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Saudi Arabia, a United Nations Human Rights Council Member, Continues Rights Crackdown
This post was written by Khalid Ibrahim, executive director of the Gulf Center for Human Rights (GCHR) an independent, non-profit organisation that promotes freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly in the Gulf region and its neighbouring countries. Saudia Arabia, a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), continues its crackdown on human rights.
Feb 24 11:51AM Global Voices

Northern Irish abortion law violates women's rights, say UN officials
The UK is violating the rights of women in Northern Ireland by restricting their access to abortion, exposing them to horrific situations, a UN committee has said. The committee on the elimination of discrimination against women (Cedaw) said thousands of women and girls in Northern Ireland faced systematic violations of rights through being compelled to either travel outside Northern Ireland to procure a legal abortion or to carry their pregnancy to term.
Feb 24 12:20AM the Guardian

U.N. Declares Northern Ireland's Pro-Life Laws 'Violence Against Women
The wonderfully enlightened organization, the U.N.
Feb 23 9:12PM Daily Wire

Top UN official accused of sexual harassment stands down
Luiz Loures, a UN assistant secretary general and the subject of a recent sexual assault allegation, is standing down from his position. UNAids said Loures would not seek renewal of his contract, which is due to expire at the end of March, adding that the decision had no connection to the allegations against him.
Feb 23 2:37PM the Guardian

5 things you need to know Friday
Fla. Gov.
Feb 23 10:02AM USA TODAY

In solidarity with civil society in Hungary
This statement was originally published on on 20 February 2018.
Feb 23 8:20AM IFEX

Donald Trump's policies created a year of hate-filled rhetoric, says Amnesty International
President Donald Trump's polarizing move to ban travel by people from several Muslim-majority countries set into motion a year of hate-filled rhetoric, Amnesty International said. In its annual audit of the world's human rights in 159 countries, Amnesty issued a scathing attack on the Trump administration's immigration policy, saying that it imposed discrimination as a transparently hateful move.
Feb 22 6:06PM Newsweek

Swedish Porn Conference Drops Leftist Journalist Who Says Gender Is Biological
Swedish journalist Kajsa "Ekis" Ekman was scheduled to participate in a porn-related conference in Gothenburg earlier this week. However, her attendance was canceled after she wrote a text in which she claimed that gender was "biological.
Feb 22 2:40PM

Oxfam shelved #IBelieveHer campaign after assault allegations surfaced
A planned Oxfam #IBelieveHer campaign aimed at supporting survivors of sexual assault and harassment was shelved last fall after allegations surfaced that a senior Oxfam staffer had assaulted a colleague. An internal email written in November provided to CBC News says that after consulting women's rights groups, a risk analysis showed the action "could be perceived as hypocritical" given the in-house allegations coming to light.
Feb 22 9:14AM CBC News

Trump 'in the league of rights offenders
Human rights group Amnesty International has accused Donald Trump of "hateful" politics and of being a threat to human rights. "President Trump takes actions that violate human rights at home and abroad," the group said.
Feb 22 8:13AM BBC News

Trump 'in the league of rights offenders
Human rights group Amnesty International has accused Donald Trump of "hateful" politics and of being a threat to human rights. "President Trump takes actions that violate human rights at home and abroad," the group said.
Feb 22 8:11AM BBC News

Trump set tone for 'hate-filled' 2017, Amnesty says
(CNN)The US government's polarizing decision to ban travel from six Muslim-majority countries set the tone for a year of "hate-filled rhetoric" that fanned the flames of bigotry and persecution, Amnesty International alleged in its annual audit of human rights around the world. The campaign group said Donald Trump's effort to restrict travel to the US was "transparently hateful" and listed the US President alongside authoritarian leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as global threats to human rights.
Feb 22 8:01AM CNN

World leaders abandoning human rights: Amnesty
World leaders are undermining human rights for millions of people with regressive policies and hate-filled rhetoric, but their actions have ignited global protest movements in response, a rights group said. US President Donald Trump, Russian leader Vladimir Putin, and China's President Xi Jinping were among a number of politicians who rolled out regressive policies in 2017, according to Amnesty International's annual human rights report published on Thursday.
Feb 22 7:06AM

State Department report will trim language on women's rights, discrimination
State Department officials have been ordered to pare back passages in a soon-to-be-released annual report on global human rights that traditionally discuss women's reproductive rights and discrimination, according to five former and current department officials. The directive calls for stripping passages that describe societal views on family planning, including how much access women have to contraceptives and abortion.
Feb 22 3:43AM POLITICO

South Carolina's Horrendous New Anti-Abortion Rights Bill Could Put Women's Rights in Peril
The legislation seeks to end all legal abortion in the state. The battle over abortion rights in South Carolina continued this week, with legislation moving through the Senate Judiciary Committee that intends to end legal abortion in the state.
Feb 21 10:04PM Alternet

Women's Equality Party sacks official who called parents of transgender kids 'abusive
The Women's Equality Party has sacked an official spokeswoman after complaints about her views on transgender people. Heather Brunskell-Evans, who had been a key member of the party, faced a probe after becoming involved in the 'trans-critical' feminist movement.
Feb 21 6:35PM PinkNews

Iceland Just Made It Illegal To Pay Men More Than Women
As of January 1st, it is illegal to pay men more than women in Iceland. The Nordic country is the first in the world to make equal pay the law, following an announcement of the legislation on March 8th, International Women's Day 2017.
Feb 21 4:21PM ELLE

As unrest simmers, Scotland's Iranian diaspora look on
Glasgow, Scotland - "I was not a dangerous person. I was not very active but in my community, there was a group of girls who were very active and together we just wanted some very basic things," says Tarooneh, who found herself in Glasgow in October 2007 after five months spent in London on a short-term visa.
Feb 21 9:36AM

I want to empower Afghan women': female prosecutor on a lonely mission
Zainab Fayez, the only woman serving as a prosecutor in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar, has resolved 50 cases of abuse against women, and helped detain 21 men accused of violence against women, including police officials, over the past year. But she still longs to see other women join her in the legal profession.
Feb 21 8:04AM the Guardian

Dems in Congress Demand Hearings for Trump's Sexual Harassment Accusers
This Presidents' Day, let's fight for the survivors. Donald Trump was elected president despite his history of sexual harassment.
Feb 20 8:27AM Alternet