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This Game of ThronesTime Loop Theory About Bran and the Night King Explains What's Happening in Season 8
He's tried many times with many Three-Eyed Ravens.
Apr 24 1:18PM Esquire

These Are the Best Game of Thrones Sex Scenes
?? Dracarys??
Apr 23 4:18PM Esquire

Game of Thrones Fans Noticed That Ned Stark Was a Powerful Presence in Episode Two
Did you catch these connections in Season Eight's best moments?
Apr 23 1:58PM Esquire

Esquire Presents: Game of Thrones' Boys of Summer
For Season Eight we picked four fan favorite characters to hang out on the beach and discuss the long-awaited conclusion to the HBO series.
Apr 22 6:06PM Esquire

The Russo Brothers Have Post-Avengers Grand Plans
To hear Joe and Anthony Russo tell it, they're just two hardworking brothers from Cleveland who directed four of the biggest Marvel spectaculars, including the imminent Avengers: Endgame. Now they are taking on an even greater challenge: building a new studio from scratch. (See what can happen when you grow up movie-mad?)
Apr 22 5:37PM Esquire

Game of Thrones Just Further Complicated Cersei's Pregnancy
There's reason to think that if she was once, she's not anymore.
Apr 22 5:28PM Esquire

Game of Thrones Introduced Bran and Jon's Dumb Plan to Kill the Night King
It's a really, really bad idea.
Apr 22 3:57PM Esquire

Game of Thrones Is Fully Prepared to Kill Everyone
The second episode of Season Eight foreshadows how deeply screwed our heroes are.
Apr 22 2:47PM Esquire

The Saved by the Bell Cast Reunion is Proof that Friends Really Are Forever
I'm so excited! I'm so excited! (I'm so scared.)
Apr 22 1:26PM Esquire

Sansa Finally Asked Daenerys the Most Necessary Game of Thrones Season Eight Question
At least one person is looking beyond the battle of Winterfell.
Apr 22 3:50AM Esquire

Kanye West's Sunday Service Performance Will Be Live Streamed From Coachella
The rapper's usually invite-only gospel concert will stream for free on Easter.
Apr 21 1:06PM Esquire

Boyz n the Hood Director John Singleton Has Reportedly Been Hospitalized
The Oscar-nominee allegedly suffered a mild stroke.
Apr 20 6:17PM Esquire

This Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Theory Explains the Return of Palpatine and His Connection to Snoke and Kylo Ren
This brings everything full circle.
Apr 19 2:49PM Esquire

Lil Dicky Curated an All-Star Celebrity Charity Song with Leonardo DiCaprio That I'll Be Singing All Day
The climate change-focused song features 30 big name artists including Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Kevin Hart (as Kanye).
Apr 19 1:09PM Esquire

The New Hobbs & Shaw Trailer Is the Most Exciting 217 Seconds of Your Day
Statham, Johnson, and Elba are heading to Hawaii with chainsaws in hand.
Apr 18 3:35PM Esquire

The Best Game of Thrones Celebrity Cameos
Game of Thrones showrunners seem to delight in featuring various celebrities in the show.
Apr 18 3:24AM Esquire

MTV Is Hosting a Reality TV Conference. Here's Everything I'm Dying to See.
Come celebrate "reality TV culture" at RealityCon! We don't know what it means either!
Apr 17 5:07PM Esquire

J.J. Abrams Defends His 'Provocative' Star Wars IX Title, The Rise of Skywalker
The director says "It's the right title for this movie.
Apr 16 2:23PM Esquire

The Best Memes and Reactions to the 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Premiere
Everyone's favorite show is back, with even more incest.
Apr 15 2:10AM Esquire

Jon Snow Finally Rode a Dragon in the Game of Thrones Premiere. Here's What That Really Means.
The Season Eight premiere introduced a Dragonrider fans have been waiting decades for.
Apr 15 2:00AM Esquire