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T.I.'s New Video Showing a Stripper-Melania Trump Lookalike Is Lazy and Regressive
There are far more effective ways to use art in protest of the Trump administration.
Oct 16 3:52PM Esquire

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Were Too Much Too Soon, and So Were We
Why do we care so much?
Oct 15 4:07PM Esquire

Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford Talk Their Star Wars Love Triangle In This Long Lost Empire Strikes Back Doc
The recently discovered footage was uploaded to YouTube this weekend.
Oct 15 2:59PM Esquire

Marathon Man Is an Essential Social Horror Movie
The 1976 thriller about the rise of neo-Nazism shares many parallels with Jordan Peele's Get Out.
Oct 15 10:00AM Esquire

Seth Meyers Returned to SNL's 'Weekend Update' to Talk Trump and Kanye
Alec Baldwin also reprised his Trump impression in a recreation of that surreal Oval Office meeting.
Oct 14 2:57PM Esquire

Drake Opened Up About How His Feud With Kanye Got Started
According to Drake, Kanye not only has terrible politicshe's also a terrible friend.
Oct 13 4:14PM Esquire

Steve Carell Says Michael and Pam's Final Scene on 'The Office' Was 'An Actual Moment
Esquire's November cover star talks about the iconic scene, working with Christian Bale, and yes, mime training.
Oct 13 11:00AM Esquire

Did Neil Armstrong Really Leave His Daughter's Bracelet On the Moon as First Man Depicts?
Screenwriter Josh Singer explains the real mystery that inspired the biopic's ending.
Oct 13 10:00AM Esquire

It's Time to Hold Kanye West Accountable
He doesn't deserve to come back from this.
Oct 12 6:16PM Esquire

After 50 Years, Fleetwood Mac Is Still a Total Mess
Lindsey Buckingham is suing the band after getting fired from their upcoming tour.
Oct 12 1:40PM Esquire

First Man Found Its Way to Patriotism Without Fetishizing the Flag
After fussing over Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling's biopic, conservatives are getting the Neil Armstrong movie they wanted.
Oct 12 10:15AM Esquire

This Theory About The Good Place Changes Everything
This might sound like bullshirt at first, but if it's true, it's forkin' incredible.
Oct 12 1:00AM Esquire

Drake Jumps on the Reggaeton Bandwagon For a Global Hit With Bad Bunny
Prepare to hear 'MIA' literally everywhere.
Oct 11 5:35PM Esquire

South Park Just Declared War On The Simpsons
A twist ending blasts the Apu controversy and creates the hashtag #cancelthesimpsons.
Oct 11 1:10PM Esquire

Beetlejuice Is a Horror-Fantasy-Comedy Hybrid Above All Categorization
Tim Burton's ingenious 1988 film shows a haunting from the other side's perspective.
Oct 11 11:00AM Esquire

Mensch At Work
After The Office, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Foxcatcher, is Steve Carell only now showing us what he's really capable of? The nicest guy in showbiz talks about his three new Oscar-buzzworthy moviesplus why The Office wouldn't fly in the #TimesUp Era.
Oct 11 10:30AM Esquire

A New Leak Fuels Theories That Palpatine Will Return in 'Star Wars IX
Is he Rey's father? Is he working with Kylo Ren?
Oct 10 1:14PM Esquire

Opening Night Is the Ultimate Arthouse Horror Film
John Cassavetes' psychological study is the kind of emotional thriller that gets shut out of the horror genre.
Oct 10 10:00AM Esquire

This Is Us Is About to Get Drafted Into Vietnam
This week's episode has the hottest celebrity cameo of the Fall TV Season and it's ... Terry Gross?
Oct 10 3:40AM Esquire

The Taylor Swift Effect in Tennessee Proves Mike Huckabee Is Full of Sh*t
But will her endorsement of Democratic candidates sway the election?
Oct 9 3:50PM Esquire