Republican/Conservative Sun Feb 25 6:17 AM
Stop Calling It a $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
Between cuts to Fast Starts, Amtrak, and the Highway Trust Fund, infrastructure spending is in for a $40 to $75 billion net reduction over the next decade. Talking out of both sides of the mouth: That's the best way to think about President Trump's infrastructure policy.
Feb 13 6:02PM CityLab

Elliott, Ford, Mulroney sound death knell for People's Guarantee by opposing carbon tax
All three Progressive Conservative leadership candidates have abandoned the carbon tax that generates the revenues to pay for promises in the party's People's Guarantee platform. That effectively means a $4-billion-a-year reduction in revenues for mental health spending, income tax cuts, child-care breaks and other key planks in ex-leader Patrick Brown's carefully crafted 78-page election program.
Feb 8 5:44PM