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Free Itunes Gift Cards
Free Itunes Gift Cards - Itunes Codes!Are you a music lover but can't quite figure out which genre will satisfy your soul? How about having the need to watch a movie, play music, or read a good e-book to relax your mind from a stressful day? You can find the perfect gift card to satisfy your entertainment needs!Use iTunes Gift Card to pick whatever you need from the App Store on your gadgets, listen to every song, play list, watch the latest movies and keep yourselves updated with the current trends in the entertainment industry. Every card works in the App Store for their devices, as well as the iTunes Store and even iBooks Store.
Dec 23 8:51AM YouTube

Should Parents Shun Toys That Track Their Kids?
105257198 story An anonymous reader quotes CBS News: Parents are realizing that it's not just Santa who's keeping tabs on their kids. Many popular high-tech gadgets that may end up being given as holiday presents can actually track, monitor and record children.
Dec 23 8:36AM Slashdot