The Columbia Missourian - Obituaries
Norbert Thomas Evers, Feb. 26, 1928 April 19, 2018
Norbert Thomas Evers, 90, of Columbia died Thursday, April 19 at The Bluffs. He had worked for local radio stations and area grocery stores.
Apr 21 8:33PM Obituaries

Death notice for April 20, 2018
Wayne Homer Penney has died.
Apr 20 3:15PM Obituaries

Delilah Mae Lusby Hutchinson, Oct. 31, 1922 - April 16, 2018
In her spare time from work, family, gardening and cooking, Delilah enjoyed bowling, working with Meals on Wheels and playing cards with friends.
Apr 19 11:00PM Obituaries

Erin Reynolds, Nov. 11, 1977 March 30, 2018
Erin Reynolds, 40, served as the first Executive Director for Family Access Center for Excellence (F.A.C.
Apr 19 10:15PM Obituaries

Death notices for April 19, 2018
Norbert Thomas Evers has died.
Apr 19 10:00PM Obituaries

Samantha Ford Cox, Aug. 18, 1922 April 15, 2018
Samantha Cox, 95, was a member of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Daughters of the American Revolution, and the MU Delta Gamma House Corporation Board.
Apr 19 9:00PM Obituaries

Death notices for April 18, 2018
Chad Robert O'Keefe and Homer Smith have died.
Apr 19 1:15AM Obituaries

Dorothy Wells Sherman, Sept. 4, 1935 - March 24, 2018
Dottie had great interest in animals. She raised horses and other animals and she competed successfully in many local and national events.
Apr 18 4:45PM Obituaries

Patricia Asanti, Feb. 25, 1957 - April 16, 2018
Patty loved family, her dog Zoey and the outdoors. She enjoyed walking, being in nature and exploring the outdoors with family at Pomme de Terre Lake.
Apr 18 4:42PM Obituaries

Death notices for April 17, 2018
Erick S. Coulter, Katherine Anne Himberger, Bryan Phifer, Jack Dean Snider, Addalynn Voss, Patricia Ann Asanti, Natale "Nat" Scavone, Willetta Geraldine Madison Ellis, Kathy Denevan, Samantha Cox and Frank Leeander Williams have died.
Apr 17 11:21PM Obituaries

Erick S. Coulter, Sept. 24, 1951 April 13, 2018
Erick S. Coulter, 66, was a computer programmer for several years in Denver and loved trains, old television shows and music.
Apr 17 9:00PM Obituaries

Bryan Phifer, July 28, 1925 April 15, 2018
A memorial service for Bryan Phifer will be at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, June 16, 2018, at Memorial Baptist Church, 1634 Paris Rd.
Apr 17 6:25PM Obituaries

Natale 'Nat' Scavone, Dec. 19, 1930 April 16, 2018
Natale "Nat" Scavone, 87, worked as Columbia's city comptroller, as well as the chief accountant of Fulton State Hospital. He also served in the U.S.
Apr 17 5:18PM Obituaries

Addalynn Voss, Feb. 9, 2016 April 16, 2018
Addalynn Voss, 2, enjoyed listening to music, playing with dogs, taking baths and talking with anyone who would listen and give her all their attention.
Apr 17 5:14PM Obituaries

William R. Biers, Oct. 29, 1938 April 12, 2018
William R. Biers was born on Oct. 29, 1938, in Brussels, Belgium, the son of Howard Biers and Constance (Herzog) Biers.
Apr 16 9:30PM Obituaries

Death notices for April 16, 2018
Danny Ray Gibson and Shirley Thelen died.
Apr 16 7:57PM Obituaries

Shirley Thelen, Sept. 21, 1934 April 13, 2018
Shirley A. Thelen passed away peacefully on April 13, 2018, at Boone Hospital Center in Columbia Missouri.
Apr 16 3:50PM Obituaries

Thomas Priester remembered as a man of family, faith
Thomas "Tom" Priester loved talking with friends, family and even strangers on the street. "He was a really outgoing guy," Sandy Priester, his wife, said.
Apr 14 10:45PM Obituaries

Gloria Miller enjoyed teaching and learning
Gloria Miller enjoyed spending time with her family and corresponding with friends from all over the world.
Apr 14 1:45AM Obituaries

Darell Grigsby, Oct. 13, 1934 April 13, 2018
Darell enjoyed boating and watching NASCAR, movies and sports on television.
Apr 13 10:00PM Obituaries