannot continue as governor under this cloud. The witness is credible and he is not. He must resign.
Apr 12 11:00AM Opinions