New Corporate Culture
These sustainable wool shoes are casual, comfortable and cool
Allbirds sustainable wool shoes are disrupting the footwear market with their low-carbon style.
Apr 19 6:11PM Socially Aware Business

Signing Day' recognizes high school seniors starting jobs, not college
Virginia school system celebrates the students who are heading for careers instead of going to college.
Apr 19 5:51PM Socially Aware Business

Is Amazon Prime eco-friendly or wasteful?
Is Amazon Prime eco-friendly or wasteful? Does the ease of free, one-click shipping outweigh the potential environmental costs?
Apr 19 12:42PM Socially Aware Business

Warning: Don't make big decisions from high elevations
A study finds people on the highest floors in a building make the riskiest decisions.
Apr 17 6:45PM Socially Aware Business

How to make CI, CT and CD work together and avoid the drama of a DevOps love triangle
It's no secret that organisations across the world are working hard to seize the competitive advantage that comes from digital disruption. The savviest firms are now knee deep in Agile and Digital Transformation strategies, which focus firmly on offering services at hyper velocity and availability on any device - whilst maintaining high quality.
Apr 17 3:29PM IT Pro Portal

An Open Dialogue on Work and Life in a Distributed Team
A group of us at CivicActions recently sat down to hold a frank discussion about life as part of a distributed team (and by sit down, I mean remotely, on a video call. And I mean too that several of us were actually standing).
Apr 17 2:05PM CivicActions

Where I Work: Thomas Lykke of OEO Studio
Thomas Lykke is a founding partner, creative director, and head of design at the multidisciplinary OEO Studio which launched in Copenhagen in 2003. His award-winning Danish firm, which also includes Lykke's managing partner Anne-Marie Buemann, is best known for their branding, product design, architecture, and interiors projects, two of which have been featured on Design Milk (here and here).
Apr 17 1:02PM Design Milk

Hackers are using botnets to take the hard work out of breaking into networks
Why hack a network when you can get a botnet to do it for you? It turns out that botnets might be an easier way to break into a network, not least by taking the grunt work out of it. It's not a new concept -- we've seen it before with bots running through lists of default usernames and passwords to hijack Internet of Things devices.
Apr 17 10:00AM ZDNet

3 Ways To Monetize Social Media That Actually Work
Everybody and their mother is using social media in some way these days - in fact, there's now an estimated 2.62 billion active users of social platforms, and rising every day.
Apr 17 9:05AM Social Media Today

The Nature of Business Tribes and the Role of Leadership
Leadership Development, Strategy The right leader can help an organization leverage tribal instinct for maximum business performance. Evolutionarily speaking, humans are conditioned to seek affiliation through families and tribes.
Apr 17 7:08AM Chief Learning Officer

Selling the Value
It was a wonderful day in the world of training. The sun was shining bright, and my learners were ready to engage in their learning experience with their favorite trainer (at least in my humble opinion).
Apr 17 6:53AM Training Magazine

The myth of the online echo chamber
Contrary to popular belief, we now hear more diverse voices than ever before - studies suggest that most people do not live in Facebook or Twitter echo chambers and 'filter bubbles'. So why is global politics still so divided? Back in the early 2000s many commentators were still marvelling at the freedom of the internet and its democratic potential when the US legal scholar Cass Sunstein offered a stark warning.
Apr 17 6:26AM

While more ultra-Orthodox women work in high-tech, claims of exploitation abound
Racheli Ganot, the CEO of the Rachip hardware and software development firm, was chosen to light a torch in the state Independence Day ceremony in Jerusalem this week. She was chosen for her contribution to bringing more ultra-Orthodox women into high-tech.
Apr 17 2:22AM

Q&A: Class Tech Tips Blogger Monica Burns Explains How to Work with Digital Tools
Monica Burns first started working with educational technology in 2011 when she was teaching at a New York City school that was becoming a magnet school. The school received federal funding that included money for classroom technology.
Apr 17 12:26AM Technology Solutions That Drive Education

The Compression of the Hype Cycle
I spend a lot of time thinking about hype cycles, across industries (Big Data/AI, IoT) and ecosystems (New York). Whether you use the Carlota Perez surge cycle (see this great Fred Wilson post) or the Gartner version, hype cycles convey the fundamental idea that technology markets don't develop linearly, but instead go through phases of boom and bust before they reach wide adoption.
Apr 17 12:08AM Open Data Science

The Cyber Threat Alliance
When you think about the future of threat intelligence, we can all agree that threats morph, constantly. Sophisticated new botnets, the increase in DDoS-as-a-Service tools, and the rise in cryptocurrency are creating an unpredictable environment where even novice attackers can demand ransoms, carry out attacks, and rent IoT botnets.
Apr 16 8:57PM Radware Blog

How do you make an 'innovation district' work?
Thursday, Rice University and the City of Houston along with a whole host of community partners ranging from Station Houston to University of Houston announced that the old Sears building in Midtown will be transformed into the anchor of Houston's new innovation district. More men accuse former Texas judge, Baptist leader of sexual misconduct Breaking down 2018 Texas A&M football: Quarterback With health failing, former first lady Barbara Bush forgoes treatment for comfort care School districts in Houston, statewide feel crushing effects of budget troubles Face the facts: Beto will lose [Opinion] McClain: Early look at Texans' lineup is promising Workers begin to reveal Midtown Sears' deco exterior The Sears building owned by Rice is a 75-year-old Art Deco masterpiece buried under the rubble of several lousy renovations, some of which were designed to barricade the building from the urban neighborhood around it.
Apr 16 5:33PM Houston Chronicle

Shaping the Future of Production
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Apr 16 3:46PM World Economic Forum

Rome Is Dirty and Broke. African Migrants Are Cleaning It Up.
Rome, as all its lovers know, is littered with the glories of antiquity. It is also simply littered, sullied by unkempt parks, ubiquitous graffiti, and sidewalks strewn with bottles and dog poop.
Apr 16 2:24PM Slate Magazine

Suicide of the West
Don't put the miracle of liberal-democratic capitalism at risk Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people.
Apr 16 12:33PM National Review