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DAVID WEBBER: The year 1968 caused a ripple effect that persists today
Polarizing presidential elections, persistent national debt, and frequent social protests may have been novel in 1968, but they have pretty much been the norm for the past half century.
Jul 13 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Despite dangers, Boone County Commissioners approve rodeo, derby
Despite deaths and injuries associated with rodeos and the Demolition Derby, such events are scheduled for this summer.
Jul 13 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Allies take heat from Trump, return it in kind
Donald Tusk, the president of the European Council, had a message for President Trump as he embarked on a seven-day trip abroad, tweeting, "Dear America, appreciate your allies. After all, you don't have that many.
Jul 13 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Pride comes from within
Pride parades aren't just for those who are already out, but for others who aren't. Perhaps not even to ourselves.
Jul 12 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: The U.S. must reap what it sowed
The U.S. created conditions in Central America that families are desperate to flee even at the they risk of being separated.
Jul 11 11:00AM Opinions

STEVE SPELLMAN: Water bond proposal likely to pass, but to what end?
Expanding the municipal water system would involve annexing areas outside of the Columbia city limit, a process that is problematic and obsolete.
Jul 11 11:00AM Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Freedom to work states show more job, GDP growth
Missouri workers are missing out on the benefits 'right-to-work' has to offer.
Jul 11 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: The denuclearization accord that never was begins to unravel
President Trump's personal style of diplomacy has failed as U.S. relations with North Korea continue to degenerate.
Jul 11 11:00AM Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: High-speed internet access essential to economic growth
Expanding internet access in Missouri is a priority on both sides of the aisle, and would facilitate growth for years to come.
Jul 11 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Is the Supreme Court's legitimacy undermined in a polarized age?
Democrats won the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections, but Republican presidents have appointed a majority of the sitting justices. Is the court out of step with America?
Jul 10 11:00AM Opinions

C.W. DAWSON: Why I do not support Proposition A
Data shows that workers in Right to Work states make significantly less than those in non-Right to Work states.
Jul 10 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Pruitt's departure from EPA speaks to president's faulty hiring practices
The beleaguered, and scandal plagued EPA chief should have been fired long ago, but the end of Scott Pruitt does not mean things at the EPA will change for the better.
Jul 9 11:00AM Opinions

KEN MIDKIFF: Is being uncivil to those we disagree with worthwhile?
Reports of several members of the Trump administration being admonished in public brings up questions of whether or not incivility is politically advantageous.
Jul 9 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Next EPA head should protect human health, environment
The Environmental Protection Agency needs a director that both respects science, and will adhere to the agency's mission.
Jul 9 11:00AM Opinions

DAVID WEBBER: Practicing civility through replying to Facebook posts
A demonstration of how to civility on social media should work.
Jul 6 10:30PM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: 'Right-to-work' does not just affect workers, it affects us all
The weakening of unions not only leads to lower wages, and reduced access to affordable health care, but it creates a sense of powerlessness and affects a community's spiritual well-being.
Jul 6 11:00AM Opinions

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 90 percent of rural hospital closures are in states that refused to expand Medicaid
Four hospitals have been shuttered in Missouri since 2014, and before another one closes, policymakers in Jefferson City should finally expand Medicaid.
Jul 6 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Knowing when to turn off the news
Ignoring bad news won't make it go away. But when bad news hurts your ability to act, take a break.
Jul 6 11:00AM Opinions

EDITORIAL: Parson takes lead on gas tax question
If approved, the tax would generate $290 million more per year for roads and bridges once it is fully implemented.
Jul 6 11:00AM Opinions

GUEST COMMENTARY: Centrists must take center stage
As the GOP continues its slump toward the far right, it is up to Republican centrists, with their tradition of pragmatism, to deter Trump's Supreme Court nominations.
Jul 5 11:00AM Opinions