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Peaceful rice fields in Vietnam
The Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras were the first "cultural landscape" to make the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Oct 15 4:17PM Gardening from TreeHugger.com

Proven Insect Repellent (Review)
Post by Growing The Home Garden - Home Gardening with Vegetables, Herbs, and Plant Propagation . A couple months ago the folks at Proven sent me a sample of their Proven Insect Repellent to test out in my garden and report back my opinion. Since I'm out in the garden frequently and often exploring our land to seek out pawpaws I encounter plenty of human devouring insects to give Proven a.
Oct 14 1:41PM Home Gardening

Vintage photos: World War II "victory gardens
Urban farming was way more than a fad in the 1940s.
Oct 12 1:00PM Gardening from TreeHugger.com

Start an indoor vegetable garden this winter
With enough light and heat, you can grow your own vegetables all year round.
Oct 10 1:16PM Gardening from TreeHugger.com

A very important reason not to rake the leaves on your lawn
Why you should give up the rake and learn to love your leaf litter.
Oct 2 10:03PM Gardening from TreeHugger.com

This high-tech, grow-it-yourself medical cannabis kit is as easy as using an app
Seedo, creators of automated consumer grow labs, will shortly plant a seed in the U.S. medical marijuana market.
Oct 1 6:13PM Gardening from TreeHugger.com

Moon gardening is a heavenly thing
We're over the moon for this perpetual calendar to plan gardening by lunar phases, an age-old practice recommended by the Farmers' Almanac.
Sep 27 12:00PM Gardening from TreeHugger.com