Football Hazards
Interview with global social media influencer Evan Kirstel
Listen/subscribe to this episode on: iTunes Spotify Google Play In today's episode of The Freedom Club podcast, I had the opportunity to interview global social media influencer/market Evan Kirstel, who works with some of the world's most recognizable tech brands, to small, exciting start ups. So I'm helping some big brands, small brands, startups, and a lot in between on the tech, B-to-B tech world, said Kirstel.
Apr 16 7:47PM

These are the top DFW football coaching hires in 2018
The Star-Telegram continues its Spring Forward series with a look at the top coaching hires in Dallas-Fort Worth. Replaced: Wade Griffin Peterman spent the past decade with DeSoto, including the past three years as its head coach.
Apr 16 4:05PM star-telegram

This Startup's 2 Helmets Are Officially the Safest in Football, According to the NFL
Seattle-based startup Vicis is on a mission to create a safer football helmet. It's already had some success: The company's first product, the Zero1, finished first in the NFL's annual safety test last year.
Apr 16 4:00PM

Let me Love You by Jessica Jayne
Let Me Love You Jessica Jayne Publication date: December 18th 2017 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Twenty-three year old Ren Haynes returns home after graduating college with two goals-start his engineering career and claim the heart of his parents' thirty-one year old divorced neighbor, Stacey Williams. Stacey is nursing her broken heart and shattered ego.
Apr 16 12:26PM Review Tour

Five things we learned from Arizona State spring football
Arizona State's final spring practice Friday night had a surprise guest. "What is all this wind in Arizona?" coach Herm Edwards said after the invitation-only, 90-minute session at Sun Devil Soccer Stadium.
Apr 15 3:30AM azcentral

Still Mama's boy: Star sports columnist Vahe celebrates mother during her illness
This Kansas basketball-adidas situation sure is a muddled mess, and the Royals are reeling, and I thought a bunch about ways to write about either of those situations the last few days. But my mother, Clare, is very sick two rooms away, seldom getting out of bed these days and barely eating or taking fluids and, worst of all, no longer doing The New York Times crossword puzzle.
Apr 15 2:53AM kansascity

Trump's miserable crew has never been so desperate
These are desperate times for the quislings of Trump. The cost of collaborating with President Trump in the continued debasement of American democracy is becoming far too high.
Apr 14 1:04PM Washington Post

How long 'til kickoff? The what, when, and where of college football's offseason
With spring practices kicking off this weekend, it's given us our first taste of the 2018 college football..
Apr 13 11:16PM

The Trouble With Finding Comparisons For Josh Allen
There is no more polarizing quarterback prospect in this year's draft than Wyoming's Josh Allen. The buzz is getting louder that the Browns will select Allen with the first overall pick; the more analytically inclined observers think that would be a disaster.
Apr 13 2:07PM

Dancing With the Stars' athletes edition: And the celebrities are...
Several famous figure skaters will join a football player, a softball pitcher, a snowboarder, and an ex-NBA center for a special all-athletes edition of Dancing With the Stars. Since the addition of American Idol has encroached on DWTS' usual 10-to-11-week running time, the celebrity hoofers will only have four weeks to go after that mirror-ball trophy.
Apr 13 1:10PM

GOP Retirement Announcement Template
My constituents / fellow Americans / comrades in the Kremlin, serving you has been the greatest privilege / honor / cash cow of my life. But with wistful sadness / melancholic regret / utter relief from getting off this sinking ship, I am announcing my retirement from the Senate / Congress / posing for photo ops with regular folks whose benefits I just slashed.
Apr 13 1:01PM McSweeney's Internet Tendency

Steve Spurrier invites Tim Tebow to play football for him with Orlando AAF team
Former Florida football coach Steve Spurrier invited former Gators quarterback Tim Tebow to play for his Orlando team in the newly formed Alliance of America Football professional league. The AAF is set to begin its inaugural 10-week season in February 2019.
Apr 13 11:38AM KSDK

