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HBO Released a New Trailer for its Hitman Comedy 'Barry
Bill Hader stars as a hired gun who gets bitten by the acting bug.
Feb 24 6:55PM Esquire

Al Pacino's Joe Paterno Movie Will Be Difficult To Watch
See the new trailer here.
Feb 23 8:49PM Esquire

10 Movies That Had Drastically Different Endings Than Their Books
There would not have been a Rambo II.
Feb 23 7:33PM Esquire

Ted Cruz Failed Miserably With This Simpsons Reference
This is an incredible self-own.
Feb 23 2:40PM Esquire

And the Best Picture Should Be...
Nine critics make their cases for each of this year's Best Picture nominees.
Feb 23 1:58PM Esquire

Westworld Season Two Will Add New Parks and More Corporate Intrigue
Here's everything we know so far.
Feb 22 9:21PM Esquire

Donald Glover Helped Make Black Panther Even Funnier
He officially can do anything.
Feb 22 4:57PM Esquire

Everything We Know About The Handmaid's Tale Season Two Right Now
According to Elisabeth Moss, it will somehow be "darker than Season One.
Feb 22 4:45PM Esquire

The NRA Tweeted a 'Parks and Recreation' GIF, and Amy Poehler Told Them Exactly What to Do With It
Leslie Knope does not approve.
Feb 22 3:14PM Esquire

Should You Read Annihilation Before Seeing The Movie?
Because both are absolutely necessary.
Feb 22 2:29PM Esquire

Netflix's New Lost in Space Series Has Some Extremely Modern Updates
Danger, Will Robinson!
Feb 21 4:25PM Esquire

The Music From Atlanta Season Two Is Already a Must-Listen
These are the Sonder and Yellow Days tracks you need to hear.
Feb 20 8:14PM Esquire

Black Panther' is Setting Box Office Records
Its opening weekend is the biggest February debut ever.
Feb 19 7:02PM Esquire

Fergie's Anthem Performance at the NBA All-Star Game Was Hilariously Bad
And the players' reactions were even funnier.
Feb 19 4:25PM Esquire

Getting Two Versions of J.K. Simmons Is the Best Reason To Watch Counterpart
The new spy thriller from Starz brings a new kind of double-crossing.
Feb 19 3:17PM Esquire

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka Face Off in the Karate Kid Sequel's Trailer
Because some rivalries never die.
Feb 18 4:27PM Esquire

Drake's New Music Video is the "Most Important Thing" He's Ever Done
The video for "God's Plan" features the rapper giving away almost $1 million.
Feb 17 5:11PM Esquire

You'd Be Unwise to Bet Against Daniel Kaluuya
Feb 16 11:16PM Esquire

Why Black Panther Is History in the Making
Film experts break down this massive moment in American cinema
Feb 16 9:50PM Esquire

Jimmy Kimmel Makes a Tearful Plea to President Trump: 'Children Are Being Murdered. Do Something.
No parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters.
Feb 16 4:40PM Esquire