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Harry Dierker, July 1, 1937Aug. 22, 2018
Dierker, 81, spent his life as a doctor, serving all around the world. He was also a Master Gardner.
Sep 20 10:08PM Obituaries

Death notice for Sept. 20, 2018
Martha O. Cutler has died.
Sep 20 10:00PM Obituaries

Diane Brown. Dec. 9, 1935Aug. 25, 2018
Diane studied piano at Stephens College, where she also met her husband.
Sep 20 7:15PM Obituaries

Death notices for Sept. 19, 2018
Marty Kidd, Stanley Morris and Joanne Peel have died.
Sep 20 1:53AM Obituaries

Martin "Marty" Swales Kidd, Aug. 26, 1975 Sept. 12, 2018
A resident of Columbia, Marty was a business owner who loved people and was quick to help anyone in need through lending a hand, offering encouraging words or telling a quick joke.
Sep 19 10:45PM Obituaries

Joanne L. Peel, March 29, 1935 Sept. 19, 2018
Joanne graduated from Archer Nebraska High School and then traveled the world. She married Charles Peel on June 23, 1990, and they spent time traveling the United States.
Sep 19 10:30PM Obituaries

Stanley L. Morris, July 23, 1952 Sept. 15, 2018
Stanley was born on July 23, 1952, at Boone County Hospital. He worked in real estate and was a DJ for 90.9 The Bridge & The Eclectic Caf
Sep 19 10:35AM Obituaries

Edward Senor, Nov. 11, 1956 Sept. 9, 2018
Edward Senor, 61, of Lebanon, Tennessee, was born in Boone County.
Sep 18 11:30PM Obituaries

Death notices for Sept. 18, 2018
Chase Warren Cowles, Victoria Neghiu, John R. Lay and Jannet Marie Gyduk have died.
Sep 18 9:15PM Obituaries

Chase Warren Cowles, Jan. 2, 2008 Sept. 14, 2018
Chase Cowles, 10, was active in Upward Basketball and his favorite team was the Golden State Warriors.
Sep 18 8:55PM Obituaries

Victoria Neghiu, April 23, 1921Sept. 15, 2018
Victoria Neghiu was 97 years old.
Sep 18 8:50PM Obituaries

Jannet Marie Gyduk, Oct. 10, 1958 Sept. 17, 2018
She is survived by her loving son Phillip Gyduk and her grandson Michael Gyduk.
Sep 18 6:20PM Obituaries

Glenn 'David' McFann, Oct. 29, 1947Sept. 14, 2018
Mr. McFann worked for Martin & Daniel Court Reporters and had bowled more than 30 perfect games.
Sep 17 9:15PM Obituaries

Death notices for Sept. 17, 2018
Roger Forsee has died.
Sep 17 8:55PM Obituaries

Olive Gillespie, March 17, 1925Sept. 14, 2018
Mrs. Gillespie was an avid bridge player and had worked for Columbia Public Schools, as a Realtor and for the Columbia Police Department.
Sep 17 4:45PM Obituaries

Death notice for Sept. 15, 2018
Hugh Hurt has died.
Sep 15 6:42PM Obituaries

Eva Lee Yager, Jan, 16 1922 - Sept. 13, 2018
Yager was 96 years old.
Sep 14 11:15PM Obituaries

Death notice for Sept. 13, 2018
Myron "Mike" Trapp, 91, has died.
Sep 13 11:27PM Obituaries

Death notice for Sept. 13, 2018
Myron "Mike" Trapp, 91, has died.
Sep 13 10:45PM Obituaries

Death notices for Sept. 12, 2018
Helen Brady, 76, Craig S. Moore, 59, and Joan Barnes Camp, 88, have died.
Sep 12 10:12PM Obituaries