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Randy Vessell, Nov. 20, 1946Oct. 12, 2018
Mr. Vessell was a basketball star at the University of Missouri-Rolla, served 32 years in the U.S.
Oct 15 10:30PM Obituaries

Death notices for Oct. 15, 2018
Kodi Joy Caine, Madeline Norvell and James Leslie Royer have died.
Oct 15 8:59PM Obituaries

Patricia Atwater, Jan. 19, 1932 Oct. 9, 2018
Mrs. Atwater made her home in Columbia for many years. She taught in the Missouri School of Journalism, where her husband served as dean.
Oct 15 5:30PM Obituaries

Death notice for Oct. 14, 2018
Pauline E. White, 101, has died.
Oct 14 8:15PM Obituaries

Betty J. Farris, July 21, 1931 Oct. 11, 2018
Betty J. Farris, 87, of Boonville, was the church secretary for the Boonville United Church of Christ for 25 years.
Oct 13 11:33PM Obituaries

Death notices for Oct. 13, 2018
Jennifer Ann Young and Edith M. Leeper have died.
Oct 13 11:30PM Obituaries

Edith M. Leeper, July 3, 1931 Oct. 12, 2018
Edith M. Leeper, 87, received a nursing degree from MU and collected quilts.
Oct 13 3:33PM Obituaries

Death notices for Oct. 12, 2018
Mary Marischem and Mary Josephine McNear have died.
Oct 12 11:38PM Obituaries

Death notice for Oct. 11, 2018
Mary Margaret Wells has died.
Oct 11 11:37PM Obituaries

Olan McGee, Aug. 30, 1929 Oct. 9, 2018
McGee worked for Stephens College and Columbia Public Schools during his career.
Oct 11 11:00PM Obituaries

Frank Classens, Sept. 3, 1959 Oct. 9 2018
Frank Raymond Classens, 59, of Columbia passed away on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018, at home surrounded by his family.
Oct 11 10:55PM Obituaries

Margot Loveland Perry, Aug. 7, 1939 Oct. 5, 2018
Margot's love for tennis grew as she did, and one of her most noted students Tim Gullikson went on to make his own name in the world tennis circuit as Pete Sampras' coach.
Oct 11 10:00PM Obituaries

Death notices for Oct. 10, 2018
Frank Raymond Classens, Olan Richard McGee and Bennett Aaron Sanders have died.
Oct 10 11:12PM Obituaries

Jack Hyde, Dec. 18, 1935 Oct. 6, 2018
Jack Hyde, 82, was a veteran and worked for Ameren for 40 years.
Oct 9 6:28PM Obituaries

Golah Carpenter Roehrs, Feb. 22, 1921 Oct. 6, 2018
Golah Carpenter Roehrs, 97, was a member of the Bunceton Garden Club, Daughters of the American Revolution and many other organizations.
Oct 9 6:03PM Obituaries

Yvonne Lou Murray Clark, April 9, 1937 Sept. 30, 2018
Yvonne Lou Murray Clark, 81, was awarded with MU Arts & Science department's Distinguished Service Award in 2017.
Oct 9 5:19PM Obituaries

Death notices for Oct. 8, 2018
Jack Ronald Hyde and Golah I. Roehrs have died.
Oct 8 11:45PM Obituaries

Betty Tanner, Sept. 17, 1937 Oct. 5, 2018
Betty Tanner, 81, loved joking around and had a determination to live and love.
Oct 8 4:21PM Obituaries

Death notices for Oct. 6, 2018
Betty Jean Tanner, Cynthia Johnson and Margot Loveland Perry have died.
Oct 6 10:06PM Obituaries

John H. Henzel, July 12, 1936 Oct. 2, 2018
During his 20 years in private practice, Dr. Henzel was loved and revered by his patients and their families. Dr.
Oct 6 2:45PM Obituaries