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The Effect of Online Teaching on Faculty After Returning to the Traditional Classroom
This phenomenological research was designed to learn and understand the transitioning experience of higher education faculty moving from online instruction to traditional face-to-face instruction. One of the most significant phenomenon occurring in higher education today is distance education.
Dec 23 1:32AM Distance-Educator.com

Health Professional Teaching Skills - Level 2 - Strategies
This education and teacher training course provides teaching strategies for health professional teachers that can be applied directly and immediately to their teaching context and practice. Clinical teaching tools will be discussed through videos and helpful resources will be provided.
Dec 21 9:45AM

3 Group Work Strategies That Help Hold All Students Accountable
3 Group Work Strategies That Help Hold All Students Accountable by Drew Perkins, Director of TeachThought PD We love and encourage collaborative work between students (and teachers) and this is a staple in project-based learning to be sure. it can be a powerful tool to build capacity and skills in a number of ways but it can also be problematic.
Dec 20 7:32PM TeachThought

PMP:137 Reaching and Teaching Students Exposed to Trauma with Dr. Barbara Sorrels
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Dec 20 3:30PM William D. Parker

Teaching intelligence: how to use lecture capture
With many staff required to record their lectures and put them online, how can they ensure students are still learning effectively? December 20, 2018 Whatever view you take on lecture capture - a useful tool to support learning or something that encourages absenteeism - its use in universities has become prolific. A 2017 survey by Barbara Newland, a principal lecturer in teaching and learning at the University of Brighton, found that 86 per cent of higher education institutions now have lecture capture technology on site.
Dec 20 8:39AM Times Higher Education