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Tomi Lahren Made the Unwise Decision to Get Into a Twitter Spat with Cardi B
And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez chimed in to back up her fellow Bronxite.
Jan 20 8:34PM Esquire

Cocktail Is Tom Cruise's Poorest-Reviewed Movie. The Guy Who Wrote It Might Get Redemption.
He's writing a sequel that takes place 20 years after the events of the original.
Jan 20 2:35PM Esquire

Sony May Have Dropped R. Kelly, But They're Still Profiting From His Old Songs
And after the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, some of his biggest hits are back on the charts.
Jan 19 6:11PM Esquire

James Blake and Andr 3000's Brilliant 'Where's the Catch?' Makes Poetry Out of Anxiety
As mental health becomes a driving conversation in hip-hop, two artists vocal about their struggles provide a meditation on depression and paranoia.
Jan 18 3:12PM Esquire

All The Good Place Clues Point to a Dangerous Season Three Finale For Michael
Things are starting to look a little dark for everyone's favorite demon.
Jan 18 1:47PM Esquire

The Two Fyre Festival Docs Show Very Different Sides of Poisonous Influencer Culture
Both Fyre and Fyre Fraud have their own agendas, but one thing is certain: rich kids got screwed big time.
Jan 18 12:00PM Esquire

Glass Is a Middle Finger to the Superhero Genre
Almost twenty years in the making, M. Night Shyamalan's latest is an anti-climactic end to a film franchise that never really announced itself.
Jan 18 11:00AM Esquire

The Super Bowl Halftime Show Is Becoming a Real Mess For Travis Scott and the NFL
According to sources, Scott discussed his decision with Colin Kaepernick. But that might not be true.
Jan 16 6:59PM Esquire

The Ghostbusters Cinematic Universe Is the Latest Franchise Reboot We Didn't Need
There's something strange in Hollywood.
Jan 16 3:09PM Esquire

We've Always Known Avengers: Endgame Would Undo the Infinity War Deaths
Why are fans pretending otherwise?
Jan 16 11:00AM Esquire

Peter Parker Survives the War With Thanos in the Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer
This will be a nice palate cleanser after 'Avengers: Endgame.
Jan 15 3:50PM Esquire

Family Guy Says It's Going to 'Phase Out' Homophobic Jokes. It Should Have Stopped Long Ago.
This is not a brave, progressive win for the historically homophobic show.
Jan 15 2:41PM Esquire

14 Horror Movies That Will Scare the Hell Out of You in 2019
These are the horror movies that will give you thrills and creeps this year.
Jan 15 12:00PM Esquire

Let's Speculate Wildly About the 2019 Oscar Nominations
Who will make the short list for the Academy's top awards?
Jan 15 11:30AM Esquire

True Detective Suggests the Season Three Crime Might Be Connected to the Yellow King in Season One
Let this be a warning about theories and red herrings.
Jan 14 7:41PM Esquire

T Bone Burnett Toured With Bob Dylan in 1975. He Explains Why it Could Make a Great Scorsese Doc.
Burnett also tells Esquire about his latest record.
Jan 14 4:28PM Esquire

Game of Thrones Fans Noticed Some Interesting Details Hidden in the Season Eight Teaser
Let's take a closer look at Jon's statue.
Jan 14 2:02PM Esquire

The Music of True Detective Subtly Connects Every Season
T Bone Burnett breaks down the sonic atmosphere of Season 3, and details the new song he wrote for it with Andrew Bird.
Jan 14 1:24PM Esquire

The Biggest Clue in the True Detective Season Three Premiere Is the Voice Recorder
We break down the key to this complex three-timeline murder mystery.
Jan 14 3:00AM Esquire

The New Game of Thrones Season Eight Teaser Trailer Has the Stark Children Reunite With the Dead
A depressing little family reunion.
Jan 14 2:21AM Esquire