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When to plant pumpkins so they're ready for Halloween
Since pumpkins generally require around 75 to 100 frost-free days, it's a good idea to get a jumpstart on planting them.
4 days ago | Gardening from site

4 principles behind designing a backyard food forest
It's not like other forms of gardening. Here's why.
13 days ago | Gardening from site

What your weeds say about your soil
Here's how to "read" your weeds for hints about what's going on in your garden.
14 days ago | Gardening from site

Make your garden irresistible to butterflies with these plants and tips
Entice butterflies to stay, eat, mate and lay eggs in your garden with these plants and tips.
19 days ago | Gardening from site

Man builds $1,500 tiny house, forages & grows his own food (Video)
Aiming to live a lighter-impact lifestyle, this green lifestyle activist lives in a self-built tiny house and experiments with growing and foraging his own food.
97 days ago | Gardening from site