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Blockchain in the Insurance Industry Series: Part 2
Potential Uses of Blockchain Technology in the Insurance Industry For the most part, blockchain technology is still in its experimental stages. The most widely known use of blockchain technology outside the insurance industry is with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Dec 21 8:01PM JD Supra

Top Insights on Insurance blogs in 2018
Share this post: We publish lots of insurance technology thought leadership content from both IBM and industry subject matter experts. Among all the new posts we published in 2018, here are the ones that got the most attention from readers like you.
Dec 19 4:52PM IBM Insurance Industry Blog

Avoiding a travel insurance nightmare
Go to a price comparison site. Type in the country you're going to.
Dec 18 4:45AM BBC News

Do You Really Need Renters Insurance?
As a renter, you put a lot of work into creating a space where you feel comfortable. Whether you rent a home or apartment, where you live should make you feel at ease.
Dec 17 12:03PM Freshome.com

Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: Top 9 Insurance Scammers Of 2018
The holiday season rang in with the year's 9 most-brazen insurance-fraud grinches taking short sleigh rides for long prison terms after foisting outsized and elf-delusional insurance thefts. America's extreme insurance schemers were inducted into the Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame by the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.
Dec 17 9:27AM Claims Journal