Tuition Discount or Sports? What Would Students Choose?
Print This Subsides for athletics are significant. What else could that money buy? April 12, 2018 If you gave the average student a choice between a $1000 per year reduction in tuition or their college having an intercollegiate sports program, what would they choose? What if it was $1500 a year? I have no idea, but I've been pondering this question as I consider the cost of running a sports program weighed against the cost of college to students.
Apr 13 1:14AM Inside Higher Ed

WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Suffers Through ANOTHER Presser; Slurs speech, forgets words, stutters like crazy
Now Trending: REALLY? Cory Booker asks Pompeo about Gay sex during confirmation hearing WATCH: Nancy Pelosi Suffers Through ANOTHER Presser; Slurs speech, forgets words, stutters like crazy WATCH: Joy Behar Says Trump Is Worse Than Kim Jong Un, Meghan McCain Rips Her To Pieces Liberal Nightmare: Gun Jobs And Industry Have SOARED Since 2008 WATCH: Woman Begins DANCING After Trump Signs Law Fighting Sex Trafficking WATCH: Young Boy Feels Bad When Spilling Water At White HouseMelania Lovingly Comforts Him Don Jr. Goes Against The Grain; Gives Zuckerberg CREDIT For His Answer To One Question The Ratings Just Came In For Roseanne's Second Episode, And Wow UNREAL: FBI's Strzok And Page Haven't Lost Their Top Secret Security Clearance WHOA: This Huge Mistake in Zuckerberg's Testimony Just Might Bankrupt Facebook WATCH: Zuckerberg Sits In Stunned Silence When Senator Brings Up The Obama Campaign WATCH: Alabama Football Players Do Something TOTALLY Unexpected During White House Visit On Thursday, we were given another addition to the seemingly unending saga titled WHAT'S WRONG WITH NANCY? During a press conference where she criticized the GOP tax cuts that saves Americans millions, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi struggled to find her words, as always.
Apr 13 12:04AM I Love My Freedom

Ex-NFL and NHL pros: Cannabis is good medicine
An all-star roster of retired professional athletes are raising their voices for medical cannabis and cannabinoids. Six former pros five of them ex-NFL players led a panel discussion about medical cannabis at the NoCo Hemp Expo held in Loveland, Colo.
Apr 12 11:40PM The Cannabist

Erin Andrews: Why I'm Cancer-Free But Still Fighting
It's now been over a year since I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I'm lucky to say I'm cancer-free today.
Apr 12 5:13PM

ESPN is looking for a win with its new streaming service. Here's what it will include
ESPN President James Pitaro talks a lot about having a direct relationship with the consumer, even in his own household. As head of the Walt Disney Co.
Apr 12 1:20PM

Pick the Statistic You Want to Be
A woman named Ann Hodges was at her home in Sylacauga, Alabama, one day in 1954, napping on the couch under a big quilt, when a hunk of black rock crashed through the ceiling and hit her on the thigh. With that (unlucky) burst from the sky, she became the only confirmed person in history to have been hit by a meteorite.
Apr 12 12:03PM Nautilus

Alabama Football Players Catch Everyone Off Guard During WH Visit, Pull Trump Aside and Suddenly Begin Praying Over Him
Video of President Donald Trump praying with members of Alabama's Crimson Tide football team is going viral after the team visited the White House yesterday. The Tide visited the White House on Tuesday to celebrate their national championship, and during the visit, the team shocked liberals by taking time out to pray with the president.
Apr 12 8:30AM Breaking News Alerts

NCAA News: UMD men's hockey: NCAA title could put Bulldogs assistants in high demand
+ Larger Font | + Smaller Font The team lost three last offseason to the NHL after falling in the NCAA title game to Denver, so it stands to reason the Bulldogs will lose one or more this spring and summer after beating Notre Dame for the crown on Saturday. Source:www.
Apr 12 1:37AM