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Watch: watchOS 4 restricts browsing of connected iPhone music library
A + With the release of watchOS 4, Apple no longer allows users to browse their iPhone's music library, restricting song list viewing to tunes stored on device. For reviews, news, tips, features and more, subscribe to AppleInsider on YouTube.
Sep 20, 2017 10:08PM - AppleInsider (appleinsider.com)
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Apparently, New Mutants Is More Shining Than Superhero Movie
As everyone sits around and talks about the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes, Fox is quietly doing its own very cool superhero stuff. Theyve got Deadpool, X-Force, more X-Men movies but it seems like New Mutants may be the most surprising of the bunch. The Josh Boone directed film which stars Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams, among others, opens April 13, 2018.
Sep 20, 2017 7:44PM - io9 (io9.gizmodo.com)
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Looks Like It's Time to Add Another Possible Game of Thrones Prequel to the List
HBO already has four possible Game of Thrones prequels in development, why not add a fifth? Game of Thrones co-executive producer and writer Bryan Cogman looks to be working with George R.R. Martin himself on another possible prequel to the hit series.
Sep 20, 2017 4:14PM - io9 (io9.gizmodo.com)
For the first time ever, buying an electric or hybrid car from most of the big automakers is a viable option. But these electrified vehicles are still a small part of the entire automotive world. At the Frankfurt auto show in Germany, many car companies either finally pledged or reiterated earlier promises to increase the number of electrified cars to their lineups by 2030.
Sep 20, 2017 2:05PM - Engadget (engadget.com)
Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH a White Supremacist President is outraged when he is referred to as a White Supremacist. FOLLOW @RubenBolling on the Twitters and a Face Book. JOIN Tom the Dancing Bug's subscription club, the INNER HIVE, for exclusive early access to comics, extra comics, extra words and such.
Sep 20, 2017 1:38PM - Boing Boing (boingboing.net)
The new trailer for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle shows just how many video game references can be crammed into a two-minute trailer, while raising the stakes in a way thats possibly more horrific than we expected: The characters will die, over and over and over again. In this latest look, we get a better glimpse at how the teenagers end up in the Jumanji video game, what abilities they have as their digital avatars, and what their mission is (that last parts still kind of unclear, but, hey, we now know it involves Nick Jonas). We also learn that the teenagers will have three lives available before they die for real, something star and executive producer Dwayne Johnson explained in an interview with USA Today.
Sep 20, 2017 1:34PM - io9 (io9.gizmodo.com)
Machine learning (ML) based data analytics is rewriting the rules for how enterprises handle data. Research into machine learning and analytics is already yielding success in turning vast amounts of datashaped with the help of data scientistsinto analytical rules that can spot things that would escape human analysis in the pastwhether it be in pursuit of pushing forward genome research or predicting problems with complex machinery. Now machine learning is beginning to move into the business world.
Sep 20, 2017 12:11PM - Ars Technica (arstechnica.com)
If reports from earlier this month and new developments today are anything to go by, Google is almost certainly going to acquire Taiwanese phone maker HTC this week. Thats good news for HTC, and good news for Pixel fans too. This company knows how to make good hardware, and has had some clever ideas in the past, like the squeezable U11 and the Vive VR headset.
Sep 20, 2017 11:36AM - The Next Web (thenextweb.com)
Its been nearly 15 years since one of video games most iconic heroines, Lara Croft, hit the big screen...
Sep 20, 2017 5:19AM - io9 (io9.gizmodo.com)